As a fan of Robert Pattinson’s work, it’s only natural that I’d be excited about the news that he’s going to be gracing our screens as a fashion icon for the November issue of Vogue. While the news that he’s signed on for a spread in arguably the world’s most prestigious fashion magazine might not seem earth-shattering, it’s important to note that this is no ordinary Vogue spread.

Pattinson will appear in four different shoots for the magazine, all of which will be styled to perfection by some of the world’s best stylists. In the first, the actor is seen in a classic black-and-white look that is made complete with a classic trench coat and worn over a white dress shirt. This is definitely a look that he has sported before, but it’s wonderful to see it reissued for this special edition of Vogue. From there, he moves on to the blue-toned shoot, where he appears in a striped sweater and jeans combination that is coupled with blue heels and a clutch.

It’s clear that these four looks form part of a bigger scheme when you consider that they’re styled to look like a painting–the results are eerily beautiful. While I’m not usually a fan of mixing my fashion and art history degrees, this time it really works.

Fashion Icon Or Just Good Looking?

Before I even begin to question the ethics of putting a celebrity’s name in the headline of a fashion article, it’s important to note that this isn’t a piece about whether or not Robert Pattinson is a good-looking man. While his good looks certainly contribute to his ability to play romantic characters, it’s not unfair to question whether or not this is a genuine skill or just a matter of luck. For the record, he is a good-looking man.

What this is about is the way that Robert Pattinson carries himself on screen. It’s something that I’ve noticed about the actor since the first time I saw him on stage in London nearly a decade ago. Since then, I’ve seen him in nearly every single film that has come out, and it’s never been about his looks, it’s always been about the way that he carries himself. This is a man who carries himself with a sense of confidence and power that is utterly breathtaking. It might be easy to underestimate an actor if they happen to be good-looking, but it’s clear that this is not the case with Robert Pattinson. Never has been, and I strongly believe never will be.

This is not to say that he doesn’t possess any useful tricks when it comes to looking good. From a classic chin-up to a full-body workout, there’s definitely a sporty vibe that comes from spending lots of time in the gym. It’s just that these aren’t the only things that make up this talented actor. For me, it’s all about the way that he carries himself. It’s about the sense of presence that he brings to every role, be it big or small. Every role is important to him, and it shows. He wants to be sure that you know that he’s engaged with the material and the dialogue, and that he’s not just going through the motions.

Is This Just A One-Off?

It would be unwise to assume that this brief moment of stardom is going to be a one-off for Robert Pattinson, especially as he has recently signed on to portray a character named Edmond in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. While I’m sure that the part won’t lead to him becoming a superstar, it’s clear that this is a beginning, not an end, for the actor. It’s about time that he began to cash in on his massive popularity, and it’s wonderful to see him branching out into mainstream film in a way that we haven’t seen in a while.

The world is a better place because Robert Pattinson is in it. It might be easy to forget that he is still just a man behind the masks that he wears for work, but it’s important to remember that this is no ordinary man. He might have started out as a romantic lead, but he’s much more than that now. He’s an important figure, and he’s proved it time and time again. I for one am excited to see what the future holds for this talented individual.