We’re not ones to judge…okay, let’s be real: we’re totally going to judge you.

But you know what? We’re also totally not ones to forbid…so let’s just get back to what’s important.

An Engagement Ring, a Holiday, and a Wedding

Whether you saw it coming or you were completely shocked, the engagement of Robert Pattinson and Rebecca Brunson did indeed happen. And you know what? It pretty much went according to plan. Not that any of us expected the fairy tale to go so smoothly, but sometimes, it just does.

Let’s break it down. First of all, the ring. As you’ve probably heard, the “Dorito Effect” caused quite the commotion when pictures of Brunson giving Pattinson a massive diamond as a ring popped up online. The internet went crazy, and the hashtag #doritoeffect started trending. It was a huge hit.

The engagement and wedding of Robert Pattinson and Rebecca Brunson. Photo from twitter.com.

Whether you loved it or hated it, there’s no denying that the Dorito Effect was one of the most iconic pop culture moments of 2018.

New Hair and Makeup Looks

It’s no secret that the actor was in a bit of a rut, going through several hair and makeup trials before landing on a winning formula. So, it was about time for him to shake things up a bit and try something new.

That’s exactly what he did. Within the first few months of 2019, Pattinson officially changed his hair style and makeup look multiple times, taking the beauty world by storm with each change. If you’re unfamiliar, he went from a sleek short haircut to a messy bun, and then to a puff-style hair and makeup look. (We’re honestly pretty sure he could’ve been inspired by Gatsby, but whatever.)

And you know what? We absolutely loved every single look. Short hair was so 2017, and we’re thankful to see someone finally realizing that they’re more beautiful the longer their hair is. (We would also like to add that short hair makes him look so much more like a man. Just saying.)

A Vogue Cover and More

This article wouldn’t be complete without some sort of a Vogue cover, would it? We’re assuming you’re reading this because you’ve enjoyed the content so far, so here you go. (Plus, the internet basically made Vogue a household name.)

On January 29th, Vanity Fair magazine named the English actor, model, and musician as one of the Top 100 Influences On The World Of Fashion. (Yes, that’s right: #RobertPattinsonFashion.) (A lot of people are very confused as to why he was included on this list. It actually has nothing to do with fashion; however, he is greatly admired for his work in the genre. So take that for what you will.)

It’s not just the cover that’s grabbing our attention here. Under the headline, “The 100 Most Influential People In Fashion”, the magazine dives into the intricate relationships between designers, models, and A-listers. (Translation: we’re basically in Vogue.)

Here’s the thing about Robert Pattinson: he’s not really a traditional celebrity. He chooses his own projects and isn’t afraid to try something new. So it’s not really a huge surprise that he would choose to grace the cover of a fashion magazine. (Also, you have to admit that it’s pretty cool to see an actor of his caliber involved in the world of fashion. Especially since he’s not really that involved in the world of cinema.)

An Iconic Look

The multi-hyphenate did not stop there, however. He kept experimenting with looks, and we kept falling for it. While we can’t vouch for how authentic all of these looks are, we know how much they inspire us. So we’re pretty sure that you’re going to love them too.

First up, is the messy bun. It looks like he went from a slick short haircut to a messy bun and then didn’t really care for either of them. (We’re guessing he didn’t have time to hair dress before his flight to set, so the hair was probably just done by the makeup artist.) We can’t decide if we love it or hate it. (Not that we’re in a position to choose.)

Next up is the puff hairstyle. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid this hairstyle, shame on you. We know it’s not easy to pull off, but we would like to encourage you to give it a try. Why? It looks cool as hell and is definitely one of the most unique looks we’ve seen this year. (And we can’t stress how unique it is. We bet you wouldn’t be able to find many looks like this one.)

It’s not just about the hairstyle, however: the makeup artist for the shoot clearly took her time with the English actor’s features. Some of the makeup looks are so good that they almost look like they were painted on. (Almost.)

A Suitable Wedding Look

There’s no question that we’re going to be looking at wedding hair and makeup looks for the rest of our lives. Even if you don’t get married for a few years, we’re pretty sure that your hair and makeup artist are going to be getting a lot of requests from your friends and family members for an up-to-date treatment on your special day. (No pressure there.)

So, it only made sense for him to try out a few different looks before finding the right one. And we have to say, he did an amazing job. (Not to brag, but it’s for the best that you haven’t seen these looks yet. Because if you had, you might not have agreed to marry him in the first place. Or, at least, not right away. After all, sometimes, you just need a little time to think things through.)

It seems like every few months, we’ve got another new hairstyle or makeup look to add to our permanent collection. And with each new look, we get a little more inspired. So it’s only natural that as time goes by, we’re going to start coveting these stylish icon portraits more and more. (It really is a crime that these looks get away so quickly. Especially since they’re usually not that easy to achieve. There’s always a certain degree of artistry that goes into them. So, if you see something that you like, don’t hesitate to reach out to the designer or makeup artist. You might just find that they’re willing to work with you on your special day. Just like Robert Pattinson.)