The ‘Twilight’ star, 32, is said to have fallen for actress, 25, while filming the movies back-to-back. After months of dating, the couple’s engagement was made official in December.

While most people wait years to marry their partners, Robert and Fiancee tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Venice last month.

The happy couple have chosen not to reveal the details of their luxurious big day, but friends of the couple say it was a truly magical moment. It is thought that the couple chose to keep the wedding a secret because they wanted to keep the focus on their beautiful daughter, Zoe, three.

The actress is best known for her role as Clementine, the daughter of Bill Murray’s character in ‘Groundhog Day’. She received critical acclaim for her performance and was nominated for a Golden Globe for best actress in 2006. She is currently filming ‘Mother!’ with Scarlett Johansson.

Since ‘Twilight’, the actress or rather, former actress has taken on a new career in broadcasting, presenting, and producing. She frequently appears on TV shows such as ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, ‘Vinyl’, and most recently, ‘Mother!’ with Scarlett Johansson.

It seems like the couple is happy and in love, and being a mother-to-be is certainly the perfect way to spend the rest of their lives together. And what a lovely daughter they have!

Style And Substance

‘Twilight’ was undoubtedly a major turning point in Robert’s life. The 17-film series, based on the popular young adult books, became a massive international hit and launched his career as an actor. He went on to star in other big-budget films, such as 2011’s ‘Bodyguard’, which he also co-wrote and co-produced. It seems like this has only made him more established as an actor and a brand. He famously declined a role in the critically acclaimed movie, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ because he didn’t want to be typecast.

It’s fair to say that Robert has been very busy these past few years. Aside from acting, he has also produced and directed movies, most notably the critically-acclaimed ‘Prada’.

Fiancee, too, has had a busy schedule since their relationship began. In 2012, she starred in the comedy ‘The Switch’, followed by 2013’s ‘Bel Ami’. In between, she was studying acting at Oxford University.

Since ‘Twilight’, the two have kept a relatively low profile. They were first photographed together in August 2013, at a family vacation in Ireland.

The couple has been very private since news of their romance spread around Hollywood in 2011. However, they have been very active on social media, with Robert using the hashtag #happytobydance to post videos of himself dancing with his fiancee. The dance videos have, at times, attracted over 100 million views on YouTube. In one of the videos, they even perform a jazzy routine to the song, ‘Satisfaction’.

With their busy schedules and hectic schedules, it is no wonder that the couple has kept their romance under the radar. Rumors about their engagement started to surface in early 2014, when they were both seen entering a church in London for the wedding of an A-list star. Since then, the couple has kept a very low profile.

The Perfect Match

So, what makes Robert and Fiancee such a perfect match? One of the main reasons is that they have the perfect child together. Zoe is the embodiment of beauty and brains. She is a talented pianist who has been performing in recitals since she was five years old and just graduated from New York University’s School of Professional Studies with a degree in psychotherapy. She also enjoys a good debate and has been known to speak her mind. From what we know about her, she is clearly passionate about life and happy to express herself through art and music.

Zoe has an identical twin sister, Cecile, who is three years her senior and currently attends Goldsmiths, University of London. Together, the girls are the definition of a social media presence. Their Instagram account, @zoeandcecilien, has over 5 million followers.

In another one of Robert’s dance videos, he jokes that he finally found someone who can keep up with him. In reality, there is a lot of truth to that. As talented and gorgeous as Zoe is, she still has a difficult time keeping up with her famous father. The couple’s hectic schedules probably make things even more stressful for her. However, that probably has more to do with her overprotective nature and high demands than it does with her father’s celebrity. We love to see how she tries her best and even succeeds in some ways. In one of their videos, she reveals that she sometimes babysits her father because he is so busy. It’s clear that she does this out of love and respect, not because she needs the money.

The couple seem to understand each other perfectly, which is obvious from the way they interact on social media. They rarely go a day without sharing a new picture together. Robert regularly posts videos of himself playing piano for his daughter, who usually sits in the background, watching and studying. The two appear to be incredibly proud of each other, which is easy to see.

The most important thing is that the couple appears to be happy. They have chosen to remain private, but their adorable daughter has made it clear that they are both extremely proud parents and love to share their family with the world. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and their beautiful daughter.