This past weekend, Robert Pattinson, the 27-year-old English actor/director/writer, made headlines when news broke that he and his fiancee, Italian model/actress/entrepreneur Irrational Fandom, were expecting their first child. The news was reportedly confirmed at a private family event, with Pattinson sharing the exciting news with his 2 million Twitter followers on Sunday evening. The actor has yet to comment on the rumors, but according to his management team, his first child with Irrational Fandom is “due in November 2019.”

The news comes at a time when questions surrounding the couple’s engagement and their ability to commit to each other long-term are just as relevant as ever. The actor was previously married to the late screenwriter Vanessa Azzopardi, with whom he she had a daughter, Genevieve. He was also previously in a relationship with the actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is the mother of his son, Lorenzo. Neither his marriage to Azzopardi nor his relationship with Huntington-Whiteley have been reported to be troubled, although sources close to the actor have hinted at his being dissatisfied with the lack of attention that his celebrity status has bestowed upon him. The attention that Pattinson has been receiving since news of his engagement broke in August 2019 has arguably only made him more desirable as a husband or father.

While many details concerning the couple’s babymoon remain unknown, media reports have indicated that they are traveling to Italy for Irrational Fandom’s native country to celebrate the birth of their first child. Since news of the impending birth broke, fans have flooded social media with their congratulations, some going as far as to promise to be at the couple’s babymoon celebration if they ever made it to Italy. Many have also taken the opportunity to wish Peppino and Irrational Fandom a happy married life together, the latter of whom has yet to respond to the news.

The timing of this past weekend’s private family event is certainly significant, given that it comes just weeks after rumors surrounding the couple’s engagement and wedding plans first emerged. The tabloid magazine, The Sun, was the first to report the news of the wedding back in August 2019, with other publications quickly following suit. The Sun reported that the wedding would take place some time in the next few months in Scotland, and that the venue would be revealed alongside the rest of the wedding party’s wardrobe later this month. The publication also alleged that the bride-to-be would wear a $3,000 dress designed by the British Royal Family’s wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller.

The announcement of the couple’s engagement, made by a tabloid newspaper in August 2019, was met with a wave of hysteria from their social media followers. The couple had secretly been dating for several months prior to the engagement, with the engagement announcement being made just a week before Christmas. The tabloid newspaper that first reported on the engagement made no mention of the wedding in its article, focusing instead upon the details of the couple’s lavish, surprise proposal.

Since then, reports of the couple’s wedding have persisted. In early February, an online marketplace for wedding dresses reported that they had received a “huge response” to a tweet advertising their products, with hundreds of prospective brides-to-be replying to the tweet. Rumors also surfaced in late February that the couple was looking to hire a celebrity wedding planner, with reports suggesting that they were considering a selection of top planners from the UK and America for the job. In light of the recent announcement of their babymoon, reports have now resurfaced that the couple is already under the supervision of a wedding planner. According to insiders, the couple is working with the famed British planner, Sarah Jane Saunders, who has previously worked with the royal families of Middle Eastern countries.

A Change in Fiancee

In August 2019, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the mother of the actor’s son Lorenzo, alleged in an interview with Grazia magazine that the 27-year-old had “abandoned” his family for Irrational Fandom. “I don’t want to say that I’ve seen the best of him, because he’s still showing up to work,” she said. “But I don’t think he’s the same person anymore. He used to be a family man.” Huntington-Whiteley went on to claim that the Italian model was “attracting all of his attention” and that he spent more time with her than he did with his wife and children. While Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did not allege that her son’s father had cheated on his wife, she did say that she was “sad and concerned” for Vanessa Azzopardi’s mental health.

Rumors Surround New Babymoon

According to celebrity news website, TMZ, the couple will spend their first asian honeymoon in a “yoga retreat with friends and family.” The website also claims that the pair have booked a holiday villa in the country for a month’s stay.

Details of the retreat are sparse, with little verified information available beyond what can be found on its website. The villa that the couple have booked, however, offers a glimpse into their upcoming trip to Italy. While the Italian government has not yet approved any travel plans to Italy by a member of the royal family, the villa that the couple have booked does offer a glimpse into their upcoming travels. From the luxurious décor to the photographs on display throughout the villa, it is clear that the couple are set to embark upon an extravagant honeymoon to celebrate the culmination of their union.

The villa is in the Tuscan region of Italy, just a 20-minute flight from Florensce airport. The flight time to the villa is approximately 27 minutes, and from the villa, you can head to Siena airport, which is 30 minutes away, for further connections.

More Details Emerge

Since news of the pregnancy broke, further details have emerged concerning the couple’s upcoming wedding. According to the Sun, the wedding will be a “very private” affair that will see Pattinson’s family, including his father and stepmother, and Irrational Fandom’s family celebrate the couple’s union. While the event is set to be a low-key affair, with just a small number of friends and relatives attending, it will mark the end of an era for the English actor. His parents, David and Victoria, will reportedly attend the wedding, along with Pattinson’s brother, Alexander. Neither his stepmother nor any other family members are expected to attend.

The Sun further reported that the wedding will see the couple exchange vows in a “romantic church ceremony,” after which they will dance a traditional British engagement dance with their respective families present. The paper went on to say that the church will be decorated with flowers provided by the Royal Crown Flowers, in addition to which the ceremony will be conducted in English and Italian. An insider has also told The Sun that the bride-to-be will walk down the aisle in a stunning long white dress designed by the British Royal Family’s wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller. This past weekend, the couple were spotted arriving at London Heathrow airport on Saturday evening, where they were photographed shaking hands with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, who are the guests of honor at the wedding. The couple are expected to leave the airport, after which they will board a private jet to reach their destination.