He rose to fame as the heartthrob son of Hollywood icon Katharine Ross and her husband, actor Peter. But these days, the 27-year-old star might be better known for the father of his 5-year-old son, Bing. The “Water for Elephants” hunk and his wife, actress Bella, welcomed their first child in February 2017, a daughter named, Alka.

Their marriage was first publicized in 2015 when they wed in a private ceremony in Italy, with only family and friends in attendance. It was later followed by a fairytale wedding party celebration in London.

The couple’s happy union was met with a warm reception from fans and followers alike who couldn’t get enough of the glowing reports about their personal life, especially considering Robert’s previous relationships with Kristen Stewart and FKA Twigs. But while their love story became the stuff of Hollywood legend, it was initially shrouded in secrecy.

Bella’s rep confirmed that the actress married the “Cosmo Cricket” actor on Dec. 14, 2015, while traveling in Scotland. The couple’s destination was kept under wraps at the time, but it was later revealed that they had tied the knot in St. Andrews, the town widely considered to be Scotland’s most historic city. The stunning white wedding dress was reportedly designed by Alexandre Wang, who has also fashioned wedding gowns for other famous faces, including Kate Moss and Lily Collins.

The news was met with a mixed response from fans who had hoped to catch a glimpse of the handsome Hollywood bad boy behind his radiant smile. But those who had followed his career knew exactly what was going on. The newlywed couple’s private life was simply a matter of time.

A Post-Peak World of Celebrities’ Kids

As a result of the celebrity baby boom in the early 2000s, we’re now living in a world where famous parents-to-be are a common sight on the red carpets. From Kate Middleton’s radiant smile to Reese Witherspoon’s booming laughter, we’re constantly reminded that these women are the mothers of future heirs to the throne. It’s an era where being a celebrity is no longer reserved for adults – children now have a starring role to play in their parents’ careers too.

But the children of A-list celebrities aren’t just limited to acting classes and photo ops. Thanks to social media, we’re now able to get an insight into the lives of today’s celebrities’ offspring. From paparazzi-free strolls in the park to messy family dinners, the internet has given us an exclusive window into the fascinating world of celebrities’ kids.

Here, we’ll explore how social media has changed the game for celebrity kids and the growing phenomenon of child modeling. 

The Rise Of Online Activism

The dawn of the 21st century saw the rise of online activism, where people could band together and voice their opinions on the worldwide web. Sites like YouTube became the home of vloggers and bloggers, who documented their daily lives and uploaded hilarious videos on the platform. Celebrities’ offspring were quick to latch on to this new trend and make the most of their parents’ fame, as a result.

The earliest instances of celebrity kids using the internet to their advantage can be traced back to 2011, when several high-profile scandals shook the faith of parents around the world in celebrities. From Miley Cyrus’ controversial photo shoot to the Liam and Stephen hack, where private photos of the celebrity couple were leaked online, parents were left scrambling to protect their children’s identities. It was a difficult time for children of famous parents and a driving force behind today’s celebrity kids’ use of the internet.

The Changing Of The Guard

The most recognizable face at the 2017 Academy Awards was undoubtedly Meryl Streep’s, as she received a lifetime achievement award for her work in front of the camera. But the actress wasn’t the only Hollywood icon watching their child make history – Robert Pattinson’s dad, Peter, also won an Oscar for his supporting actor role in 2018’s “The Good Liar.”

While we were celebrating Peter’s career accolades, the younger Pattinson was sporting a proud smile on his face, as he watched his mother walk the red carpet with her award for best adapted screenplay. On one social media platform, users took note of this milestone with the hashtag #APATTINSON.

But this is not the first time that Robert Pattinson’s celebrity has intersected with the world of film. In 2015, his performance in the independent film, “The Lost City” earned him a nomination for best supporting actor at the 2016 Academy Awards.

Child Models Are Taking Over

While we were distracted by the dazzling star power of the 2017 Academy Awards, a relatively unknown model named Martha Hunt hijacked the scene with her impromptu performance. A 24-year-old business administration student from California, Hunt was inspired to take the stage after seeing the golden state’s own Bella Thorne walk the carpet earlier in the evening. Hunt’s impromptu speech, which praised the attendees for being “such beautiful people,” drew a standing ovation from the crowd and launched an overnight sensation.

After her performance, Hunt revealed that she had been in touch with the entertainment news website, Hollywood Life, the month before the Oscars, to announce that she would be participating in the next edition of their famous “Kids Meet Models” series. (The previous year’s edition of the series had been a runaway success, with several high-profile celebrities’ kids meeting and interacting with models and other celebrities, some of whom had even become fans of the celebrities’ offspring. This year’s series was no different – Hunt’s performance inspired several other kids to get on the stage too, with the final number surpassing 10 kids parading around with balloons, flower crowns, and smiles on their faces.

Once the cameras had turned off, however, things reverted to normal for the models, as they returned home to their luxurious lifestyles. While some had chosen to bask in the glory of their parents’ celebrity, others had felt more like failures for not measuring up to the standards set by the famous and the talented.

The Unfortunate Rise Of Fame

From an early age, children of famous parents are usually shielded from the limelight (if they’re lucky enough to even know it exists). But fame is a double-edged sword, as we’ve seen time and time again. Take a look at some of the most famous faces in entertainment today, and you’ll notice a few things – all of them with famous parents.

Whether it’s Mark Wahlberg’s children walking the red carpet with their parents, or Viola Davis’ toddlers getting in the way of her acting career, these children and teenagers have all seemingly found a way to profit from their parents’ celebrity. Many have chosen to embrace their parents’ fame, while others have tried to ignore it and focus on their studies.

The issue of fame in the homes of famous parents is certainly not a new phenomenon. Take a look at Charlie Chaplin’s kids – the Tramp and Sydney – from the 1940s, or Shirley Temple’s siblings – John and Richard – from the 1950s, and you’ll see what we mean. While some offspring have chosen to embrace their famous parents, others have tried to distance themselves from it. It’s a complicated subject that doesn’t have a simple answer – perhaps this is why so many people are still drawn to the story of Cinderella, in which the ugly stepsisters couldn’t find a man with decent tastes even if they tried.

But just because these children are famous, it doesn’t mean that their lives are glamorous. Thanks to social media and other internet platforms, we now have a ringside seat to their famous parent’s big moments – whether it’s Elizabeth Taylor’s Golden Globes lap dance or Barbra Streisand’s performance at the 2018 Academy Awards.

The news that Robert Pattinson and Bella Thorne are expecting their first child in the summer of 2020 was met with a warm welcome on social media, with fans celebrating the couple’s big news and wishing them both many, many happy hours.