Is Robert Pattinson secretly Muslim?

Well, if you’ve been following the news in the last year, you may have come across a lot of speculation surrounding this question. The actor has been in the public eye since his 2010 film premiere, and has been continually linked to a number of high-profile Hollywood figures. Most notably, he’s been linked to Hollywood royalty – specifically, the House of Windsor.

The speculation that surrounds the ‘sister-wife’ of Prince Harry, Countess Sophie, and her famous ex-boyfriend has been rife since the beginning of the year. Reports suggested that the two were ‘reigning as the royal couple of social media’, and that they were even ‘saving’ each other’s lives. The media dubbed them ‘Hamilton’s Royal Couple’.

The year 2018 has only just begun, but already we’ve been graced with yet more headlines surrounding this fascinating couple. First, Sophie’s father, Georges, passed away at the age of 103. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the Countess – whose father was the Maharaja of Mysore – gave birth to a daughter, Princess Indulisa Dharamraja. The beautiful newborn was dubbed ‘the future Queen of Mysore’. Finally, in what turned out to be another media frenzy, Robert was spotted canoodling with his Bel Ami co-star Amelie Delfana at the Cannes Film Festival. The couple was later seen dining at 2Chef by Georges as part of Delfana’s 24-hour cookbook tour in France.

While we await the publication of Amelie’s forthcoming French Vogue cookbook, which is set to be released in November, perhaps it’s time to put an end to all the rumors and speculation surrounding this interesting couple.

The Countess is no Royal Fairytale

Despite her father’s impressive longevity, the Countess is no stranger to the headlines. While still a teenager, she famously wed her first cousin, the then-Prince of Wales. The couple divorced in 1987, with the Countess settling in Paris and making her home with Georges. She never remarried, and the couple remained incredibly close, regularly attending one another’s parties and social gatherings. They were even affectionately referred to by the British press as ‘the sister-wife’ of Prince Harry.

While the media has been quick to jump on the chance to ‘expose’ this supposedly ‘sister-wife’ and ‘former fairy tale’, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that the Countess is no stranger to controversy, nor is she the only ‘famous’ relative that Robert could have chosen as a wife. Not only was he rumoured to have had an affair with Camille, la Marquise de Morigny, the mother of his son, Louis (who tragically died in a car accident), but the Countess herself was accused of money-laundering in 2014. The Swiss authorities searched her Parisian property, seizing bank documents and other items related to the alleged incident.

An Alleged Affair with Camille

On the night of 25 February 2010, Robert Pattinson was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Amidst the fanfare and media attention, he was arguably at the top of his game. Fresh from the critical and commercial success of his latest film, Beautiful People, he seemed set for the stardom that many in the press had anointed him with. In an effort to further enhance his image as a romantic lead, he was photographed canoodling with Hollywood royalty, including Tom Hardy and Natalie Portman. As well as lending his star power to the ad campaign, the former romantic heartthrob appeared alongside his female co-stars at several public events, including the Academy Awards.

The following year was arguably even more successful for Pattinson. He reprised his role as David Bowie in the 2013 biopic, Lazarus, and subsequently attracted widespread critical acclaim for his portrayal of writer Roberto Bolano. While promoting the latter, he was photographed canoodling with his co-star, Sibylle Brun. While some viewers may have been put off by the pairing of an actor and a model in a film about literature, it’s important to remember that many took the opportunity to embrace it. Pattinson’s Bolano was even more gloriously polyamorous than his previous character, and an even greater hit with critics and fans alike. In fact, even before the film’s premiere, there were reports that it had opened up a can of worms with regard to the actor’s private life.

The Countess and the Prince Consort

While the British press may have been quick to jump on the ‘sister-wife’ bandwagon, few could have predicted that the interest surrounding her and Robert would continue to grow. Amidst the ongoing Bolano mania, it wasn’t long before the Countess was featured on the cover of Vogue and other high profile fashion magazines, often seen donned in one of his signature looks, high-waisted black jeans. She also graced the cover of Dior’s Summer 2021 issue, photographed by Terry Richardson. The pair are frequently spotted on social media platforms, lovingly showcasing their family life with their young son, Nicholas.

Prince Harry’s Future Queen

On 19 July 2018, the Countess was one of the guests invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, alongside other members of the British royal family and a host of Hollywood A-listers. The wedding was broadcast live on TV, with the ceremony and reception held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. The following day, photos of the newlyweds were published in Vogue and other high-profile fashion magazines, with further celebrations taking place in London and Edinburgh. While many have applauded the new couple’s ‘royal couple’ status, it’s important to remember that this is a role that the Countess has actively sought out, and one that she feels passionate about. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, she said:

“I don’t think Harry asked me to be his partner,” she admitted. “It’s a role he’s wanted to play for a while. I think it’s a really amazing thing that Harry gets to be a part of an amazing event like this, with all the pomp and circumstance that comes with it. It’s a huge responsibility, but I think he’s handled it brilliantly.”

An Important Role

The Countess’ parents are both well-known figures in their own right. Although she was born in Paris, Georges has lived in India for much of his life. Before returning to Paris, he spent 10 years in Bombay, and was instrumental in the foundation of the city’s art scene. He was also the first westerner to be made a Freeman of the City, and the first European to be made a member of the Jaman Society. At the age of 103, Georges became the oldest man to have a solo exhibition in India. He is also the founder of the Georges Gallery, which is named after him, and the Georges Institute of Creative Arts. His wife, Ranjana, is also a renowned figure in the arts world. She was the inaugural and artistic director of the Venice Film Festival, as well as a former board member of the Cannes Film Festival. The couple frequently attend art exhibitions and cultural events together.

While it’s been overwhelming the last year, it’s also been an extraordinary year for the British media. Not only has Prince Harry proven to be a worthy successor to the throne, but the press has shown a great deal of respect for the institution, with many reports focusing on the positive developments at Buckingham Palace.

As for the future of this intriguing love story, we can only wait and see what 2019 has in store.