The news that Pattinson, the notoriously handsome Brit actor, has checked into a drug rehabilitation center came as quite a shock to the public. He has always managed to stay on the good side of the law but has, on occasion, been in a bit of trouble. In 2010, the “Twilight” hunk was arrested for an alleged drug offense. Subsequently, he completed a nine-month rehabilitation program and returned to his fans fully committed to staying clean. In 2012, Pattinson was arrested a second time for allegedly driving under the influence. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting a day and a night for three months. The actor subsequently checked into a rehab facility in London prior to the premiere of his most recent film, “Bel Ami.” Now, in light of the latest news, it seems the 31-year-old star is taking his sobriety seriously and has fashioned himself a personal brand of heroin called “R.Pattinson.” Fans of the actor are finding his new moniker instantly recognizable and have taken to social media to express their dismay. Here is the Twitter reaction to the news that #RIPattinson is trending worldwide:

RT @hollandbeck: It’s official. #Ripattinson is trending worldwide. Just checked myself. This is a sad day for humanity.

#RIPattinson is trending worldwide after news broke that the #Holland_Beck_Award winning actor has entered a rehab facility. This is a sad day for humanity. — Holland_Beck (@hollandbeck) June 4, 2019

One person, however, had reason to celebrate. After years of struggle, the multi-talented artist and entrepreneur known as @RealAlexandraPattinson was finally able to help her father kick his own heroin addiction. Now that he’s been clean for a while and seen the errors of his ways, he’s been inspired to create a brand of his own. What will this new product be called? We may never know but, as a representative of his company, @RealAlexandraPattinson has no doubt the public will eagerly consume it. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she revealed the exciting news:

  • “Dad has been wanting to create a skincare line for as long as I can remember,” says Alix. “He wanted to give people the best possible tools to achieve healthy, radiant skin. He’s always had a strong belief in the benefits of vitamins C and E, and recently he’s become obsessed with turmeric. He’s testing it out on his skin and loving the results.”
  • According to Vanity Fair, the entrepreneur went to her father’s bathroom and rummaged through his skincare products. She then selected the best of the best for her own use, paying close attention to detail. “There were a lot of moisturizers with SPF 50+,” she recalls, “and sunblocks with broad UV coverage and powerful antioxidants. I picked products that would help my skin look and feel its best.”
  • Alix then took the time to research the best way to formulate a skin care product for her father. She visited beauty blogs and read medical journals to understand how her dad’s skin reacted to different products and which ingredients performed best. In the end, she created a four-step skincare routine that he has been faithfully following.
  • “It takes him about thirty minutes to an hour to use my skincare products,” Alix told Vanity Fair, “and he LOVES that about the routine. He says it helps him focus on work and relaxes him. When he’s done using them, he feels his skin looks and feels much better.”
  • The best part of this whole endeavor, however, is not just the amazing skincare products but the fact that this is a brand new product line for Robert Pattinson. For years, he has been stuck in a rut with no real interests outside of his professional life. Now that he’s found something that genuinely interests him, he can finally pursue his true calling: being a creative entrepreneur who solves problems and builds things.
  • Check out @RealAlexandraPattinson’s Instagram for more.