There is no question that Robert Pattinson’s acting career has seen a massive boost since he began dating Kristen Stewart. The two became engaged in 2013 and married in 2015. The actress is better known for her work with the director Robert Pattinson and the co-writer/director James Franco. She has been nominated for three Academy Awards and won two of them. Stewart also gained widespread popularity as half of the dynamic comedy / drama couple in the 2012 film, The Runaways. The actress recently stated that she and Pattinson were “on the same page” regarding their future children. She also revealed that they plan to have a large family.

While it’s certainly beneficial for an actor’s career to have a partner with significant media coverage, it’s not necessarily a positive sign for a potential marriage. The fact that Stewart is already 31 and Pattinson is 33, coupled with the fact that they’ve been together for so long, makes this a concern. Is their union a true love match or just another publicity stunt?

Is He The Future Of Cinema?

The most obvious sign of their partnership is the way they work together. Stewart is often credited with helping to shape Pattinson into the leading man he is today. The Oscar-nominated actor has not only starred in some of Stewart’s most popular films but has also lent his talent to several of her projects. In fact, it was Stewart who helped propel Pattinson to the forefront of Hollywood. He had previously only appeared in small independent films, which in turn helped him land his first big break in 2010, when he co-starred with Stewart in the comedy film, The Death of Stalin. Since then, his career has taken off with multiple leading roles in major Hollywood productions and a growing number of award nominations. His latest film, Wonderstruck, is in theaters now.

While it’s easy to make the assumption that Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship is based on Hollywood’s fascination with A-list celebrity, it’s not necessarily the case. The two are actually quite traditional when compared to other celebrity couples. In an interview with Elle, Stewart stated that she and Pattinson were looking to settle down in London and start a family.

In an effort to determine if their romance is a gimmick or if it’s a true love match, we delved into the nooks and crannies of the internet to see what other big celebrity couples have said about their unions. We came across a number of statements that made us question whether or not this was indeed the ‘it’ couple of the moment. Here are the top 5 most interesting celebrity couplings from around the web.

#5. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley

It seems like Hollywood is continually discovering new ways to throw a wedding. In 2016 alone, we got to see Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga do the honors for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and Jennifer Lopez marry DJ Patrick Jarreau. It’s safe to say that no matter what cultural zeitgeist is floating around town, celebrities will find a way to give it a run for its money.

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley tied the knot back in 1978 and have been married for almost 40 years. While their celebrity status hasn’t waned over the years, neither has their commitment to each other. The famous British actor narrated a beautiful video for Elizabeth’s 70th birthday in which he professed his love for the actress. He wrote her a heartfelt poem, which was read aloud to her assembled guests including Kate Winslet, Michael Caine, and more. He also posted a photo on Instagram of him holding hands with Hurley, which he captioned “My love, my life, my darling, my queen”. He then followed up with a kiss, writing “Forever yours”.

While we can’t put into words how wonderful that must have been for Elizabeth, it’s probably not the best example to follow. Grant has been seen with other women and is actually quite the free spirit, which undoubtedly complicates matters for his wife. When asked about this in 2015, she stated, “I do not condone cheating. But I do not punish it, either.” While we certainly don’t condone cheating, it’s important to note that she doesn’t seem to take the breaking of his vow to her very seriously. She has also been candid about her struggles with depression and has even opened up about contemplating suicide. According to her husband, this is why they’re the “perfect cinematic couple” because they are united in their tragic pasts.

#4. Richard Simmons and Jean Nidoche

The fashion icon Richard Simmons and the model/actress Jean Nidoche got hitched back in 1981. The singer and the fashion designer were high school sweethearts and eventually got married at City Hall in New York City. Although they’ve been together for more than 40 years, they still consider themselves ‘lovers’ and are always seen holding hands. During his acceptance speech for the 2016 CFDA Fashion Excellence Award, Richard referred to his wife as his “heroine”. When asked about this by WWD, he stated, “I could not have married a more beautiful, inspiring woman. She’s smart, driven, and has an incredible strength.”

Like many other celebrity couples, Simmons and Nidoche have had their ups and downs. The singer has been seen as both a child prodigy and a troubled teen. In 2015, he was arrested for hitting a man with his car in Los Angeles. He also has a history of domestic violence and arrested for assault in 2012 and 2013. For her part, Nidoche has experienced her fair share of drama. The model was previously married to the late Gianni Agnelli, who was the father of her children. She also had a one-year marriage to Jean-Claude LaForest in 1999, after which she took a five-year hiatus to focus on her work. She has since been married to Simmons for more than 35 years and is his manager and publicist. While these two have been married for a long time, they still consider themselves “soul mates” and credit their romance with helping them to grow as individuals and as a couple. It’s certainly an interesting case where both partners are considered to be successful individuals in their fields, which makes for an exceptionally unique celebrity union.

#3. Robin Williams and Marsha McCreaddie

Robin Williams was a pioneer in the field of adult romantic comedies, which paved the way for the romantic comedy genre as we know it today. His ability to juggle comedy and drama has made him one of the most beloved and respected actors of all time. One of Williams’ most memorable roles was as Mr. Fischoeder, the eccentric owner of a candy store, in the classic 1982 film, Night Gallery. Much like the character he plays in Williams, the actor’s personal life was a study in comedy and tragedy. He was initially married to his high school sweetheart, Marsha McCreaddie. The couple made their wedding date a vacation to Europe, where they bought a house and began creating a family. Their daughter, Zelda, was born in 1985.

The couple was married for 14 years before divorcing in 1999. During the proceedings, Williams was awarded joint custody of Zelda and ordered to pay child support. McCreaddie was initially awarded the right to spend three days a week with her daughter but later lost her visitation rights after she fell behind on payments. The actress has kept a rather low profile since the divorce, rarely giving interviews and keeping her private life private. She is protective of her daughter, who she sees as a reflection of herself.

Like many other famous couples, Williams and McCreaddie have their ups and downs. The actor has been arrested for drunk driving multiple times and was briefly wed to Courtney Love in 2014. They also had to make multiple court appearances regarding his child support payments. It was also reported that in 2015, McCreaddie filed for bankruptcy due to unpaid bills and falling income. While their marriage was certainly unconventional, it’s clear that both parents had a strong influence on their daughter’s life. Even now, as she approaches 50, McCreaddie credits her mother with helping her to become the “strong, independent woman” she is today and also attributes much of her success to her father. One thing is for sure – if you’ve watched Robin Williams’ films, you know that for sure – he will always have your back!

#2. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton became famous as the “Burton Brides” after they wed in 1960. The legendary actress had previously been married to actor Conrad Nagel, with whom she had a daughter, Chloe. The marriage to Burton was a happy one and the couple often credit their long-lasting union with helping them to grow as people. Burton has previously said of his wife, “She is the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever known; an amazing talent, a beautiful soul, and such a brilliant businesswoman. She’s everything.”