It’s been a tough time for the family and friends of Robert Pattinson. Following the tragic passing of his mother in April, Robert has had to deal with the loss of his beloved father, too. Now, with his father’s ashes resting at the base of Mount Snowdon in the United Kingdom, it’s time for Robert to grieve in his own special way. While visiting a London pub on April 23 to celebrate his father’s life, Robert was asked by a fellow patron how he was holding up. The actor’s answer was memorable: “I’m okay, I guess. It’s just been a weird few months.”

While Robert has tried his best to remain strong in the face of such tragedy, it’s clear that being a brother is not easy. Not even three months ago, British tabloids were full of stories about the famous siblings’ squabbles. It seems that even when they’re not working, their careers have followed them down the same path. Last year, the tabloids were focused on Kristen and Robert’s feud over the success of their movie, Pattinson. Now that their acting careers seem to be on the rise, it’s natural for fans to wonder if things are more harmonious between the two. Let’s take a look at the facts.

Robert Pattinson Is An Only Child

Before his mother’s tragic death, Robert and his family were completely devoted to her. Sadly, she never got to meet Robert’s famous brothers, Jamie and Luke. Her only child was all she had left. According to reports, Robert was by her side when she died. In the days following her death, he was said to be in a daze and kept repeating, “I’m an only child.” Clearly, this is a man who loved his mother very much. While it’s good that he received support from those around him during this difficult time, it seems that he also needed some space to grieve.

Robert Pattinson Is Private And Keeps To Himself

To those around him, Robert Pattinson can seem like a complex enigma. Even his close friends have found it difficult to get close to the star. In fact, it’s reported that he spends most of his time at home in his room, which he has decorated in a way that only he can. When he does venture out, it’s usually to go to the pub where he can be found most of the time. While this might seem like a typical day in the life of a famous actor, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look at the mysterious lifestyle of Robert Pattinson.

Why Does Robert Pattinson Keep To Himself?

In the weeks and months following his parents’ death, Robert Pattinson has kept a low profile. While it’s evident that he’s a man of many talents and is grateful for all that he’s been given, he also seems to be determined to protect himself and those close to him. This could be due to the circumstances of his parents’ untimely deaths. It’s been suggested that the handsome hunk is still in shock and hasn’t fully processed what has happened. The media spotlight that was once focused on him following his parents’ passing has now been replaced by a wave of interest regarding his younger sister, Rosie, who is currently a freshman in high school. While Robert may be protective of his sister, she’s surely not lacking in friends. It’s clear that the teen has lots of support from those around her.

Brothers Grimm: The Hidden Role Of The Tantrum-Throwing Teenage Sibling

When confronted with tragedy, it’s not uncommon for siblings to have a falling out. Sadly, when brothers Grimm were confronted with an evil stepmother, they didn’t exactly see eye to eye. At times, their squabbles got so bad that they’d throw temper tantrums. While it’s not clear why they held such a visceral reaction to their mother’s new companion, they apparently didn’t trust her. As a result, they spent a lot of time hiding and being destructive. As young boys, they’d throw tantrums whenever their desires weren’t met. For example, when their mother ordered them to eat their greens, they’d scream bloody murder. Their behavior led their grandmother to remark, “Those two will be circus performers one day. They’re so distracting! Why can’t you just leave them alone?” While their mother tried to be understanding, she also worried about the boys’ safety. The bad blood between the brothers carried over into their adult lives. When they were together, they’d fight and hold grudges. The tabloids have been full of speculation regarding why the brothers’ tempers would flare up, but there’s no question that this behavior came from a place of hurt and mistrust. Now that their mother is no longer with them to temper their tempers, the brothers are left to navigate the world on their own. It’s clear that this upcoming year will be an important one for Robert Pattinson. Not only is he coming into his own as a man, but he’ll also be responsible for the care and safety of his younger sister. While Rosie is all smiles in the photos, the loss of her parents remains a heavy burden for this young teen.

How Will The Loss Of Their Parents Affect Robert Pattinson’s Career?

When tragedy strikes, it can have far-reaching effects on an actor’s career. In the case of Robert Pattinson, his career may be enhanced by the events of the last few months. Following the success of his movie, The Rum Diary, the actor has secured leading roles in high-profile films. Now, with the upcoming release of his new movie, The Lost City of Z, it’s clear that he’s at the top of his game. While promoting the movie, Pattinson has spoken eloquently about his father and the positive influence he had on his acting career. In an interview with the Huffington Post, the actor said, “I think I’ve benefited a lot from being an only child. I was brought up with very little distraction, and I think that’s helped me focus and helped me progress as an actor.”

The loss of their parents clearly had an effect on the boys’ personalities. Not only does it seem that they’ve grown accustomed to spending time alone, but it’s also led them to become more introspective and private individuals. While this might seem like a bad thing for their acting careers, it’s really not. Having a strong support network has undoubtedly helped the brothers cope with their parents’ untimely passing. Unfortunately, it also seems that this experience has made them more susceptible to depression and anxiety. With his father’s ashes now rested at the base of Mount Snowdon, Robert Pattinson is now free to explore new opportunities and grow his career. For his fans, it’s clear that this is a man who needs our support. While we can’t always prevent tragic events from happening, we can always offer our assistance and stand with those who need us.