MTV and its music network, MTV Music, are set to premiere the highly-anticipated Robert Pattinson documentary, “Cobra,” on February 26th at 10 pm ET. The documentary will follow the British actor and musician as he embarks on a world tour that will take him to London, France, and Denmark. We spoke with Pattinson about his unique journey, how he prepared for the documentary, and what he has planned for the future.

The Rise of Robert Pattinson

Since his breakout role in “Twilight,” the young British actor and musician has risen to international fame. He’s scored numerous acting roles, the most notable of which being the openly gay author, Oliver Sacks in the 2019 biopic, “The Librarian.” Despite his popularity, Pattinson has always remained private, shunning the spotlight. He’s even gone so far as to say that he doesn’t want to be known as “the guy from ‘Twilight.’”

That changed in October 2019 when Pattinson publicly came out as gay. Several of his high-profile friends, including Ian Mckellen and Joe Mantello, offered their support during the announcement. “I have a lot of gay friends, and they’ve always been very open about who they are,” Pattinson said. “I’m really proud to be associated with such a great community.”

Pattinson began experimenting with music as a teenager. After joining a band with his schoolmates, he quickly found success, penning several songs for his high school’s annual drama festival. He went on to study English Literature at New York University, where he met up with music professors who would later become his bandmates. Since then, he’s released four albums, the most recent of which is 2017’s “Good Boy.”

While “Twilight” was undeniably a watershed moment in Pattinson’s career, the actor and musician has long seen his relationship to the supernatural saga as a blessing rather than a curse. “I was always aware of how special ‘Twilight’ had been, and how lucky I’d been to be a part of something so iconic,” he said. “I’ve always seen it as a blessing in disguise, as opposed to a curse.”

“Cobra” will examine Pattinson’s life and career, as well as his struggle with addiction and mental health issues. It will highlight the ways in which his relationship with “Twilight” has impacted his life, and helped him to become the artist, activist, and public figure that he is today.

Robert Pattinson’s Vision for the Future

Pattinson is arguably best known for his relationship with Kristen Stewart, the “Twilight” co-star he dated for four years. The two were married in 2014, and together, they have a daughter, Cosmo Rose, who they recently welcomed into the world. Since the birth of their daughter, the pair have taken a step back from their acting careers, devoting their time to raising their child and promoting activism and literacy. During the 2020 campaign for the Green Party, it was reported that Cosmo Rose would be accompanying her parents on the campaign trail, reading books about climate change and urging people to vote for environmental candidates.

While filming “Twilight,” Pattinson met and fell in love with his future wife, Stewart. The two first worked together on the film in 2012, and went on to star in three more “Twilight” spinoffs: “Once Upon a Time In Wonderland,” “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” The actor seems undaunted by the prospect of working with his ex-wife, enthusiastically touting the benefits of being with someone he genuinely cares about.

Pattinson’s advocacy for mental health issues is also notable. He is one of several celebrities who have publicly spoken out against the stigma that surrounds mental illness, and has advocated for more open discussion about mental health issues. He has stated that he wants to see a day when people aren’t ashamed to admit they’re struggling, and that they can receive the help they need.

The Making of the Documentary

“Cobra” is the result of a decade-long undertaking, one that saw director, Riccardo Todaro, follow the actor around the world as he shot the documentary during the final year of his marriage to Stewart. Todaro, along with cinematographer, Giovanni Bonato, managed to shoot the entire project during a period of just a few months. The pair had previously worked together, on Carlo Ponti’s 2012 documentary, “Paradise Circus,” about the Kaos Theatre Company.

Todaro and Bonato had initially set out to make a film about the rise of the teen pop star, Little Mix, who they had observed as they filmed the music videos for their singles. After meeting with the group’s representatives, however, they were given permission to follow and intercut their coverage of the celebrity’s travels with behind-the-scenes footage of his or her music video shoots as well as those of other well-known musicians. They thus had access to intimate details about some of the biggest names in pop, including Taylor Swift, Halsey, and Shawn Mendes.

The resulting film is as much a celebration of celebrity as it is an examination of the inner workings of the entertainment industry. Weaving in and out of interviews with the famous and the infamous alike, “Cobra” is a fascinating peek into the world of celebrities and the celebrities’ lives. The film will be released in theaters across the country on February 26th.

Why Robert Pattinson’s Life Is So Influential

Pattinson’s life is undeniably fascinating, and, as a public figure, he brings a unique set of stories to the table. Aside from his own personal challenges, he’s spoken out about some of the significant events and people in his life, which have helped to shape who he is today. Here, we take a look at some of the most significant events in his life, and how they helped to define him:

1. The Road to ‘Twilight.’

It all started back in September 2009, when Pattinson tweeted about his desire to direct a music video. A year later, he had co-written and starred in his first short film, “Just Like Heaven,” and had begun working on a script for a feature film tentatively titled “Cobra.”

In January 2010, he tweeted that he was hoping to cast Orlando Bloom as the film’s star, setting a $500,000 budget for the project. At the time, Bloom was best known for his role in “Moulin Rouge!” and had just completed work on “Alice in Wonderland.” While the actor was never officially offered the role, his dream came true when Bloom opted for “Cobra.”

2. The Breakup of ‘Twilight.’

Pattinson’s break up with “Twilight” co-star, Stewart, played out in the media, with several major newspaper articles and several TV specials being dedicated to the story. It was reported that the two had fought about budget and creative differences stemming from Stewart’s desire to include more computer-generated imagery in their movie. While she was keen to continue working on the project, Pattinson ultimately decided it was best to walk away.

3. The Birth of His Daughter.

In August 2010, Pattinson tweeted that he was going to be a father, though he did not publicly confirm the speculation until two weeks later. He subsequently welcomed his daughter, Cosmo Rose, into the world, though Stewart did not give birth to her until November. On the night of the birth, Pattinson tweeted that he and his wife had “just signed their daughter’s first ever album deal.” Cosmo Rose’s album, “Umbrella,” will be released on March 26th.

Pattinson has since become an active father, regularly posting video blogs of his daughter singing and dancing. The actor and musician has also become close to actress Kate Winslet, whom he met on the set of “Tyrant,” in which she plays his on-screen mother. He has since appeared in several of her films, most recently “The Mercy.”