After a little more than a year since the last installment in the Twilight Saga, fans of the series have been patiently awaiting news on the future of the story. As usual, the internet has been rife with theories and speculations about what the next movie might be about. One of the most talked-about ideas is that it will be a tale of romance between humans and merfolk (human/fish hybrids), similar to the stories brought to life by Peter Pan. While there is some truth to this theory (and, in fact, Peter Pan is one of the few characters who has survived the entire series), Robert Pattinson has a new project that is sure to stoke the flames of any fan still mourning the death of their favorite fictional characters.

The Producers

One of the biggest surprises regarding the success of the Twilight Saga is the involvement of several big Hollywood names in the production. Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the franchise, was co-founded by Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein. It was originally produced for television and remained there until it was purchased by Lionsgate in 2008. Summit then migrated the project to film, where it found a home at WME. The company’s expertise in marketing and distributing films for adults helped bring the fantasy to life for audiences around the world. The series was also produced by Selena Kaye and Victoria Stratford, who respectively managed the casting and script rewrites for the first and second movies. Kaye recently stepped down from her role as a producer for the Twilight Saga due to creative differences and was replaced by Elizabeth Bloom, while Stratford continues to serve as a producer on the upcoming spin-off, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

The Concept

While on the subject of the Twilight Saga, it is important to discuss the evolution of the story itself. The first movie was based on the first book in Sue Monkter’s famous young adult series (later made into a television show) and dealt with fairy-tale creatures living in the shadows rather than in the light. The second installment was even more of the same, except with a dash of romance. The third movie further explored the darkness that surrounded these creatures and featured some of the most iconic images of the franchise, such as Bella’s bloody arm and newborn Edward’s giant forehead. The story then shifted to a time when werewolves roam the earth and vampires are the dominant species. For longtime fans, this is the part that they will miss the most because it is not how the books have turned out.

The Writing

Although there are many advantages to adapting a book for the screen, there is also plenty of room for creative differences between writer and adaptation. The Twilight Saga is one of the most prominent examples of this, with the first three movies boasting different story lines and characters from the source material. The series’ fourth installment, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, attempts to return to basics with a straight adaptation of the last book in the series. For those who have followed the saga from the very beginning, this will be a familiar plot line, but it is still intriguing to see how Matt Reeves, the director of the film, has changed things up a bit to create something new.

The Cast

The Twilight Saga is certainly known for its beautiful (and sometimes notorious) leading ladies, but the series has also boasted some very talented men. Besides Edward, the vampire king, there is Jacob Black, who is both vampire and werewolf, and the hybrid Renesmee (daughter of Bella and Edward). The supporting cast is almost as impressive, featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest names. The list of participating actors is too long to include here, but it includes Anna Kendrick, Katie Holmes, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser and Bryce Dallas Howard. In addition, the highly anticipated The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones draws even more attention to this aspect of the franchise and will feature a strong female lead in the form of Cara Delevingne.

Where It Will Reverberate

Speaking of Cara, it is interesting to note that the statuesque model has graced the cover of numerous magazines and newspapers over the past year – the most prominent being Vanity Fair – and has become the face of a worldwide luxury fashion brand. It is only a matter of time until she is dubbed “the mermaid of money” because of all the magazines she graces. While we await the first trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, it is almost certain that the next movie in the Twilight Saga will draw inspiration from this famous image. And, just like that, the legend of Rob Pattinson and Cara Delevingne continues.

While these two will always be remembered for their gorgeousness, it is important not to overlook the importance that these films have had in expanding the horizons of Hollywood. It was once considered taboo to depict creatures from other worlds in films (except for the legendary Creature from the Black Lagoon), but with the emergence of CGI technology and the growing popularity of fantasy films, it is important to remember that old habits die hard.