The last public outing of Robert Pattinson was a photo-op of sorts with Taylor Swift in Paris on July 7. The ‘Twilight’ star was there to promote her new album, ‘Reputation’, and the two seemingly made the most of their day as they engaged in brief but sweet chats and posed for striking group shots. The British actor looked sharp in a vintage t-shirt bearing the logo of French luxury goods brand Celine and brown leather jacket, and flashed a winning smile at the cameras. A month earlier, Swift had invited Pattinson to appear on her Instagram and Snapchat stories, and so he obliged with a few choice quips about Paris and her new album. The British actor is certainly enjoying his new found fame in Paris as he recently shared an intimate snapshot of himself and his girlfriend on his Instagram story. The image shows Pattinson and his beaming girlfriend sitting on a bench at the Tuileries Gardens. It is difficult to discern what is making the pair so happy as the scenery in the picture is entirely romantic. But perhaps it is the location, the date (Pattinson marked the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele with a picture of himself and Swift holding hands) or the fact that fans have not yet tired of reading about their blossoming romance. Whatever it may be, “Paris is an amazing city,” Pattinson said in an earlier interview with ELLE UK. “I love the romance of Paris. The culture, the people one meets, it’s all quite amazing.”

Pattinson’s Romantic Side

On the romantic front, Pattinson recently admitted that he is looking for “true romance” and described his ideal date as “someone who is genuinely interested in what I’m interested in, and has respect for my opinions.” The actor has spoken about his time in Twilight, which he described as a real “romance” and admitted that he has experienced more romance since becoming famous. He told Glamour in a 2016 interview that “a lot of people” confuse their fame with being “a really famous person” and added: “But that’s not what it is at all. It’s not about your profile. It’s about the two of you, spending time together, being with each other. That’s what it’s all about.”

While promoting his new film, Pattinson was asked what he thought about love and romance in today’s world and he said: “I think it’s an amazing thing… I’m not here to be cynical, but we need more of it. The world could do with a bit more romance.” He also described his ideal date as: “Someone who is kind, understanding, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. It’s nice to find someone you can share things with. Someone who feels the same way about nature and wildlife appreciation as you do. Someone who is a good listener and gives great advice. Who is also passionate about what they say and doesn’t just talk with big words. Who loves a good joke as much as you do. Who can bring a laugh to your life. Who you can be yourself around, because they’ll respect you for it. Who respects your privacy. Who will never judge you.”

Making An Honest Woman Out Of A Vampyre

In addition to a genuine romance, Pattinson is also looking to add maturity to his list of desirable qualities in a partner. In today’s world, being “mature” can mean many things, but for Pattinson it mainly relates to his acting. He has cited Christian Bale’s performance in ‘The Dark Knight’ as an influence, and he said of the Batman star: “I don’t want to play someone who is not representative of myself. I want to aim for an honest performance, and I’m looking for someone who can bring that out in me.”

Pattinson continued: “Also, for me, being a parent is a big responsibility, so I want to be sure that when I am with someone they understand that. I want them to know that I am not going through a phase, I want them to be with me for the long-haul. I need to be with someone who is ready to be a parent and wants to be a parent.” The actor also said that he wants to find “that one person” who helps him to grow as an artist and person. He added: “I want to be with someone who is going to be there for the good times and the bad times, and who is not going to hold back because they think it’s ‘cute’ or ‘romantic’ to do so. Who will bring something unique to the table. Who is not going to play the field and is ready to settle down. Who wants to make an honest woman out of a vampyre.”

Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend

While his romantic qualities are what initially drew fans to Robert Pattinson, it is his girlfriend that has enabled him to maintain a romantic profile in today’s world of celebrity. Emily Blunt, who costarred with Pattinson in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, revealed in an interview with Vogue that they have been dating for three years and described their on-screen chemistry as “electric.” She said that they have “a very passionate, very real connection” and that they are “honored” to be portrayed by “such a talented and lovely man.”

Blunt also opened up about the challenge of playing such a prominent character in a film, saying that she worried about how people would perceive her as a result of the character she had to portray. But, she continued: “There’s a lot of really cool things about playing Ellie. I mean, I get to do this with a man I really respect and adore and feel really thankful to be able to spend so much time with.”

Blunt also revealed that she has known about Pattinson’s romantic interest in her for a while and has been encouraging him to follow his heart. “I hope that people will see it as a story of two young people starting out on their relationship and growing together,” she said. “Even though it’s fictional, I hope that people will see that there is still a lot of love in the world. And sometimes it’s just hidden under all that dirt and grime.”

Romantic Celine

Meanwhile, fans of the British actor who adore his work and appreciations for nature, wildlife, and the arts may also be interested to learn that he has named his recently purchased French luxury goods brand after his favorite place and time of celebration: “Namorando”. In an interview with WWD, the British actor said that he has always been a fan of Celine, noting that the French fashion house is “one of the most iconic fashion houses of all time.” He continued: “I had been seeing a lot of Celine stuff over the years, but had never actually owned any of it… This was such an amazing opportunity to own something by a brand that I admire so much. It’s a bit like owning a piece of art really.”

The 43-year-old actor also has a soft spot for French art and culture, noting that he owns several pieces of art and historical artifacts from France. “I love the fact that they are combining new technologies with old ways,” he said in the interview. “It makes it more interesting… It’s something different and unique.”

The British actor’s favorite piece of French design is a pink diamond earring he purchased in Paris in 2012. He said that he “just loved the way it looked” and that it “perfectly matched” the dress he was wearing at the time. As for the name of his brand, he told Fashion Week Daily in 2017 that it means “friend” in Spanish. “I chose the name ‘Namorando’ because it means ‘friend’ in Spanish, and I wanted to own something that meant that,” he said. “Namorando” also happens to be the Spanish word for “wolf”, which is appropriate as the animal is considered intelligent, loyal and fierce protectors of their kin. And, just like a real-life Werewolf, the symbol of Vlad the Impaler, the mythical ‘Namorando’ is often depicted as a man dressed in wolf’s clothing.