Actor, musician, and fashion designer Robert Pattinson is currently on a press tour in France. The media contingent has been camped out in front of his hotel room for the past few days, waiting to catch a glimpse of the man. The handsome Brit has finally emerged to greet a few of his British fans. He is wearing a charcoal gray suit with a pale blue shirt and red tie. Pattinson seems happy to see his beloved countrymen and honours them with a firm handshake and warm smile. He then ducks back into his hotel room to change into more casual clothing. After his wardrobe change, he makes a brief appearance on the balcony where he greets more of his supporters. Cameras flash and fans scream as the actor takes a few more selfies. The entire event lasts only a few minutes, but it feels like an eternity for the paparazzi and their eager audiences. This is the life of a super-celebrity. It appears that Pattinson is spoiling everyone with his charm and good looks.

His Charmed Life

It would be easy for us to gush over the handsome star now, wouldn’t it? After all, he’s been pretty much photo-op material since he first stepped onto the red carpet as an unknown teenager. Since his breakout film, Pattinson has starred in numerous blockbusters that have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. He has had a number of on-screen love interests, but none of them have compared tohis undying devotion to his wife and children. Though he’s been married four times and has fathered three children, he has remained true to his commitment to his family. He regularly posts touching family moments on social media, often including his beloved dog, Snoopy. It seems that everything about Pattinson is magical. From the moment that we first see him as Charlie in the Twilight films, to the way that he effortlessly grasps a guitar or a pen, we can’t help but be drawn to him. Perhaps it’s because he is so often surrounded by admirers. Who knows. Whatever the reason, it is undeniable that Pattinson is a charming man, with a knack for drawing people towards him.

His Stylish Life

Though he often appears serious on screen, Pattinson is actually one of the most stylish men that we have on this list. The actor has cultivated an image that is quintessentially British: rough-hewn, with an understated elegance. He often draws on classic British designers like Burberry and Aquascutum for his looks. He has also been known to wear Prada, Burberry, and Dior. He has graced the covers of numerous magazines, including Vogue, Wonderland, and GQ. The list of fashion houses that he has worn is impressive; he has been spotted wearing Dior, Burberry, Prada, and Tom Ford. Pattinson’s elegant simplicity makes it easy to spot him on the streets. Whether he’s wearing a Burberry scarf, or a Dior belt, you’ll never be unsure of where to look as he passes by. Though he is often photographed alongside his children, the truth is that they are usually not his: he loves dressing the part, and the adoration of his fans shows in his keen eye for fashion detail.

His Talented Life

Though he mostly works in film, television, and music, there is no ignoring the fact that Pattinson has a pretty impressive résumé behind him. He has been practicing law for many years, and even did a stint as a defense lawyer. Music has always been a passion for the actor, and he has dabbled in producing and composing music. He helped craft the soundtracks for the Twilight films, and the Harry Potter films. He has also produced the music for a number of films, including High Life, The Rum Diary, and The Lost City. Perhaps most notably, he composed the Twilight theme song, becoming one with his instrument of choice: the piano. Though the movies haven’t always been a commercial success, music has always been a part of Pattinson’s life. It’s clear that he has talent, and there are many paths that he could choose to pursue. Whatever path he decides to take, he will undoubtedly be successful.

The Ultimate Romantic

Pattinson is a romantic at heart. His work in the Twilight films suggests as much, as does his work in the 2013 film, Gone Girl. Though he is a successful man, he isn’t above showing his softer side. He tweeted, “I have the most extraordinary wife. She is the love of my life. I never want to let her go.” Gone Girl is the story of a married couple, Nick and Amy, who are determined to keep their romantic affair a secret. The plot is fairly predictable, but it is easy to see why the actor would say these words. A self-described “ultimate romantic”, Pattinson readily admits to being besotted with his wife and finds it hard to keep his hands off of her. It is this undying devotion that has led him to build a life with Cara. The devotion is there in the music as well. In the song “Waterbaby”, he sings, “I need someone to hold me, love me, protect me. Someone to make me blissful, proud, and content.” The song’s music video calls to mind a 1960s movie, complete with mod suits, psychedelic colors, and even a spot of heavy metal guitar playing. Though the lyrics are light-hearted, the video depicts a darker story. In it, a man watches as his wife is slowly devoured by an unseen force. It is a tale as old as time, the monster under the bed. For a truly romantic moment, let your mind wander to a place far, far away, and picture a beautiful young woman in a white dress, gently placing a rose on your pillow. The woman in front of you is no longer an unknown quantity, and neither is the flower. Your night is about to be complete.