The most recent installment in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, left fans with questions. Was Robert Pattinson really as altruistic as Edward Cullen made him out to be, or was there more to come? Was he truly willing to give up his worldly possessions and live in seclusion as a vampire elder? Were those rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson being an item true? Could the actor pull off playing a priest? Or was he just lying to get out of trouble?

The answer to these questions largely depends on how you feel about the franchise. If you’re a hardcore fan who grew up watching Twilight and have been waiting for the next installment for years, then there’ll be plenty to cheer for. You may also feel disappointed that the trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 didn’t exactly provide the answers you were looking for. To this end, here’s a breakdown of the key things we learned from the latest Twilight installment.

Robert Is A Saint

For most of his scenes in Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Robert Pattinson is portrayed as a kind-hearted cleric who seeks to help the poor and sick. He even goes so far as to offer up his own blood so that ailing strangers can be healed. While the trailer for the film didn’t go into much detail, it didn’t have to – we learned enough from the promos for the Twilight Saga to know that Robert is basically a saint.

However, we’ve also learned that even the most unlikely of heroes can be corrupted by power. In the first Twilight film, there’s a scene where Bella witnesses Edward giving blood to a sick man. She watches as he forces a needle into his arm, and sees the fear in his eyes before he turns into a vampire. Edward isn’t always depicted as a hero in the films, either. In fact, he’s often shown to be the complete opposite. But even he can be redeemed – he simply needs to learn to control himself. As Bella says in Twilight, “There’s something about giving blood that changes you.” Even heroes can become villains if they aren’t careful.

Edward’s Ambition Might Be More Than We Thought

When it comes to the Twilight Saga, one of the biggest questions is: What is Edward’s ambition? How does he intend to achieve it? It wasn’t always clear that he had an evil side, but over time it’s become clear that he isn’t exactly what he seems. We first saw the effects of Edward’s desire to be the most powerful vampire in the world in the fourth Twilight film, where he tries to prevent Bella from entering into a loving relationship with Jacob. In Breaking Dawn – Part 2, he goes even further, showing us a darker side that we didn’t see until now. But even then, there was still some ambiguity as to whether Edward was doing this out of jealousy or because he genuinely wants to hurt Bella.

The answer to this question largely depends on how much you want to believe in Edward’s good intentions. If you want to maintain a friendly, community-minded relationship with Edward and his family, then they’re likely your friends, not your enemies. But it’s still a dangerous game he’s playing, and if you want to protect Bella, you have to be careful around Edward. He might just have ulterior motives that have nothing to do with the well-being of humans – or at least, the female variety.

Family Reunion?

One of the biggest surprises of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was the inclusion of Carlisle, Esq. – a.k.a. Edward’s father. Up until now, we’ve only seen Edward’s mother, Bella, and his sister, Esme. But it seems that, as part of the final negotiations to make peace with Rosalie (Bella’s mother), Carlisle was included in the deal. In the film, we learn that Carlisle is the one who turned Edward into a vampire. And while he doesn’t display any malicious intent, he still might be a threat to Edward’s quest for immortality. He has the ability to sense when others are near, which makes him a potential ally for Bella – as long as he doesn’t have any ill intent, that is.

Rob And Kristen’s Friendship

It’s no secret that Rob and Kristen have been friends for a long time, and that their friendship is one of the main reasons why Edward chose her as a human sacrifice in the first place. But just because they’re close friends doesn’t mean that they’re romantically involved. And even if it did, that wouldn’t necessarily mean that they’re destined to be together. In the comics, it’s even stated that they’d be better off as friends – especially since they both have really nice, stable, mutually beneficial friendships.

While we don’t yet know much about Robert’s personal life, he’s always been very private about his interactions with Kristen. For the most part, we know what we can learn about him from his movies. And so far, that is that he’s a kind and giving person who wants to help others. But, as we’ve established, people can change. We don’t yet know how much of what we’ve seen in his movies is an act and how much is genuine.

What About The Whole ‘Vampire Elder’ Thing?

At the end of Twilight, we learn that Bella is now a vampire elder, or at least, she will be once she turns 30. Edward, meanwhile, is a young vampire, only a few years older than Bella. As you might expect, this has led to a lot of speculation about whether or not Edward will live up to his “vampire elder” title. After all, how can someone who’s been a vampire forever still be considered a teenager?

There’s a reason why Twilight and its sequels are often compared to The Vampire Chronicles. Both are works by the same author, who has also gone on to write the Wheel of Fortune novel; both feature immortals who were once human and want to remain that way; both feature the same basic setup: a group of strangers who arrive in a strange and magical new world, whereupon they are beset upon by bloodthirsty vampires; both are populated by likable and memorable anti-heroes who aren’t necessarily what they seem at first glance.

Although the sequels have moved away from some of the more fantastical elements of the original, they still maintain the spirit of magic and mystery that made it such a memorable series. The final film in the Twilight franchise isn’t a disappointing return to form; it’s actually one of the best movie endings that you’ll ever see. In a nutshell, it’s an optimistic look at the idea that even the most unlikely of heroes can still grow and change for the better. And that, despite any flaws they might have, they will never truly be alone.