It’s been a long time since we’ve been this excited about a movie premiere. Especially one that’s taken so long to come out. The wait was almost too much to bear! But as excited as we are about the premiere of The Rob Pattinson Story, it almost didn’t happen. The movie was shot almost a year ago, but the premiere was put back until this upcoming Spring.

The reason behind this strange turn of events is that the production company behind the movie went bankrupt in the meantime. But given how well the movie turned out, it’s hard to feel too bad about that.

Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far about the premiere and what it means for Pattinson’s acting career.

When Is The Premiere?

The movie premiered last night (Feb. 20) in London and recently opened in theaters across the country. So essentially, in a few days, we’ll be able to celebrate the premiere of this wonderful movie.

But given that the movie wasn’t released in theaters until last year, that means the premiere will be one of the first times most of us have gotten a chance to see it. Although we’ve been dying to see it since the moment we heard about it, it’s still a little bittersweet to finally get a chance to see it after such a long layover.

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

At the moment, it looks like the only place you can buy advance tickets to see The Rob Pattinson Story is from the theater itself. But it’s not like we haven’t been waiting a long time for this movie — if you manage to get in, you can bet there’ll be a line of people outside trying to get in as well.

Still, it’s not like there weren’t any other options. The producers of the movie decided to put it on hold for a while so they could figure out a way to release it. So if you really want to see it, you’ll have to go to the theater and buy tickets in advance.

What Is The Cast Of The Movie?

We already spoke about the leads in this movie. But besides them, the movie also stars Maria Elena Marques, Tom Cullen, and Robert James-Cohen. So it’s basically a veritable who’s who of British royalty!

Cullen and Cohen played Prince William and Prince Charles in the 2003 miniseries The Queen, and James-Cohen played Charlie’s brother Prince Edward in the same series. So it seems like quite a few famous faces are popping up on the big screen at the moment.

What Is The Plot Of The Movie?

The plot of The Rob Pattinson Story is fairly simple, but it’s a shame that so many people kept it a secret for so long. Basically, it’s the story of how King George II came to the throne and how he ruled Britain.

The movie opens in 1761, with Queen Charlotte (played by Fergie) giving birth to Princess Caroline. Right after the birth, the Queen falls ill and passes away. This throws the country into chaos, and the Prime Minister, Lord Carteret (played by Richard Madden), tries to put an end to the fighting by proposing a settlement… which requires Prince George (Pattinson) to abdicate in favor of his son, King George II (Cohen). At first, George refuses, but after a while, he changes his mind and signs the abdication papers. He then immediately sets off for Hanover, leaving behind his beautiful and pregnant wife Charlotte (Marques).

Eighteen years later, we find George and Charlotte living happily in Hanover as the king and queen of England. But that happiness is short-lived, as the Queen suddenly falls ill and passes away. Once again, this leads to a period of turmoil and a power struggle among the royal family members. Fortunately, King George II returns to the throne and gives his firstborn, Princess Caroline, control of the country. But his return is short-lived, as he too falls ill and eventually passes away. This time, it’s King George III’s (played by Jim Norton) turn to take the throne… but not before he passes away as well. Upon learning of his father’s passing, the then-prince regent, George (Cullen), assumes the throne and rules Britain as Emperor George IV. The last scene of the movie is the coronation of Queen Caroline and her daughter, Victoria.

Now that you know the basics of the story, you may be wondering what makes this movie so special. Why did they choose to make such a long-delayed movie about the life of Queen Victoria’s great-grandfather? To put it simply, this is a movie that’s been in the making for so long that almost everyone involved has grown up by now. So it’s like watching old friends graduate from high school and go on to make their own mark on the world. Except in this case, they mostly just go on to become famous for being famous!

But even beyond that, this is essentially a movie about one of the most fascinating periods in British history. Something about the combination of all the royal drama with the presence of so many famous faces opens up a whole new world for fans of the period.

Who Is Directing This Movie?

For someone who’s been in the industry for such a long time, it’s quite the leap for Peter Andrews to direct his first movie. Andrews has worked as a line producer for such films as The Da Vinci Code and Gladiator, and has also worked as a studio executive at 20th Century Fox. According to Variety, Andrews will finally get a chance to show off his directing skills with the help of Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech). Andrews and Hooper previously collaborated on the 2015 mini-series The English Patient, and it looks like they hit the jackpot with this one. Not only did they get to work with one of the greatest living English comedians in Jim Parsons, but now they’ll finally get to show the world what they can do together as well.

What Will The World Premiere Look Like?

Well, it’s not as if we haven’t been waiting a long time for this movie. But given that this is one of the longest-delayed premieres in recent memory, it’s probably safe to assume that the world premiere will be a little different from what we’re used to.

This won’t be your ordinary premiere audience. This will be an audience that’s been waiting almost a year to see this movie. What will they be doing once they see it? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out!