While most of us are still reeling from the shock of Robert Pattinson’s split from longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart, the actor has moved on and started dating another blond bombshell. This new girl is Elizabeth Taylor’s grand-daughter, Gemma.

We can’t decide whether Gemma is more famous for her grandmother’s famous fashion choices or for her uncanny resemblance to the late Taylor. What we do know is that she’s a model and an accomplished equestrian who has graced the pages of various fashion magazines. Most recently, she was featured in Vogue Hong Kong wearing a Robert Pattinson -designed motorcycle jacket.

Gemma’s Motorcycle Jacket Is So Chic

TikTok is filled with videos of Gemma practicing her jumps and dressage on her horse. While many of the videos show her wearing traditional horses tack like boots, gloves, and a hat, she has also been spotted in designer swimsuits and leather jackets. She is most famous for her appearances in elegant fashion magazines like Vogue and Glamour, which is probably where her grandmother saw her first. Most recently, she was featured in Vogue Hong Kong wearing a Robert Pattinson -designed motorcycle jacket.

This is the jacket he designed for her while working with the British fashion house Burberry.

Burberry has a long history of dressing women in wild and wooly animals, and this motorcycle jacket is no exception. We love the mix of fur and leather, the oversized fit, and the way it brings out the animal in Ginger.

Like many of his designs, this jacket is the result of a collaboration with the House of Burberry. According to People, the luxury goods company has paid homage to their rich history of trench coats by dressing a woman in a similar fashion. What’s amazing is that the designer managed to keep the proportions of the original design while updating it for the 21st century.

Is This the New Royal Family of Fashion?

There’s no question that the fashion world has changed with the advent of TikTok. The platform has forever blurred the lines between the professional and the personal, allowing people to share their very own lives through their clothing and grooming choices. While we wait to see how much longer this trend will last, it’s certainly made its mark.

This trend of celebrity-designed fashion is not a new phenomenon. Many high-profile individuals have used their fame and social media platforms to their advantage by creating their own clothing lines. These days, you can find nearly anything you want online, including boutique clothing lines specifically designed for women. If you want, you can even create your own fashion line and become the designer of the future.

Whether you choose to collaborate with a designer or build a brand from the ground up, there’s no question that the world of fashion has changed. Celebrities are now part of the industry, demanding design, styling, and manufacturing jobs. It’s changed the way we will look at fashion forever.