While the world was distracted by the royal wedding last year, Robert Pattinson was quietly dating a beautiful blond haired girl who goes by the name of Bella Hadid. The actress has starred in films like the critically acclaimed Beach Body and appears regularly on the big screen as a fashion commentator or a love interest for a fictional character. But does being the daughter of designer Yves Saint Laurent and the step-daughter of brand ambassador Donatella Versace make Bella Hadid and Robert Pattinson a great match?

Bella Hadid has been romanced before but her affection for her girlfriends is well-known. During the making of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, she was dating actor Adam DeVine. But when DeVine got cold feet and broke off the engagement, Bella turned to her celebrity friends, including rapper and producer Snoop Dogg for advice. Their friendship and trust is a testament to their enduring love. Since then the stunning actress has been linked to the likes of actor Chris Evans and musician Tom Petty but now she’s set her sights on a new millionaire bachelor and his famous friends. Could these Hollywood elite be the key to unlocking Bella Hadid’s heart?

Bella’s Mummy

Bella Hadid was born in Los Angeles in 1993 to Yves Saint Laurent and Hungarian designer Anna Piros. As a child, she attended a French-speaking school in Canada before returning to California to continue her education. She then attended Los Angeles County High School, where she met her future husband Robert Pattinson. The duo got engaged in 2015 and were later married in an intimate ceremony in Paris.

It was during this time that Bella started establishing herself as a fashion industry heavyweight. She worked as a researcher for the popular American website Marie Claire, where she became familiar with the demands of a modern gal. “I think a lot of people forget that fashion can be political sometimes. People will vote to get a certain look or an outfit will become popular because of certain political events,” she said. “There’s always a reason behind the trends: be it the red dress or the white dress, the halter neckline or the crop top. It’s all about following the trends but also making sure that you’re representing something different and you stand out.”

Rocking The Red

Bella’s Mummy Anna is a very famous and wealthy woman with an estimated net worth of nearly £100 million ($132 million). The designer founded her own fashion house in 2007 and named it after herself. The company currently has 13 stores across the world and its products can be found in the most prestigious stores, including Bergdorf Goodman, as well as high street stores. She was also the face of Burberry’s pre-fall 2019 collection.

The designer’s first major project was a capsule collection that she named ‘Rocking The Red’, a reference to the colour of the Italian flag. The collection consisted of short-homecoming dresses in cheetah print and featured bold embroidery, tartan prints and frills. But while the collection was praised for its fresh designs and feminine silhouettes, some critics felt that Anna’s designs were a little too loud for the high-class fashion world.

From Beauty To Beast

After graduating in 2015, Bella worked for four years in New York City as an account manager for luxury brands, including Burberry and Givenchy. During this time she also developed a keen interest in film, often watching and analysing award-winning films from around the world. She was particularly inspired by French director Luc Besson’s 1998 film, The Lady From Beijing, which centres around the themes of friendship and loyalty.

But it was Bella’s work-life balance that became a source of internal conflict. The demands of her career were already noticeable even during her school days. In 2017, after her graduation from New York University, she revealed that she had been working hard to balance her studies with a burgeoning acting career. “I’m always worrying about which one is more important. I want to do both, but I feel like I’m getting more anxious about my acting career because I’m learning so much,” she said.

Risky Business

With success comes responsibility and Bella’s hard-earned money attracted a number of suitors. She turned down a £16.5 million ($21.9 million) proposal from luxury goods company LVMH and committed to a £12.85 million ($16.8 million) deal with Dior. The French brand had previously courted her when she was still acting for a living, but she turned them down because she felt they were too generous.

Bella’s chosen brand, Chanel, is one of the most well-known and respected luxury houses, famous for its perfume and handbags. As well as being the face of their fragrance, Coco Chanel, the designer’s most well-known creation, the woman who invented the cocktail – the cocktail being the precursor to the wine cooler – and the handbag all share the same name. It is rumoured that Bella will sport the ‘Coco Chanel’ handbag at this year’s Grammys.

The 26-year-old began working for the fashion house in October 2018 and is thought to have secured a three-year contract. She will no doubt need to make a sensible investment if she is to fulfil her potential as a luxury brand representative and continue to grow in prominence. The deal is said to have a base salary of £150,000 ($200,000) with the potential to rise to £250,000 ($325,000) per annum. It will also see her become the face of their ‘Classic Flap’ handbag collection.

‘Doing Good’

Another brand that has been consistently courting Bella is luxury lifestyle brand Gucci. The Italian fashion house’s design director, Alessandro Michele, first showed an interest in the model when she was featured on the cover of Vogue Paris in 2017. Since then the designer has sought to work with and for Bella. In fact, shortly after she began working for LVMH, the fashion house named her their ‘face of goodwill’ and are currently in the process of creating a capsule collection to celebrate Women’s Day.

“We want to be by her side, supporting her in all her endeavours and ambitions. She’s done amazing things in her life and we are so proud that she’s chosen to represent our brand,” Michele said.

The brand’s CEO, Marco Bizot, went a step further and declared that “Bella Hadid is doing good. We want to do our part to support and encourage her in her humanitarian work.”

Bella’s Sis

Bella’s unique place in the world of fashion was cemented when she became the step-daughter of fashion icon Donatella Versace, the Italian designer’s grandniece. It was during this time that Versace began grooming her to take over the company. After completing her studies at the University of Southern California, the model began working for the fashion house in 2017 as a marketing and media relations executive. But it was with her step-sister, Gigi, the designer’s daughter, that she forged the strongest of bonds. It was reportedly Gigi who encouraged Donatella to ‘free-spirit’ Bella. “I’m very close to my sister. We have a special connection,” she said. “I admire her greatly and she has such an unwavering sense of style. It’s definitely something I’ve learned from her.”

So much is expected of Bella. Not only are the fashion houses she represents hoping that she can carve out a niche for themselves in the celebrity world, but her work-life balance is also being monitored by the biggest of the big-wigs in fashion. The pressure is sure to be enormous. As well as juggling a career in fashion, she must also prioritise her studies. In 2020, she graduated from New York University with a Masters in Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications. She is also set to begin her acting career in earnest, with a number of high-profile projects on the slate.