If you follow fashion and you follow celebrities, you may have heard about Robert Pattinson. He is one of the most recognizable faces in the world today. Most people know who he is and most people have an opinion about him. Some people like and some people don’t like the Twilight actor and his fashion choices. The question is, does he actually wear the Batman outfit often?

Yes, he does! In fact, he has done so many times that it’s almost embarrassing.

Here is a collection of photos of Robert Pattinson posing completely naked inside and outside of Batman costumes:

Nude In The Boudoir

This first photo was taken in the British actor’s home in 2013. He is nude, except for a flower crown and diamond earrings. We can clearly see the top of his wooden bed. If you look closely, you can also make out a tattoo on his shoulder. It is believed to be a Chinese symbol that means “Strength” or “Power.”

The next photo is from the 2014 film, The Rover. It was released on December 11, 2014 in the UK and it is set to be released in the United States on March 11, 2015. In the movie, he plays Richard Walker, a man who is fleeing from the law. In this scene, he is seen wearing a Batman outfit, including a cowl and a cape. Let’s take a closer look:

Naked In A Pool

Here we have Hollywood’s hottest celebrity completely nude, and it’s none other than the former King of Pain, Vincent Price. It is believed that Price was the inspiration for the character of the Batman from the 1960s TV series. In the first photo, we can see Price’s hairy chest and a tattoo on his right shoulder. His arms are folded in a “V” shape, which is a classic pose for the character. Next to him is another well-known actor, Boris Karloff, who is also fully nude. It is believed that these two men were the first two professional actors to appear in a pornographic film. It’s funny to think about it now, but it wasn’t that long ago when people didn’t necessarily want to watch movies about sex. Today, especially with the rise of the #metoo movement, it’s a completely different story. We get it. You want to show us your tits and asses. What’s more, Price’s death in 2014 was officially ruled a suicide. So, if you’re wondering, yeah, that tattoo on his shoulder probably means “Strength.” Or maybe it just means “Vincent.”

Posing Nude On A Beach

If there is one place we encounter nakedness, it’s on the beach. And what makes this photo different from the others is the fact that it wasn’t taken on a beach. It was actually taken at a nudist resort in Portugal called Praia de Luz. This photo was taken in 2011 and it’s one of the last photos taken of the 41 year old Hollywood star. He is completely nude, except for his Rolex watch and a wedding ring. We can clearly see his hairy chest, muscular back and an extremely long penis. He was actually born with a micropenis, which is a condition where the penis is much smaller than normal. If you look closely, you can make out the tattoos on his upper arm in the shape of a dragon and the number 42, which is the number of years he has been married to Marilou. Now, even though we have seen several photos of Van Morrison, it’s not always clear if he is naked or wearing lingerie. It is believed that Morrison was inspired by the 1950s television show, The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet. In that show, the title characters were always getting into trouble and always looking for ways to prank their co-workers. One of their favorite pranks was to dress up like a couple of sailors and ask the other co-workers if they wanted to “go sailing.” When they answered in the affirmative, Ozzie & Harriet would hop into their boat and lead them on a voyage around the office. Finally, they’d yell “All hands on deck!” and all the men would strip off their clothes and jump into the water. Sometimes they’d even fuck in the water. It was wild!

Nude On A Train

This photo is of the British actor, Dominic Puri. It was taken in the early 2000s and it was an ad-agency photo shoot. Apparently, he won the award for Sexiest European Male, so he must be doing something right. In the photo, we can see him wearing only a leather jacket and his trademark sunglasses. Let’s take a closer look:


After years of being completely nude on set and around the house, Puri decided to experiment with clothing. In 2009, he released a photo album, which was mostly naked pictures of himself. He even went so far as to shave his pubic hair. He decided to do this because he wanted to see what it would be like not to have pubic hair in the way. Sadly, this experiment didn’t last long and he went back to being naked. Maybe he’ll try it again someday. Who knows? You can’t make these kind of decisions based on how you feel today, you know?

Posing Nude At A Comic-Con

In a 2013 interview with The Guardian, Nicolas Cage said, “Comic-Con is definitely my favorite place to be nude. When I was a kid, my dad would always take me to comic-cons, and I would run around in underwear and a T-shirt, being absolutely crazy. And then when I grew up, I started doing the same thing. It’s just such a freeing feeling.” This quote perfectly encapsulates why Cage loves going to comic-cons. They’re not just about comics. It’s about having fun and being yourself. There is a great sense of freedom and acceptance at a comic-con. Especially if you’re there with your family. It’s like a different world. You can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, and not feel judged. It’s liberating!

Posing Nude At A Halloween Party

Here we have another example of Cage, this time at a Halloween party in 2010. He is completely nude, aside from the hat he is wearing. You can see his hairy chest, his long johns and his furry pubic hair. It’s a sight to behold!

At A Hollywood Halloween Party

This is one of the best photos we have of Nicolas Cage. It was taken at a Halloween party in Hollywood and it is from 2011. In the photo, we can see the actor standing outside, completely naked and covered in shaving foam. Some people have criticized this photo, saying that it is too sexual in nature. The main thing is that it’s about showing off his body. There is nothing more attractive than a truly natural-born athlete with perfect gym-shorts. This kind of man knows how to pose!

Posing Nude At A Halloween Party (2)

This is another photo of Cage from the same 2011 Hollywood party. This time, he is completely naked and he is wearing only a gas mask and sunglasses. It’s the classic ’70s Hollywood Halloween party look!

Getting Physical

This photo was taken in 2013 and it was another photo shoot for a men’s magazine. In it, we can see the 41 year old British actor, Vincent Price. He is completely nude, aside from his wedding band and a flower crown. Let’s take a closer look:

On A Boat

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Price is a well-known burlesque performer. He has been in numerous movies and he has done a lot of theater in England and America. Back in the ’70s, he even hosted a legendary TV show, called Price Is Right. His experience as a physical performer definitely shows in this photo. He is flexing and posing like a man possessed. It looks like he is trying out different techniques to see what feels best for him. Finally, let’s take a close look at his right arm: