You can’t keep a good man down. Or can you? After the massive success of Twilight, it seems that life has imitated art and the multi-hyphenated megastar has found new ground to conquer. As we’ve established, he’s an extremely talented actor and musician who can play multiple instruments. But, in the same way that Bella’s love for Edward turned into a controlling addiction, his new lifestyle has led to him alienating friends and family.

While he’s enjoyed a high profile since his debut in Water for Elephants, Pattinson’s star has begun to wane as he’s now considered a bit of a troublemaker. Most notably, he’s been known to flaunt his wealth and treat those around him with disdain. Whether he’s invited family or friends over to his house for a barbecue, you’re guaranteed to see about ten people who want to leave as soon as possible. It appears that the tables have turned and now it’s his parent’s and sibling’s turn to be embarrassed by his bad behavior.

The Good: Stellar Performances

Just because a celebrity upsets you or gives you cause to feel disappointed in their behavior doesn’t mean that they aren’t still worth celebrating for phenomenal acting. In the case of Twilight, the accolades are numerous and spread far and wide, with multiple awards and nominations.

Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward Cullen is at the heart of everything that’s worked. It’s fair to say that he doesn’t just portray the famous vampire, he embodies and embodies him. No other actor could have played this iconic role with such a mixture of sweetness and fangs. It’s hard to think of anyone else who could make a Bella Swan so sympathetic. For those who have seen the films, it’s like witnessing the birth of a superstar.

Another huge contribution to the success of Twilight is the music. The opening credits sequence is at least equal parts heartbreaking romantic ballad and action-packed epic. It’s rare to find a soundtrack that perfectly matches an entire film but Watershed, the London-based band responsible for the original score, did just that. They took their inspiration from Gustav Holst’s The Planets and created something entirely unique. The members of Watershed themselves were also heavily influenced by David Bowie and Queen and their Bohemian Rhapsody.

With talented directors like Neil Jordan and Andrés Musić to work with, the performances of the cast are almost flawless. The two-and-a-half hour-long film plays out like a well-oiled machine with only a few small glitches. It’s these small imperfections that make the performances so memorable. Musić’s work in particular is extraordinary, bringing to life a story that is as powerful as it is cinematic. It’s easy to see why he’s been compared to films’ greats like Kubrick and Scorsese.

The Bad: Pattinson’s Behaviour Is Embarrassing

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that someone who treats others with disrespect isn’t going to end up treating them with a lot of respect. As previously stated, since his debut in Water for Elephants, Pattinson has been something of a troublemaker, alienating friends and family with his bad behavior. While he’s frequently been singled out for his bad attitude and his refusal to learn how to behave, there’s also a more sinister side to his unruly character. He’s consistently refused to wear a condom during sex and has unprotected sex without shame. This reckless attitude has led to him getting infected with HIV and Hepatitis C, the latter of which he now fights daily.

There’s no question that the success of Twilight has benefited him financially, putting additional pressure on those around him to keep up with his demands. He’s used his newfound fame to good use, funding numerous humanitarian causes. However, as previously stated, this has also had a dark side. With all the press obligations that come with being a megastar, it’s apparent that someone is going to have to help him hold on to his sanity. Otherwise, the struggle is going to continue and those closest to him are going to have to pick up the pieces. Perhaps most tragically, they’re also going to have to watch as he spirals further and further into addiction.