The actor Robert Pattinson has a mentally handicapped brother named Hamish who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The odd couple – famous for their bad boy roles – grew up in a big family in Scotland where they enjoyed close bonds with their siblings. But it wasn’t until recently that they really started to appreciate each other’s differences. Now, the world knows what it’s like to see a member of the royal family struggling with mental health issues, and people are taking note that it’s not alright to judge. Here’s what you need to know about this fascinating family.

He’s The Youngest In A Row Of Siblings

While other celebrities have had to navigate the tricky world of being siblings, Pattinson has had to contend with the additional challenges of his brother’s disability. He is the youngest of seven children of Angus, the 12th Laird of Invereck. The family still resides in a castle in Scotland even though they have been living in the United States for the past few years. So, while other kids were off playing in the neighborhood, the young Robert was busy helping his dad with farming duties or doing his homework. He also had to get used to being the center of attention because of his famous brother.

Autism Is Now More Typically Occurring In Families With A History In Mental Health

It’s well-established that genetics play a role in the development of autism spectrum disorder. With all seven of his siblings having either been diagnosed with or currently experiencing various degrees of mental illness, it’s no wonder that Pattinson and his brother are on the spectrum too. But having a family member with autism doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll develop the disorder yourself. Even though it’s the most commonly occurring among first-degree relatives, it doesn’t mean that it’ll come naturally to you. There are numerous environmental factors that can trigger or contribute to the development of autism. For example, some individuals with autism struggle with sensory processing issues, so they may have trouble with certain noises or textures. Or, they may experience food sensitivities and have trouble with certain foods – like gluten or dairy. Sometimes, it can be a combination of these things.

Did You Know That Scotland’s First Mental Hospital Was Built On The Site Of An Old Prison?

In 1348, the English government decided to build the King’s Dungeon in the town of Carlisle as a place of incarceration and torture for troublesome royals. After only four years of usage, it became clear that there were some issues with the location, so the British government built a mental hospital in its place. To this day, the site of the old prison and the present-day hospital occupy the same space. That means that even though Robert Pattinson is now 64 years old, he can still get a fright from time to time on the job!

He Was Raised In A Buddhist Monastery

Growing up in a large family, Pattinson was exposed to various cultures and educated in a variety of ways. He went to a Buddhist monastery for an education, but it was not until he started acting that he really started to explore his spiritual side. Since then, he’s been involved in numerous high-profile projects with well-known brands that pushed his boundaries and helped him develop as an actor. One of these projects was Drinking Season, a short film for H&M that explores mental illness. In the film, he plays a fictionalized version of himself who is on the spectrum and works at a café with autism-friendly décor.

Watching His Famous Brother Has Probably Made A Difference

It’s clear that Robert Pattinson’s brother has had an effect on his career – both good and bad. On the one hand, all the publicity that came with having a famous sibling probably helped him get his start in show business. But it’s also made things more difficult because of the extra attention. Although fame can sometimes bring with it a measure of celebrity status and increased opportunities, it also means that you’ll never truly be able to hide. Social media makes it easier for people to find out your secrets, so you have to be careful about what you share. Things could easily go wrong if you don’t know how to handle the spotlight. It’s not an easy task being the youngest of seven children.

Where Does He Get His Grit?

While other celebrities may fight their way to the top, Pattinson has always been a class act. His dedication to his craft and years of training definitely play a part in his ability to carry on even when things get tough. He’s always been keen to learn and is known for his continuous education. He even has his own private tutor who comes to his home to help him prepare for his role as James Bond. (Maybe these are the reasons why they call him ‘the professor’.)

He Is A Protective Older Brother

In addition to taking care of his brother during his lifetime, the protective Pattinson has also mentored him posthumously. After his passing in 2015, he set up the Robert Pattinson Foundation which provides grants for medical research projects that could benefit people with autism. He also started the R.P.F. Writing Academy which offers writing courses for people with autism. The world is a better place because of these gestures, and it’s a testament to his selflessness that he would do this for his brother. He is a true gentleman and a role model for all those who struggle with mental health issues. Hopefully, his example will help those who need it most and make them feel less alone in this world.