We may never know for sure if Robert Pattinson is actually Muslim, but based on his actions at the 2015 Oscars, it sure seems like he might be.

The actor won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on the movie “The King”. Along with his “Twilight” co-star Taylor Lautner, they both played Muslim characters in the movie. While accepting the award, Pattinson said:

“As a writer, it is an honor to be here among such great storytellers, and to accept this award on behalf of my fellow screenwriter and best friend, Carlo Bernard. It is my great pleasure to present this award to both Taylor and myself. We wrote this story together, and we are very proud that it was selected as the Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2016 Oscars.”

Did Pattinson just commit an Oscar-worthy blasphemy?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Moments after giving the Best Adapted Screenplay speech, Pattinson made a strange, hand-gesture as if he were blessing himself. Watch the clip below. It’s not clear what he was trying to indicate. Was he simply putting his hand over his heart as a show of respect for the Royal Family? Or was the actor acknowledging his Christian beliefs?

It’s quite possible that Pattinson was making the “taaqiya” gesture, a sign of respect for the Muslim faith. The “taaqiya” gesture is used to show that someone is reciting the Quran while also meaning no disrespect. In fact, the “taaqiya” gesture has been used by many prominent figures in the Muslim world to show their respect for the prophet Muhammad. Here’s a short video explaining the gesture:

If you didn’t click on the previous link, you can watch a longer video of Pattinson doing the “taaqiya” gesture below. The actor is seen standing next to his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart as they look at a piece of art. As they are posing for the camera, he makes the gesture and she looks at him in shock. After the camera stops rolling, he winks at her. It’s not exactly a subtle wink…

What might look like a subtle wink is usually described as a “taaqiya” gesture in the Muslim community. If it was indeed a “taaqiya” gesture, it’s not clear if Pattinson is aware that he is making it. Regardless, it’s safe to assume that the actor knows exactly what he’s doing.

Is He A Proud Muslim?

After his strange, hand-gesture at the Oscars, it’s not surprising that so many people asked if Robert Pattinson was a proud Muslim. The short answer is yes. While some might argue that what he did at the Oscars was unintentional, it is quite possible that the actor was signaling his respect for the Muslim faith. The timing of his gesture is also very interesting and it makes it seem like he was deliberately trying to send a message. However, it’s also quite possible that he did not know what the gesture meant and was simply doing it because it’s the custom for actors to make the gesture at the end of a speech.

Either way, it’s quite clear that regardless of whether he intended to or not, Pattinson’s strange gesture at the Oscars was a clear message to the world. He is absolutely proud to be a Muslim and he feels his actions at the Oscars were a small but important step towards promoting tolerance and understanding.

It’s not only the Oscars that caught the attention of the world. A lot of Pattinson’s recent actions have made it seem like he is trying to make a statement. In April 2015, he sported a beard for the first time in 10 years and described it as a “visual reminder” of the Islamic awakening that was happening at the time. Days later he was seen wearing a headscarf in the streets of London. Around the same time, he even changed his Facebook profile picture to a simple black scarf.

The list of things that have drawn attention to Robert Pattinson is seemingly endless and it seems like he is trying to send a message about tolerance, religious freedom, and respect.

It’ll be interesting to see if his actions at the Oscars were a one-off or if he continues to sport a more Islamic-friendly appearance.