When you receive a beautiful mug as a present, you can’t help but want to give it a quick wash and display it on a stylish coffee table. But when you get a mug that’s been around for centuries, you have to wonder: Is this really the best idea? Should you cleanse it at all? And what are the risks of using the wrong soap for such a precious piece?

While we’d love to get our hands on a real antique from the 1800s, there are times when a good old-fashioned dishwasher liquid will do just fine. Like when we’re in a rush to get Christmas presents for our friends and family, or if you’re feeling generous. It’s the perfect present solution – inexpensive, easy to find, and eco-friendly. Plus, you know exactly what is going into it.

But for the most part, we’re not suggesting that you replace your daily mug, we’re just curious: What are the various ways in which our favorite movie star drinks from his iconic mug?

Robert Pattinson Drinks From His Iconic Mug

If you guessed that Robert Pattinson drinks from his iconic mug every day, then you might be right. According to Vogue, the actor drinks from his mug “as often as he can,” washing it every few months to maintain the pattern of the flowers on it. The mug features on the cover of his best-selling memoir, Beloved, though in the book, Pattinson mentions washing his mug less frequently because water damage made it difficult to read. Still, the mug has become a symbol of Pattinson’s struggle to maintain a private life while pursuing a career in Hollywood. As the Guardian noted when the actor was named the magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2014:

“He [Pattinson] is an extremely private person and he doesn’t want his private life to be plastered all over the papers,” his manager, Polly Perelli, told the newspaper at the time.

How Robert Pattinson Washes His Iconic Mug

According to biographer Jenny Erpenne, the actor washes his mug “when there’s soap in the dishwasher,” which in the past has usually meant after every use. But since the onset of COVID-19, he’s been doing it every two weeks to ensure the mug is clean. In an interview with Racked, Pattinson said he washes his mug because “I feel like my whole life is in it.” When asked if he worried about the soap potentially harming the mug’s finish, he responded, “I don’t really think about that, to be honest.”

So it seems that even though soap can be harmful to some mugs, it doesn’t faze Pattinson. But should it? Is it really a non-issue? After all, if you’re drinking from a mug made of ceramic or glass, then the risk of chipping or breaking is fairly minimal. So long as you use the proper care and cleaning of the mug, there’s no reason to fear soap, right?

Is Ceramic Better Than Glass For Drinks Mugs?

When we think about it, most of the time we use mugs for drinks actually involves them being subjected to less wear and tear than a saucer or a cup. As mentioned above, the main concern when it comes to washing or not washing our mugs is whether or not they’re made of ceramic or glass. Unfortunately, there’s no real answer to this one, as both materials have their perks. While ceramic is great for its strength and ability to withstand high temperatures, it’s also much more malleable than glass and, therefore, more prone to chipping or breaking. Plus, it’s much more expensive. On the other hand, glass is both lightweight and, for the most part, unbreakable. However, it can be very difficult to clean without any kind of detergents or special drinks. If you’re looking for a mug that’ll stand the test of time, then go for ceramic. Otherwise, glass will not only last longer but also look better, feel better, and drink better.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Mug?

If you want to clean your mug with dishwasher liquid to save time, then you have to put it through the dishwasher cycle several times. According to Racked, it takes about ten minutes for each cycle. So if you’re doing it every two weeks, then it’ll take you about twenty minutes overall to clean your mug. Not exactly ideal if you want to get dinner on the table before your spouse returns home from work. Still, we think it’s a minor inconvenience for keeping such a unique item as beautiful as your mugs.

At this point, it’s worth noting that many, if not most, of your mug’s components will not be recycled. Instead, they’ll be sent to a landfill where they’ll slowly decompose and contribute to the pollution of the earth. So while it’s great to keep a piece of ceramic or glassware as a memento of a beautiful evening out, be sure to remember that it’s not always a good idea to do so. The next time you’re in doubt, simply choose a stainless steel cup instead.