With a string of break-ups and divorcees later, the heartthrob turned film starlet may now be best known for his exes than his acting career. But before he was constantly linked to Hollywood’s hottest women, Robert Pattinson had already made a name for himself in Hollywood. Between playing leading roles in acclaimed indie movies and memorable scenes in blockbuster hits, here are the most blonde, Robert Pattinson movies.

The Rover (2014)

If you thought that Robert Pattinson only acted in indie films before he was propelled into fame, then think again. The actor made his Hollywood debut in 2014’s The Rover where he appeared alongside fellow Brits Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Directed by James Grey, the film follows a team of American lawyers who seek to recover a massive inheritance in the form of oil stocks after the death of a British national. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the court cases that ensue, the three lead actors share many on-screen moments in which they sport some memorable blonde streaks.

High Life (2012)

Another debutante turn for Robert Pattinson came in the form of High Life, a coming-of-age tale that follows aspiring author and artist Leo as he pursues various escapist outlets in the form of rich, older men. In High Life, Pattinson plays a charismatic art dealer who befriends Leo and invites him to live in his mansion. There, the two men engage in lively banter as they paint, play cards, and discuss literature. While the actor’s accent in the film is more pronounced, his performances are assured and he enlivens the sometimes-stereotypical role with his comedic timing and charm. In the first half of the film, Leo becomes increasingly infatuated with his wealthy companion as he sees him as a means to escape his dead-end existence. Eventually, Leo turns to the man for financial support as his drug and alcohol addiction spirals out of control. At the film’s climax, he abandons his friends and their lavish lifestyle for a life of solitude as he journeys to an ashram in the hopes of finding spiritual enlightenment.

Siberian Tiger (2012)

Though he mostly works in movies, it wasn’t until 2010 that Robert Pattinson made an appearance on the big screen. That year, the actor starred in two critically-acclaimed films: the historical drama, The King’s Speech, and the crime thriller, The Woman in the Window. In The Woman in the Window, Pattinson plays a psychopathic con man who murders his wife and disguises her body as that of a white bear. While the actor gets a passable performance as the emotionally-detached killer, his charisma and sex appeal are on full display in the film’s pivotal scenes as he engages in lecherous banter with co-stars Natalie Portman and Barbara Hutton. In The King’s Speech, Pattinson shines as the awkward but lovable Prince Albert, who assumes the throne at the tender age of 44. Amidst the pomp and ceremony of his coronation, the prince must navigate the intricacies of a political world he is not prepared for as he struggles with mental illness. In both films, the actor displays a certain arrogance as the spoiled, good-looking young man in charge, which serves to highlight his considerable charm. Despite his early success, Pattinson still had the ambition to prove himself as a serious actor and he took the opportunity to showcase his dramatic prowess when he starred in two more high-profile films the following year.

The Lost Boys (2010)

Although he mostly worked in smaller independent films, the young actor’s biggest splash yet came in the form of The Lost Boys, a supernatural thriller in which he plays a supporting role as a timid, straight-A student desperate to live his life and help his father (John Travolta) save his mother (Kelly Macdonald) from a wicked witch (Kate Winslet). Travolta’s magical touch is evident in the film’s standout scenes as he transforms various animals and objects into humans via hypnosis, which is no mean feat, considering that the bulk of the film takes place in a forest where most of the creatures share similar traits to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The cast of The Lost Boys, which also includes Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Kelly Macdonald, all sport spectacularly thick afros that add a touch of flair to their characters’ already distinctive looks. Though the film was a critical and commercial success, it was perhaps the last straw for Travolta, who reportedly dubbed Pattinson “Pootie Tang” behind his back.

A Walk Among the Clouds (2009)

Also in 2009, Pattinson worked with another big name, this time the director James Cameron, on the ambitious three-part adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. The film chronicles the amorous desires of the titular character, a provincial young lady who elopes with a dashing army officer (Pattinson) against her father’s wishes and the social mores of the time. While the film was a critical and commercial success, it did not perform strongly at the box office, a sign that perhaps cinema-goers were already beginning to tire of the actor and his perfect hair and brow. In the film, Pattinson portrays the dashing lover who swoops in to save the day and charm the audience with his charisma and good looks. In a later scene, he turns to the press to defend his infidelities as a result of the affair becoming public knowledge. After the scandal, Anna returns to her father’s house to be welcomed back with open arms. But the fleeting moments of happiness that she found with Vronsky are not enough to overcome the heartache that followed her rebellion. It seems that while audiences were initially captivated by Pattinson’s charm and good looks, his appeal was beginning to wear off as he tried to establish himself as a serious actor. To this day, Anna Karenina remains one of the actor’s most critically-acclaimed performances. For Cameron’s part, he described the filming as a great experience and praised Pattinson’s versatility, noting that he is “just a genius” when it comes to acting.

It is perhaps in the 2010s that we see Robert Pattinson emerge as an actor to be reckoned with. Since then, he has established himself as a leading man whose work consistently draws accolades and plaudits from the critics. While he may appear to have mellowed somewhat since those early days of excess and debauchery, it is evident that he still possesses the same charm and charisma that made him so attractive to women and men alike in his early career. Perhaps it’s not too much to expect an actor to maintain some degree of humility as he gets older and the tables turn, but Pattinson has arguably never been more in-demand than he is now, which is reflected in the ever-growing number of roles available to him. With multiple major feature films, TV series, and even a theater production to his name, it would appear that nothing will ever be able to quell the actor’s desire to pursue his dream of becoming a leading man, both on and off screen.