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Today, we’re answering questions about the style and grooming tips of actor Robert Pattinson.

Is He Dressing For or Against the Wind?

In the 2012 film adaptation of The Hobbit, the British actor took on the role of Legolas, the elf prince of the Shire. Besides being famous for his iconic curly locks, Robert Pattinson is now also known for his unique sense of fashion, particularly when it comes to his hair. Thanks to his iconic haircut, Legolas became one of the most recognizable fictional characters of our time.

While on set, Robert Pattinson would often be seen wearing a black beanie and sporting his signature messy bun. After filming ended, he would sport a sleek, tousled hairstyle that made him look like a cross between Han Solo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It wasn’t long before the paparazzi caught on and began calling him “the Monobrow.”

We examined the stylings of the Monobrow and whether or not they were a product of creative or artistic expression – or if, instead, it was all a carefully calculated effort to make the paparazzi call him “Joey G-Lo.”

Has He Always Dressed in Black?

As we mentioned above, Robert Pattinson’s defining feature is his hair. The British actor wears his hair in a very messy bun atop his head. According to the internet, this hairstyle was first worn by Pattinson in 2011 and has since become his signature look. In 2013, fans even began referring to him as “the King of the Bun.”

When it comes to fashion, some guys are really into playing around with different looks, experimenting with different styling products, and trying out different colors. We’re not really sure if this is the case with Robert Pattinson, but based on what we’ve seen, it certainly seems like it. He has, in fact, been known to switch up his hair color and style several times throughout the year. Some of his most memorable looks include:

  • A messy bun topped with a brightly colored scarf (in pink, blue, and yellow, to be exact)
  • A completely shaved head (for a music video, perhaps?)
  • A slicked back hair style, reminiscent of The Beatles
  • A long, thick, dark strand that he swept over his forehead (in Twilight)
  • A full-face white mask (for a Carnival themed photoshoot)

Does He Use a Mask In the Sun or the Snell?

Besides his famous hair, Robert Pattinson is also known for his rather prominent eyebrows. He has extremely bushy eyebrows, which he has occasionally grown out and shaped into thick, dark arcs. It’s not often that we see such a visible feature on an actor’s face, but, as we’ve established in the last two questions, Robert Pattinson is not afraid to experiment with different looks. For a while, he sported a full-face white mask in the sun, which we assume was for the sake of a Halloween costume. Later, he was photographed with his eyes closed, surrounded by bright lights and wearing a small black mask. Based on this fashion statement, it would appear that Robert Pattinson uses a mask for the sake of effect, not necessarily for practical purposes. (Weird, right?)

What Is His Favorite Accessory?

Another way in which Robert Pattinson has been seen to experiment with style is through the use of accessories. Often, he will wear a black beanie as a hood, slouching forward in an effort to keep his head protected from the chilling wind. When he’s not sporting the hood, he will wear sunglasses with bold, graphic prints.

It is, of course, entirely possible that the style choices of an actor are completely random and a product of either pure happenstance or, perhaps, divine intervention. We just tend to think that, when it comes to fashion, the more we learn about an individual, the more we realize that, generally, they’re playing by a fairly strict set of guidelines. If you have any insight into the style choices of Robert Pattinson, please let us know in the comments below!