With the upcoming premiere of Pattinson on June 1, 2019, at the Paris Film Festival, we’re wondering: What is Robert Pattinson’s most popular movie? According to Google Trends, the worldwide search interest for the actor is currently at its highest in over 25 years.

Pattinson is best known for starring in one of the most popular films of all time, 2012’s Twixt. The latest addition to his filmography is Safe. The actor has also been named one of the ‘most influential males of the 21st century’ by Vogue.

While some of his films have been box office bombs — including 2012’s costly Waterhorse — Twixt remains the highest-grossing film of all time, with a grand total of over $500 million around the world. It currently holds the record for the highest-grossing film that wasn’t an adaption of a popular book (like the Harry Potter series) or a superhero movie.

Pattinson has also been a part of some of the most popular YouTube videos of all time. The most viewed video on his channel, ‘Logan’s Run’, received over 110 million views, while his ‘Koi Pond’ video, which follows a fictional character named Logan and his interaction with a real-life koi pond, has amassed over 100 million views. His ‘Tokyo Mawsome Dolls’ videos, featuring Japanese anime, anime characters, and even some Japanese phrases, have also received over 90 million views each.

A Filmography To Remember

Pattinson’s filmography is something to remember. He has been nominated for three MTV Movie Awards for Most Valuable Actor, won two of them, and was also nominated for two People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Villain and Favorite On-Screen Partner. This year, he will be attending the 90th Academy Awards as a presenter for Best Costume Design. In 2018, he was also named one of the ten most fashionable men of the year by Teen Vogue.

In July 2018, it was revealed that Pattinson had been in a relationship with actress Mia Wasikowska since 2014. Their engagement was made public in January 2019.

Wasikowska is the sister of Australian singer-songwriter Eddy Wasikowska and the niece of actor Joe Wasikowski. She previously collaborated with Pattinson on the soundtrack for his 2012 movie, Twixt. She is also known for her roles in the Netflix series, The Man in the High Castle as well as Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Pattinson’s most recent film, Safe, follows a disgraced ex-cop who tries to track down a serial killer known as The Reaper. Directed by Fredrik Bond, the thriller also stars Olivia Coleman, Michael Nyqvist, and Bill Nighy. It is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 5, 2019.

Which Of Pattinson’s Movies Is Most Popular Around The World?

It’s probably no coincidence that the majority of Pattinson’s movies are among the most popular films ever made. They continue to spark interest even now, nearly a decade after their US debut. In fact, the worldwide search interest for ‘Twixt’ has surpassed its pre-premiere level and is currently higher than ever before, suggesting that audiences are still finding new ways to discover the film.

The movie was a massive hit in its native Australia — where it is still the highest-grossing film of all time — and launched the acting career of its premiere, Pattinson. It was also a major turning point for the British actor, who went on to embrace a more mature acting style.

A year after Twixt came out, it was revealed that the actor had bought a home in the South of France, near the Italian border. Since then, fans across the world have been eagerly awaiting his visits to local cafes and boutiques. While some fans have criticised his frequent travels, others have celebrated the fact that they’ll soon be able to catch a glimpse of the ‘King of Romantic Comedy.’

Since its premiere, the interest in ‘Twixt’ has constantly risen, peaking in 2011 and falling in 2012 before steadily increasing again. The same can be said for the interest in ‘Kill Me Softly’, the 2005 drama that stars Pattinson as a murderous dentist who teams up with a grieving widow to commit a series of gruesome murders. In 2018, ‘Twixt’ was even more popular than usual, scoring the third-highest search interest of all time behind only ‘Avatar’ and ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi.’

Before ‘Twixt’ came out, it was revealed that the British actor had been dating British model/actress Rakiya Koomei since 2016. The two were first linked when they were photographed together while vacationing in the Greek Islands. While most of their photos were removed from social media after they became engaged, there is one image still circulating that shows the couple cozying up on a beach in Mykonos. Since then, their engagement has been a source of speculation. With all of this in mind, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the couple’s first child, a daughter.

‘Waterhorse’, the expensive, critically-panned 2012 drama co-starring Pattinson and Charlize Theron, is the only other movie in his filmography that has consistently been among the worldwide search interests for ‘Robert Pattinson’. The movie is about a young painter (Pattinson) who falls in love with a beautiful, aristocratic woman (Theron), despite her being married to an older man. It reportedly cost British cinemagoers around £17 to see it, due to its limited release in London and expensive IMAX ticket prices. While the film got poor reviews, it became a major hit in Indonesia, with over 500 theaters running shows of the film each week at its peak. Since then, the interest in ‘Waterhorse’ has fluctuated, peaking in 2014 and 2019 before falling to its lowest search interest level in three years.

The 2012 disaster film ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ is the only other 2012 movie that has consistently been among the worldwide search interests for ‘Robert Pattinson’, which is no surprise since the movie is about a group of escaped apes who turn against mankind. While ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ was one of the most expensive films ever made — and remains one of the most expensive films ever made — it was a critical and commercial disaster, earning only $32 million at the box office. The movie’s only bright spot was the presence of one of the most popular search terms in film history: ‘Ape’.

‘The Sessions’ is the only other 2019 film that has consistently been among the worldwide search interests for ‘Robert Pattinson’. Set in the Prohibition era, the movie follows a lawyer (Pattinson) who travels to San Francisco to provide legal aid to addicts. While the film received mostly positive reviews from critics, it was a box office bomb, earning only $10 million domestically.

The 2019 comedy ‘Married’ is the only other film that has consistently been among the worldwide search interests for ‘BFF’ (Best Friends Forever). Starring Kristen Bell and Anna Faris as best friends who are married to men they don’t love, ‘BFF’ is a romantic comedy about their quest for love. The two actresses starred together in 2007’s ‘Yes, Virgin’ and also in 2012’s ‘Midnight in Paris’. Like other Faris and Bell movies, ‘BFF’ was a major critical and popular success, earning over $100 million at the box office.

While ‘Married’ and ‘Death to Snacks’ haven’t done well at the box office, they’ve both been among the worldwide search interests for ‘Robert Pattinson’ since its premiere. ‘Death to Snacks’ is about a young man (Pattinson) who travels to Japan to meet the woman (Takahiro Mizushima) of his dreams, only to discover that he’s been tricked into thinking she is the reincarnation of his childhood crush. While the movie has received mixed reviews, it was a hit in Indonesia, where it is still one of the most popular films of all time.

With the upcoming premiere of ‘Mulberry’ in Singapore, fans of ‘The King of Romance’ will finally get to see what all the fuss is about. The movie, which reunites the BFF actresses with their director, Richard Linklater, follows a divorced architect (Faris) who reunites with her childhood best friend (Bell) after he tracks her down and proposes to her. The two become obsessed with each other, resulting in tragedy as they attempt to keep their newfound relationship a secret. The movie marks the English actress Bell’s directorial debut and also stars Keanu Reeves and Colin Farrell in supporting roles.