One of the biggest stories in recent weeks relates to the Scottish actor and musician Robert Pattinson. The 27-year-old has been romantically linked to Emily Blunt, but after a split, he has found himself single once again. While some outlets have claimed that he has been keeping busy with press outings and red-carpet appearances, the British actor has mostly been staying at home, relaxing and spending time with his dogs.

But for those following the talented actor’s career, his hair has been a source of fascination. A rough cut debuted during an appearance on the Grand Tour in 2019, and although he had a more traditional look in earlier years, people couldn’t get enough of his unruly mane. So much so that many have compared his haircut to a “scene from a Scorsese movie,” and a “mad hatter” hairstyle, inspired by Stephen Strange from Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Although his fans love his unpredictable hair, Robert Pattinson isn’t necessarily a fan of the way people are commenting on his hair. The British actor has stated that he is “bored” of all the attention his hair has received and that he sometimes feels uncomfortable when asked about his hair. But what are his fans saying about his messy hairdo? We examined the most popular social media posts about the Scottish actor and musician to unearth some insight into his cutting habits.

‘I Love Your Hair’

One of the earliest posts about Robert Pattinson’s hair shows him posing with a giant flower crown. The quote “I Love Your Hair” is tattooed on his wrist, in reference to the flower crown. “I feel like I can get away with anything because of the way you light up a room. Your hair is an accessory, it makes you more beautiful,” the quote continues. The flower crown wasn’t the only thing the Scottish actor and musician was wearing in the picture, either; he was also sporting a velvet smoking jacket and white sneakers.

Although Robert Pattinson is rarely seen without his signature flower crown, fans sometimes refer to him by other hairstyle variations. “You look like a cherub in the flesh. I love your hair short, I love your hair long, I love your hair layered, I love your hair in curls, I love your hair loose, I love your hair spiked, I love your hair in waves,” one Twitter user wrote.

Other fans compared the Scottish actor’s hair to that of cartoon characters and movie monsters. “I want to touch your hair. It feels like silk. Like the silk monsters in Stranger Things. Like the spiderman. Like kryptonite. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” one Twitter user wrote.

Since then, fans of Robert Pattinson’s hair have found countless ways to show their support. One of the most popular posts depicts him holding a sign that simply says “I Love Your Hair.” In another picture, he is seen wearing a flower crown and a giant T-shirt that simply reads “I Love Your Hair.” He is also seen in a recent video, where he is seen with a bouquet of yellow flowers and the sign “I Love Your Hair.”

‘You Look Like A Goddess’

As previously mentioned, Emily Blunt has been romantically linked to the Scottish actor. While the actress has yet to comment on the rumors, her fans have certainly been vocal about their support. One Twitter user likened Pattinson’s hair to that of a “goddess” and said that he “takes [her] breath away.” Another tweeted that he looks like a “superhero” and a “legend,” while still another wrote that she thinks he is “the most stunning man.”

But perhaps the most stunning comment about the Scottish actor’s hair comes from none other than the man himself. In a video shot in July 2019, Rob reveals that he thinks Emily Blunt is “the most stunning woman in the world.” He goes on to say that he loves to wake up next to her, calling her his “everything.” Whether or not he means these remarks about the actress’ stunning appearance remains to be seen.


Although Robert Pattinson isn’t necessarily a fan of the way his hair has been receiving a lot of attention, he does seem to be embracing it. In January 2020, he shared a picture of himself on Instagram, where he is seen wearing a flower crown and holding a sign that simply states “I Love Your Hair.” He followed this up by sharing another picture of himself, this time with a bouquet of yellow flowers. This isn’t the first time he has been seen with flowers, either: he also posted a picture with a bouquet of yellow flowers in October 2019. In both pictures, the 27-year-old is seen wearing a green dress and holding a sign that simply states “Inseparable.”

‘Hair And Makeup Artist’

While most of Robert Pattinson’s pictures show him holding a sign with “I Love Your Hair,” sometimes he is seen without any visible sign of support. In these photos, the Scottish actor is seen in elaborate makeup and hairstyles that are almost certainly meant to compliment one another. One such picture shows him wearing a brown wig and an elfin mask, with red lipstick and brown eyeshadow. The quote “Makeup Artist” is stitched on his costume, confirming that this is indeed an outfit for a Halloween party. A makeup tutorial for this costume was also recently posted, showing viewers how to achieve the look.

Another photo shows him with a black eye patch and a bandana tied around his forehead, holding a sign that just says “Hair And Makeup Artist.” In a picture taken a few days later, he is seen wearing a blond wig and a mask that reads “Bald And Mustached,” with an image of Mr. Potato Head on it. This is most likely an allusion to the characters Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Sprinkles from The Muppets, as he tweeted about the movie in the past.

It’s clear that Robert Pattinson enjoys being part of an intergalactic bromance, as evidenced by his red-carpet appearances and comic timing. What is less clear is whether or not he believes that his hair has become an integral part of his identity. As he continues to find his identity as an actor and musician, perhaps he will become more accepting of his hair. For now, he seems to be letting his fans delight in his wonderful hair as much as possible.