When an international superstar like Robert Pattinson breaks up with his love, you can bet your bottom dollar there’s going to be plenty of gossip. The 26-year-old former couple’s romance was one of the most highly-publicized relationships of 2010, and it seems likely that at least some of those celebrity magazines that featured Kristen on their covers were taking bets on whether or not they would make it. While most people were rooting for them to make it — and clearly they did — it must have been tough on Rob to have to end it all. He reportedly spent four months recovering from depression after Kristen ended things. It couldn’t have been easy. But on the other side of town, there were a number of fans who were disappointed that Rob had to end it all. They wanted to believe that he would come back to her. They couldn’t understand why she would break up with him. Was she just using him? Had he never really loved her?

It’s no secret that fans played a large role in Rob’s decision to end things with Kristen. In the months since their breakup, there have been dozens of messages posted on his Twitter account from people asking why he didn’t propose to Kristen. Some of the tweets are heartbreaking. One user wrote, “Wish I never found out about you and Kris. Never would have broken up with Anna @thekikoagency. But it’s okay now.” Another tweeted at Rob, “I always wanted you to marry Anna and have kids with her. It would have been so perfect.” Although Rob has always been open about his love for Anna and her beautiful kids, he has yet to respond to these heartbroken fans.

But as much as we might want to believe that Kristen was the one to end things once and for all, she’s not necessarily to blame. According to a new survey, a majority of fans blame Rob for the breakup. When it comes to breaking up with a celebrity, fans often have an idea of what went wrong — usually the other person doesn’t act like they care as much as they should. But according to the survey, Rob’s actions were more to blame than anything else. He reportedly didn’t spend enough time with Kristen and wasn’t attentive to her needs. When you’re dating a celebrity, always remember that your needs come last. You have to keep the wants and needs of the people around you in mind at all times. Otherwise you’re going to end up making everyone miserable.

Fans Are to Blame

The most recent example of a celebrity breaking up with someone can be found on TikTok, where fans are talking about a video the star recently posted. In the video, he apologizes for not being there when she needed him and for not demonstrating proper care and affection for her. “I’m really sorry that you’re not feeling comfortable around me right now,” he says in the video. “But I promise you, you will feel loved and cared for. I care about you too much to let you go. You and I are meant to be together.”

In the comments section of the video, fans are blaming Rob for the breakup. One user wrote, “You’re a jerk for breaking up with her like that. You should have been there for her when she needed you. You’re a horrible person.” Another said, “You know what Rob? You’re a cold-hearted asshole for breaking her heart like that.” The user continued, “Someday you’re going to regret doing that to her.”

Whether or not you agree with Rob’s decisions regarding the break up, it’s important to remember that he is a human being and deserves to have feelings too. It’s easy to forget that sometimes when you’re focused on all the gossip and celebrity drama.

It has never been easy being a celebrity’s girlfriend or boyfriend. You’re always going to be compared to the person you’re with, and there’s always going to be some kind of gossip or media frenzy surrounding your life. For many of us, being in a relationship with a celebrity is something we dream about. But it’s also something we fear. What happens when you can’t keep your partner’s secrets? What if they see you as a competition or a threat? How do you deal with all the pressure?

Of course, none of us want to believe that any of our relationships are based on fraud. And that’s exactly what makes this kind of drama so complicated. We want to believe that our celebrity partner cares as deeply about us as we do about them. But what if that’s not entirely true? What if they just see us as a way to further their own celebrity? Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to decide if we want to be in a celebrity relationships for the fame or the love. And if we want to be in a relationship with someone of high profile, then we should remember that that person probably has a lot of baggage coming with them.