Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Directed by Jon Watts, the film sees Tom Holland take on the role of the webslinger, with Robert Pattinson joining the cast as the classic villain, The Rhino. The movie also stars Jon Favreau as the beloved inventor, Tony Stark, and Ludwig Göransson as the film’s main protagonist, Mikey Junes.

With all the hype surrounding the movie, we decided to speak to the director, Jon Watts, and the actor, Robert Pattinson, about the making of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Check out what they had to say below – spoiler-free.

On Recruiting Robert Pattinson For The Role Of The Rhino

“The Rhino is a great villain and he’s incredibly fun to play. I needed someone who could pull off this large and scary creature and Robert was the perfect choice. He came in and did his homework, reading classic Rhino scented books and watching classic Rhino-themed movies. He really immersed himself in the world of the Rhino and brought a lot of charisma and a lot of humour to the role.”

On The Evolution Of The Rhino Character

“The Rhino has been around since the ‘70s but he wasn’t always the scary, intimidating creature he is today. Early on, we found a physical resemblance between Robert and a young George Clooney, which helped a lot. We knew we had found our George. It took a while to bring him there fully, but Robert really helped us find that vulnerability that I think makes the Rhino so interesting as a character. He wasn’t necessarily trying to be scary – it’s more that he’s a very confused and vulnerable individual who is constantly being picked on by other people because of his size. So, we tried to find that in Robert.”

On How The Cast And Crew Felt About Coming Together

“The hardest thing about making a movie is getting everyone in the same room at the same time. Especially in something of this size because there are a ton of characters and not enough rooms. So, it was really important to us that the cast and crew came together and had fun on set. Even though we were shooting for such a long time, it was always a pleasure to come together as a group and have fun. The camaraderie on set is incredible.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set for release on July 4th in the UK and July 5th in the US. For more on the movie, check out our comprehensive guide which includes all the latest news, gossip, and more.