It was only a matter of time before reality television connected Hollywood to real life.

The latest reality TV show to cash in on that idea is Handicapped Brother, which explores the unique friendship between Hollywood A-lister Robert Pattinson and his disabled twin brother, Jason. Cameras follow the siblings as they navigate the world together, constantly challenging each other to accomplish new tasks, accomplish new things, and grow as people.

The show has attracted the attention of fans for featuring an unlikely pair and putting a spotlight on one of the most famous families in Hollywood. While there’s no denying that watching the show is an interesting peek into their lives, it’s not quite the whole story.

Here’s the whole story.

The Whole Story

The story behind Handicapped Brother begins with the unlikely pair of twin brothers born to Hollywood royalty. Pattinson is the only son of actress Victoria Cavendish and film director Tim Burton, who has also directed several of the Twilight films.

Burton, who has had a long and successful career, is well-known for his dark and gothic aesthetic, which infuses everything from his films to his clothing labels. The designer’s influence can be seen in both the film and the clothing that Pattinson wears in the show.

Burton started his own production company, DreamWorks, in 2011, and he quickly got to work developing and producing Handicapped Brother. The project was initially announced in September 2014 with a release date set for March 2017. But it wasn’t until December that filming finally began. For the next several months, fans of the actor were treated to a glimpse into his everyday life as he worked with his brother to complete various tasks. The results are shown in a series of fun, engaging, and informative YouTube videos.

In early March 2017, the first trailer for the show was released, and it quickly racked up millions of views on social media. The video, which shows Pattinson traveling to different countries and competing against other celebrities for charity, received over 12 million views on YouTube alone. That’s pretty good for a short clip that wasn’t even that long. And it’s not like there’s a whole lot else out there beyond that.

But what is there besides that first trailer? There are eight episodes of Handicapped Brother available now on YouTube, and new content comes out every week. More than just a peek behind the scenes, there’s a lot to be learned from these videos, which are all worth watching, especially if you’re interested in the entertainment industry.

Lessons From Handicapped Brother

Aside from the entertainment value, the main reason people are interested in Handicapped Brother is to see how Hollywood A-listers deal with a disability in real life. It’s an important topic, especially in today’s world, where celebrities with disabilities are increasingly visible and the mainstreaming of the “invisible disability” continues to progress.

The series features two very unlikely best friends as they navigate the world together. Despite his disabilities, Jason, the twin brother of Robert, is an incredibly capable and determined young man. He graduates with honors from the prestigious Regent’s School for the Creative Arts in London and then attends the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he studies under Sir Ian McKellen, the actor and director of Gandalf’s Mustache.

While he may be disabled, Jason is able to take on the world. He’s a natural leader who sets his sights on whatever challenge he faces and rises to the occasion. Even when pitted against someone of the same gender, he still manages to come out on top. The show highlights the fact that while Jason may be legally blind, he sees better than most people thanks to his sense of hearing and his amazing photographic memory.

Key Takeaways

Even if you’ve seen or read nothing else, there are a few key takeaways from Handicapped Brother that you should know. First, the show is a lot less cringe-worthy than you’d think given the subject matter. Even though the majority of the tasks that the two men complete are certainly challenging, the banter between them is sometimes funny and often heartfelt. Second, despite being disabled, Jason is often the one leading the way in figuring out challenges and ideas for the pair to tackle.

To put it simply, despite the fact that this is an unlikely pair, they actually manage to function quite well together, especially given the level of independence that Jason needs due to his disabilities. Third, as a pair of siblings in the entertainment industry, the two men are certainly used to being in the spotlight and being in front of the lens. Having been raised by parents who are both public figures, they may even enjoy the attention that comes with being a celebrity in their own right.

Of course, being in the spotlight doesn’t mean that they’re without their pain points. Just because they’re used to being in the limelight doesn’t mean that they don’t struggle with certain disabilities, such as anxiety and depression. It’s something that they’re willing to openly discuss as they navigate their friendship and professional relationship. Hopefully, this series will shed light on mental health issues, particularly given the amount of attention that celebrities with mental health problems often receive in comparison to their physically disabled peers.

What’s Next?

With all of this attention came a host of opportunities. Not only does Robert Pattinson have a movie coming out in October, but he also has a role in the upcoming Venom. He’s one of a number of high-profile celebrity cameos in the film, which also stars Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams. And while we haven’t heard much about it, there have also been rumors that Victoria Cavendish and Tim Burton could potentially start a production company of their own and focus on creating content for a younger audience.

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