When it comes to the world’s most famous spy, James Bond, there are many similarities between him and Hollywood’s newest leading man, Robert Pattinson. First off, both men have played anti-heroes with charm. Second, both men have been known to keep a low profile, which has sometimes made them easier to identify. Third, James Bond is often portrayed as being dashing and debonair, which is also how fans of the “Twilight” series might describe Robert Pattinson.

While many people believe that James Bond will be eclipsed by his next generation, others believe that his secret agent status will be upheld by a new crop of star spies. And then there’s always the chance that Fleming’s famous fictional spy might be revived by a film adaptation.

While we wait for the next installment of the James Bond series to arrive in cinemas, let’s take a closer look at the parallels between Fleming’s most popular creation and the Hollywood starlet.

Early Life

Born on December 12, 1986 in London, England, Robert Pattinson was raised in a middle-class household. His father, Robin, was a photographer who specialized in shooting royalty and famous celebrities. His mother, Lynn, was an interior designer who later became a bestselling author.

When Robert was just three years old, his father began work on his first Bond film, “Octopussy.” This experience undoubtedly influenced his love for secret agents and all things mysterious. It wasn’t until later that he began to display a softer side. He eventually went on to study English Literature at Oxford University, where he continued to indulge his movie obsession. In 2010, he made his cinematic debut in the independent thriller “Twilight,” the film adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer book of the same name.


After completing his studies at Oxford, Robert Pattinson worked as a theater director and writer before landing a starring role in the 2011 British gangster film, “The Lost City.” The following year he appeared in the horror sequel “London Has Gone Mad,” before being cast as James Bond in the 25th anniversary re-launch of the James Bond series, “Spectre.” He reprised his role in “Spectre” along with the titular character’s other appearances in the “Bondage” and “Diamonds Are Forever” film series. But it was his performance in “The Lost City” that established him as a leading man to look out for in future. Many have argued that it was his portrayal of the anti-heroic criminal, David Percival, that elevated his status in the acting world.

At present, the 28-year-old is attached to star in three movies: “Dune,” “The Lighthouse,” and “Twilight” Part 2. He’s also slated to appear in the upcoming remake of “Mad Max: Fury Road” and is set to star alongside Rachel McAdams in the drama, “The Rover.” In addition to acting, he’s also worked as a cinematographer and a production designer. In 2016, he was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Gloucestershire.

Parallels Between Robert Pattinson And James Bond

There are many similarities between Fleming’s most famous character and the Hollywood leading man. Both men hailed from British stock, and went on to become multibillionaire business tycoons. The only real difference between the two is that while James Bond eventually returned to his first love, girls’, Robert Pattinson has always been known to be more comfortable with men. This may hint at his private life, as many believe that he is in fact married to the Hollywood actress, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. While there has never been any confirmation of their relationship, many close friends and colleagues of the pair have gone on record to say that they believe that the two are indeed married. The couple, who have three children together, were first linked when they were both guests on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Later that year they were photographed together in Santa Monica, California as they enjoyed a quiet late-night stroll.

The following year they were seen holding hands as they arrived at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles, California. This display of public affection further fueled speculation that the two were indeed an item, though they’ve both always maintained that their engagement was nothing more than a publicity stunt. One of their co-workers, Leland Vittert, explained: “They wanted to put a little twist on the ‘50s film classic, ‘All About Eve.’ ” This is one of Fleming’s most well-known books, and has been made into a classic black-and-white film starring Bette Davis and Grace Kelly. Vittert continued: “And so here they are, the iconic lovers, sneaking around in the shadows.”

Robert Pattinson and James Bond have something in common in that both men have been overshadowed by their reputation. This has led to a great deal of speculation about the nature of their relationship, as well as the possibility of a potential James Bond film adaptation. The general consensus is that James Bond will be eclipsed by a new generation of spies, but that his secret agent status will be upheld by a new crop of star spies. One thing is for sure, we’ll never know exactly what drives James Bond, because, as the man himself would say, “I’m not telling.” But one thing is certain: we’re always going to have Robert Pattinson on our minds. For more information and interesting reading, check out the following links: