It’s no secret that Hollywood’s two biggest superstitions are: Christmas is a good time for a break-up and Robert Pattinson is a heart-throb.)

This year, the couple’s careers came together beautifully when they shot to fame with their love for each other on screen. After filming wrapped on the romantic comedy On the Road, they spent the rest of 2019 touring the world together as ambassadors for the LDP (Living Donor Kidney) organization. Since their public rise to stardom, Robert and Kristen have been relentlessly pursued by the press. They’ve both spoken out about their careers and the tabloid stories swirling around them. In this article, we’ll review everything we know about the couple’s history and what’s next for them.

The Early Years

It was back in 2012 that Robert first caught the attention of Hollywood with his portrayal of the young Edward Cullen in the Breaking Dawn megahit. Since that time, he’s appeared in a number of films including The Lighthouse, The Riot Club, and most recently, Eclipse. He’s also spent some time promoting mental health awareness via his organization, Robsessed. In 2019, Robert shot to fame once again with his role as “Kendall” in the movie The King, which saw him team up with another famous heart-throb, Jacob Tremblay. In the upcoming weeks, he’ll be seen in theaters across the country with his co-star in the movie adaptation of Jack London’s 1880 classic, The Call of the Wild.

Meanwhile, Kristen’s career took a bit of a different turn in 2019. After spending much of the previous year promoting her role as Queen Elizabeth in the Broadway musical Mary Poppins, she took a break from acting to get married and have a child, Louis. Since then, she’s starred in a number of television shows including the HBO series Sharp Objects and the Lifetime movie The Accused. She also released a pair of EPs in 2019, including one featuring her husband, singer Cole Swindell. Most recently, she starred in the Sundance hit film One Mile Away, which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews. She’s currently filming the sequel to her 2018 movie Born Into the World, which will see her play a young Victoria.

The Love Story

As previously mentioned, 2020 saw the couple continue their love story on screen with the big-budget romantic comedy Never Forgetting Season. They play Tom Harris and Kate Andrews, a couple who meet by chance at a bar one night while she’s babysitting for his kids. When they agree to go on a date, they embark on a romantic journey that sees them spend New Year’s Eve together as a married couple in the Scottish Highlands. (For those of you who have yet to see the film, here’s a trailer.)

The following week, they traveled to Lisbon to promote the film and were seen holding hands and looking very content. Rumors swirled that they were secretly married in 2018 and spent the entire year planning their wedding. They have since been quoted as saying, “We wanted to make sure that when people saw the wedding photos, they would believe it. And we also wanted to make sure that our guests had an amazing time celebrating with us.”

The next project for the couple is currently untitled and will see them reprise their on-screen chemistry. No release date has been set yet.

The Bad Boy

While we’re on the topic of marital bliss, let’s discuss the bad boy of Hollywood, shall we? 2019 was certainly the year of the divorce for Hollywood, with several high-profile stars splitting up or welcoming a new partner in the last year. Here’s a short list of some of the biggest scandals.