As the years roll by, we start to see our favourite actors’ careers slow down a little bit. We know they will never leave the big screen completely, but maybe they will take on more character roles in television or maybe even become a producer or director. As this is what their life focuses on now, so it only makes sense that their films would reflect this new direction. Here are some of the upcoming movies that we’re looking forward to seeing.


Hollywood has given us some of the greatest love stories ever told on film, and sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us appreciate these perfect unions even more. One of the greatest relationships in film history is between Robert Pattinson and Kate Winslet in the film adaptation of Jane Eyre. The two lead actors’ off-screen interactions were so charming that the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with them as well. Now that they’re married, we can only imagine what treasures they will uncover together as they continue exploring each other’s mind-blowing cultural differences and natural chemistry. We can’t wait to see what their marital relationships are like and whether or not they will settle down and have children (a girl and a boy, of course!). The film will be released in the UK on 28th February 2019.


Mermaid is the much anticipated sequel to Tootsie, the 1994 film that became one of the most popular movies of all time. The original was a romantic comedy starring Jeff Bridges as a man who dresses up like a woman to get a job. In the follow-up, he takes on the persona of a mermaid and tries to save the world from demons. It’s the most ambitious project the actor has been attached to thus far, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table as a creature inspired by all of the creatures of the sea. The film is set for release in April of next year.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is getting rave reviews for its refreshing take on the Joker and Harley Quinn character. The film tells the origin story of Harley, originally portrayed by actress Kathleen Turner in the 1988 film Batman and directed by Richard Donner. Since then, the character has become somewhat of a dark horse in the Batman universe, but this is the first time she has ever really gotten the limelight. With her infectious laugh and laidback attitude, it’s clear that Harley Quinn will be a scene-stealer as she takes on the villains of Gotham City. It’s the one of the most eagerly anticipated films of next year.


With Captain Marvel set to be released on 27th February 2019, it’s clear that DC are looking to continue expanding their cinematic universe, and it looks like they have found the perfect person to play the adult Billy Batson / Shazam! In one of our top rated films of 2018, Shazam! sees Billy Batson (Zachary Levi) transform into a grown-up superhero when he attains puberty. The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be the biggest competition right now, but DC are confident that their own cinematic universe will triumph. The film also stars Jack Dylan Grazer, Mark Strong, and Jovan Jackson. Directed by Jay Oliva, the film looks absolutely incredible and is shaping up to be one of the biggest superhero films of all time. With impressive special effects, action sequences, and a humorous script, Shazam! has everything to live up to the hype.


With each new film, Leonardo DiCaprio seems to reinvent himself as an actor, but it’s clear that he will always be best known for playing the iconic role of Leonardo DiCaprio, C.E.O. of a fictional company. Since his initial breakthrough role in 2014’s The Wolf of Wall Street, he has continued to develop his public persona, often appearing in glamorous and creative ways. His most recent role sees him play a different kind of man – a husband and father – which he seamlessly translates into his acting. In the film Us, DiCaprio plays a married man who becomes obsessed with tracking his employees’ activities through their smartphone tracking software. It is an unusual yet interesting character study, and we can’t wait to see what DiCaprio makes of it.

There are many more upcoming films that we’re looking forward to, including Ralph Breaks the Internet (based on the animated series of the same name), House of Gucci, The Laundromat, The Sun and the Moon, The Gold Circle, and many more. These are films that we’re anticipating so that we can finally see our favourite actors and actresses on the big screen again. It’s great to see the actors continue to develop their careers and prove that they are more than just funny or handsome or stunning creatures.