I remember the first time I saw Robert Pattinson. It was 2006, and he was filming a TV commercial for his new movie, Candy. I didn’t know who he was, but I suddenly became aware of his existence when I saw that unmistakable hairdo and those dreamy eyes. I thought to myself, “There goes a guy who definitely has my attention.” Since then, we’ve been wondering if Robert Pattinson is wearing a hair helmet. Now that we know the answer, it’s time to find out if he truly is THE Batman.

The Hair Helmet Saga

It all started with a blurry photograph taken at a Comic-Con event. We weren’t exactly sure where it was, but it didn’t matter because all we saw was that unmistakable hair. We were hooked. Later that year, Robert Pattinson was seen in public wearing a black motorcycle helmet with a yellow logo on it. We still didn’t know what to make of it, but we figured he was just trying to keep his hair safe while he was biking. It wasn’t until 2011 that the speculation stopped because he was photographed without a helmet.

What Is Actually Going On?

It turns out that, in the years since we’ve been wondering if he’s wearing a hair helmet, Robert Pattinson has been working hard to upgrade his bike’s gear. The photos from Comic Con don’t lie. He has indeed been making serious modifications to his bike’s head protection, and it shows. Gone are the days of just keeping his hair safe while he’s biking. Now he’s making serious modifications so that he can look cool while riding.

Is It Proof That He’s THE Batman?

The photos from Comic Con are a clear indication that Robert Pattinson has indeed been experimenting with different designs for his helmet. However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that he’s trying to emulate the style of the legendary British spy. It may just be that he’s a big fan of Batman and decided to try and incorporate some of the hero’s design cues into his own. Either way, it’s clear that he’s not just some guy with a hairdo similar to Bruce’s. With each new Batman movie that he appears in, it gets more and more difficult to deny that he’s trying to be like Batman.

The Evolution Of A Helmet

The photos from Comic Con hint at the evolution of a helmet. Just two years after first being seen wearing the black motorcycle helmet, we see him with a more traditional design. The yellow logo is gone, and in its place we see the Swiss flag. It looks like he realized that while the logo may not be for artistic reasons, it does have some practical use. On the right side of his helmet, we see what appears to be an insignia for the Swiss guards, as well as a spider symbol that has become a recognizable motif throughout his work. It looks like he’s brought this design from his native Switzerland and decided to try it out in Hollywood. It’s working. People are starting to recognize him because they recognize the motifs on his helmet.

Back To Present

It wasn’t until 2013 that we saw a photo of Robert Pattinson wearing what appears to be the exact same helmet from the Comic-Con photos. It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since we’ve seen him without one, and it looks like he hasn’t changed a bit. With each new photo that we see of him, it’s becoming more and more apparent that he is trying to incorporate as many of Batman’s design elements as possible into his own personal look. While it may not be obvious from just a photo of his helmet, it’s clear that he’s the man who wears the mask. We can only hope that he continues to experiment and invents more masks so that we can continue to discover his true identity.