At the end of April, our world was changed forever when news broke that Hollywood’s golden couple, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift, had ended their three-year relationship. Now, nearly a month later, we’re still coming to terms with the split and how it will impact the careers of the former movie star and the pop star.

Pattinson released a statement saying that the end of his marriage to film producer Vanessa Paradiz was a “sad day” for the family, but it was really a “privilege” to pursue his dreams and those of his children. He also expressed his desire to remain “best friends” with Swift. As for the future, Pattinson hinted that he might want to “step away” from acting for a while to focus on “family and friends,” and perhaps return to Hollywood at the end of the year.

While it’s certainly nice to hear that Pattinson wants to remain on good terms with Swift, it’s not exactly what we wanted to hear from the Hollywood actor. Family, friends, and co-workers have been sending the 36-year-old their support, and we, the fans, have been voicing our frustrations with his decision to end the marriage of the “baddest girl in school.”

Riley Keough, the New Face of Cheap Luxury

Forbes has ranked the top 50 female celebrities of 2019, and since no one was ranked number one, it’s clear that this year has been full of surprises. While some of the women were able to stay at the top of their game, others had to deal with personal issues that threatened their career. Take, for example, Blake Lively, who was ranked number four last year but was pushed all the way down to number 50 this year. Forbes attributed her fall to “serious health issues” that nearly took her career away. The actress suffered from Lyme disease and had to fight for her life. She even underwent a surgery to remove a tumor from her neck.

Who Will Play Rolex in the Next James Bond Film?

When news broke that Lively had been battling health problems, many wondered whether or not she would be able to reprise her role as James Bond’s glamorous wife, Rolex. As a result of her health issues, Lively took a step back from her acting career and from October 2018 until March 2019 was a sideline observer, watching her husband compete in the NFL playoffs. During that time, a familiar face appeared at the racetrack, watching and learning. You may recognize him as the star of the latest James Bond film, “Bond 2022,” Christian Bale.

While Bale has appeared in several of the James Bond films, it seems that he has taken on the role of Roger Moore’s character, James Bond, in Dick Tracy. In the latest installment, Bale plays a character named John Taylor, a British spy whose hobby is watching cars race at the track. Taylor inherits the Bond mantle from his buddy, Bing (Jim Carrey).

Pattinson’s Kids Aren’t Waiting For Their Dad To Come Back

While we’ve been waiting for Robert Pattinson to come back to us, the kids have stepped forward, proving that they are far from the spoiled, Instagram-friendly “homers” that their father is often accused of being. After the split, Robert Pattinson’s two children, Matilda, 12, and 13-year-old Scarlet, signed a deal with Next Entertainment to become YouTube stars. They will appear on the platform, sharing their own personal stories and vlogs. The kids will also be trying their hand at acting, starring in their first film, “All Creatures Great and Small,” which is set to launch next year.

Saving Carter Raegan

When we last left off, Carter Raegan was at the top of her game, poised to become the next global beauty star. However, due to a combination of factors, things went terribly wrong, and the 34-year-old was forced to step back from the limelight. Luckily, Carter has found a way to save face, and since returning to the spotlight in 2018, she has been working hard to rebuild her career. Now, she’s back with a bang, modeling for major designers like Chanel and Ralph Lauren and gracing the covers of prestigious magazines like Vogue and Elle.

Did Taylor Swift Leave A Rose On His Letterbox?

When news broke that Taylor Swift had ended her three-year relationship with Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson, many speculated that she left him a rose on his doorstep as a symbol of their love. Since the breakup, fans have been leaving flowers and notes on Taylor Swift’s Hollywood Hills estate, hoping to get the pop star to notice them. While it was once said that she doesn’t get excited about any man except for her husband, 19-year-old Bronson Arpels (who later became her manager) and her brother Scott Swift, 27, have both tried to discredit these rumors, insisting that their sister doesn’t get involved with anyone but her closest friends. It seems, however, that the Internet never forgets, and Taylor Swift continues to be plagued by these sorts of rumors.

Where Will Blake Lively’s Career Go Now?

When news broke that Blake Lively was suffering from Lyme disease, many wondered whether or not she would be able to continue on with her acting career. As a result of her health issues, Lively took a step back from her acting career and from October 2018 until March 2019 was a sideline observer, watching her husband compete in the NFL playoffs. Just two weeks after returning from her break, Lively signed on to star in the upcoming Adam Sandler film, “Gangster Squad.” The actress will play Marilyn Monroe’s best friend, Margie, who helps the legendary actress get her groove back by setting her up on a blind date with a famous gangster. The movie is slated for release on April 16, 2022.

An Opportunity To Rise Above The Rumors

While we’re certainly upset that Robert Pattinson chose to end his marriage to film producer, Vanessa Paradiz (who has since filed for divorce), we have to admit that there are some positive aspects to this messy split. For one thing, it’s given us an opportunity to rise above the rumors and pay tribute to the best couple ever. And isn’t that what we’ve always wanted, to be able to pay tribute to the best couple ever?

Rumors have surfaced that Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, might be the father of her youngest child, Sailor. But we have to remember that Taylor has always been plagued by rumors, so perhaps that’s to be expected. It’s also possible that Joe Alwyn is not the father of Sailor, who might be the biological offspring of musician Ryan Tedder. As for Robert Pattinson, he will continue to be pursued by fans who want to show their support, but he has to remain focused on his children, not just his career. He is a father to daughters, Matilda and Scarlet, and sons Alexander and Theo, with his former spouse, Vanessa.