When the Twilight films were first released, audiences were transfixed by a certain scene involving co-star Robert Pattinson (most commonly known for his role as Edward Cullen). The actor would often stare into the camera with a pensive look on his face, as if trying to solve a particularly complicated riddle. It wasn’t just the intensity of the character’s expression that drew audiences in, it was the authenticity of his performance as well.

The Scene Was Inspired By True Events

The scene in question is from the 2014 film, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. It’s the culmination of Bella Swan’s (played by Kristen Stewart) year-long pregnancy, and sees Edward and Bella’s (Robert Pattinson and Stewart) relationship tested to its limits. As Bella lies in bed, weak and barely able to move, the couple argue about their future as parents and whether or not Bella should have a C-section. The conversation is heated and, at one point, Edward accuses Bella of never thinking, before immediately realizing this is a mistake. He then goes on to apologize, though this doesn’t bring an end to their fight. This scene is quintessential in helping to establish Edward’s character arc, as well as setting the stage for his eventual betrayal.

The Setting: Realistic Yet Tragic

While the story of Twilight is undoubtedly a fictional one, the events that unfold within its pages are based on actual occurrences, which makes for a more realistic portrayal. When it comes to the climactic scene in question, the film is arguably closer to the reality of being a parent than any of its predecessors. It doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties that come with having a child, and there are several shots in which Bella’s pregnancy is prominently featured. The fact that she’s on her back, practically immobile, serves as a reminder that being a mother is a difficult endeavor, regardless of whether or not you’re actually capable of having children.

The Impact: Genuine Yet Painful

Since its release, the scene in question has become one of the defining moments of the Twilight films. It’s easy to understand why, as it’s a genuinely moving depiction of a couple’s turmoil, as well as a turning point in their relationship. The scene has also become something of a blueprint for actors in real life, as it was apparently modeled after Pattinson’s own experience as a father. He even commented on this fact, saying that he “played [the scene] as though [he] was feeling it physically, which [he] was. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.”

Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward, though, was never intended to be solely based on a physical resemblance to the real-life person. In fact, the actor has stated that he deliberately sought to avoid coming across as a mere stand-in for the original characters, but instead, wanted to find a connection with the audience, regardless of whether or not this was actually possible.

A Turning Point In The Romance

As for how much this particular scene changed the course of the Twilight films, it’s difficult to tell. Perhaps it was the fact that it was the climax of an already relatively long and involved story that makes it hard to quantify. Still, the film does boast a rather different ending than its predecessor, as it leaves the audience with a much happier (and more traditional) conclusion.

No Easy Answers

In the end, there’s no easy answer as to whether or not the scene in question helped or hurt the Twilight films. On the one hand, it’s easy to see how it could have propelled the franchise to even more success. The film not only boasted one of the most memorable romantic scenes of all time, but it also established Edward’s character arc, making him one of the most memorable anti-heroes in cinematic history. Similarly, the fact that the scene was based on a real-life experience undoubtedly had a positive effect, especially as it was one of the few happy occurrences in a largely tragic story. On the other hand, the scene could have arguably detracted from the films, were it not for the fact that it was delivered with such a stunning degree of authenticity. Given that this was one of the only times that audiences saw Edward show any semblance of humanity, it’s safe to say that they weren’t quite sure what to make of him, or whether or not they should root for him.

What do you think? Was the Edward/Bella scene a turning point for the Twilight films? And is it possible that Robert Pattinson’s performance as Edward influenced your opinion of the anti-hero? Sound off in the comments below.