Sexy vampires, hot hookers, and wild orgies. What more could you want from a horror movie? Well, maybe one or two additional scenes, namely: the Robert Pattinson sex scene from Good Liars and the Pattinson brothers’ sex scene from Water for Elephants. If you’re unfamiliar, Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. But he’s much more than just a vampire in training – he’s a sex-crazed, party-loving playboy who loves nothing more than getting his freak on.

With his devilish good looks, charming personality, and endless supply of boners, why shouldn’t he be the center of attention? Unfortunately, because he’s a public figure, people are always going to want a piece of him. As a result, he’s been in a plethora of revealing/nude scenes – some which are more than just eye candy and some which are downright scandalous. Let’s take a look back at some of the most talked-about sex scenes featuring one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood today.

The Robert Pattinson Sex Scene From Good Liars

In Good Liars, directed by Allan Cubitt and written by Vicky Huang, Edward is quite literally the devil incarnate. The movie begins with the sole survivor of a bloodsucking attack – a Christian Science Monitor reporter named Celine – going on a hunting trip with her cameraman Mike. While Céline has been bitten and turned into a vampire, Mike has not – he still has his soul. Céline and Mike’s budding romance is put on hold as they team up to track down and kill the reclusive billionaire who is responsible for the attack. The two part company, with Mike going his own way and Céline continuing in the direction of Bombay, India, for the story she’s been sent to report on.

While in India, Céline meets and falls for the handsome nephew of millionaire Mina Malik (Shirina Sam) – a wealthy entrepreneur who is also the guardian of Bollywood starlet Maya (Alice Englert). Maya is a rebellious teen who believes in nothing but getting her way and seeing life as she wants it, when she wants it. She wants the spotlight, and she’ll do anything to get it, even if that means sacrificing herself.

In order to save Maya from a terrible fate, Céline enlists the help of her old friend Nick – a photographer who documents vampires – and together they hatch a plan to bring down Mina and her group of crazy vampires, who call themselves the Liars, after their surnames. In addition to being a vampire whodaat, Mina is also an alcoholic and drug addict – all of which add up to one very naughty lady.

The movie’s centerpiece is undoubtedly its most scandalous scene – the aptly named ‘Duel in the Desert’ – in which Mina and two of her sultry vampires, Rosanna and Irina, square off against one another in a game of cat and mouse. The scene takes place at Mina’s luxurious villa in the desert. After being stripped down to their skimpies, the ladies duke it out in a very un-vampire like manner, with the occasional bit of fang-ery here and there. Rosanna and Irina are rivalrous and jealous of one another, and it’s clear that they want to tear one another limb from limb – almost like two animals fighting for dominance. It’s an incredibly sensual scene, and it’s not at all what you’d expect from a movie about werewolves and vampires. The battle ends with Mina victorious and Rosanna and Irina fleeing into the night. It’s a fitting close to an already fittingly named movie. Overall, this movie is a showcase for what to expect from the Twilight Saga – there’s a lot more than your typical vampire movie.

The Robert Pattinson Sex Scene From Water For Elephants

In Water For Elephants, the second movie in the Twilight Saga, the gorgeous and magnetic Rob plays Grigori, a wealthy playboy who has everything money can buy. Or at least he thinks he does. On the eve of his 35th birthday, he is visited by a stranger who informs him that his fortune will be tripled if he undertakes a great journey – to India. In order to keep up with his glamorous lifestyle, Rob must leave his comfortable world and set out on a road trip to the other side of the planet. Along the way, he will come into contact with a variety of fascinating characters who will help him unlock the secrets of his past.

While in India, Grigori has to navigate a myriad of social situations. He is expected to behave a certain way, so he must learn to behave in spite of his desires. The movie’s centerpiece, the Pattinson brothers’ sex scene, is a perfect example of what not to do and what to aim for. In the scene, directed by Tim Wheeler and written by Aaron Springer, a young Indira Gandhi (Iman Faris) has caught the eye of the young and ambitious lawyer Amrish Puri (Viggo Mortensen). The two embark on a torrid affair that will rock the country to its core.

Indira is the kind of woman who likes to have her way. She is intelligent, beautiful, and independent-minded, and she will do anything to get what she wants. Amrish, on the other hand, is a man who knows his place and will do anything to keep it. He is wealthy, successful, and admired, but even he must bow to Indira’s will.

When the affair becomes apparent to the rest of the country, opposition to the union builds. Gandhi’s first husband, Jim, and her mother, Kasturba, do everything they can to protect their young son from this dangerous liaison. The climax of the scene finds the two sets of parents shoving and hitting one another in an attempt to protect their child from the clutches of the wicked Indira.

The best scene in Water For Elephants has to be the one featuring John Malkovich as J. Edgar Hoover. In the scene, Rob plays a dual role as he serves as both Hoover’s biographer and lover. Weaving together historical fact with tantalizing fiction, the movie brings to life a piece of American history that never actually happened.

Beyond The Veil: The Most Scandalous And Sexy Scenes

This section is full of scenes that don’t necessarily feature Robert Pattinson, but are still so scandalous and/or sexy that they deserve a spot on this list. We’ll begin with a bang by revisiting one of the most famous images in cinema history: Marilyn Monroe’s infamous ‘breast flash’ scene from Some Like It Hot. In the scene, Marilyn is pretending to be a man, Tony, and Tony’s friend Joe has unwittingly wandered into the middle of a crime scene. Marilyn is attired in a very short, tight black dress with a plunging neckline – similar to one she wore in a famous portrait – and she is not at all what Joe had in mind when he invited her out on this picnic:

Marilyn Monroe's breast flash scene

The movie begins with a bang – literally – as the camera cuts between Tony and Marilyn in profile. The camera then travels in a circle around the table, slowly revealing their faces – which are completely obscured by the food that is piled in front of them. What initially appears to be plaid will turn out to be pajamas. And yes, the scene is as scandalous now as it was when this picture was taken in 1951.

Speaking of pajamas, let’s not forget about the Coen Brothers’ classic The Big Lebowski. While not necessarily a sexy movie, it’s full of many saucy moments that are bound to leave you smiling. One of the most memorable scenes is the one in which the Dude, played by Jeff Lebowski, takes a shower with his towel covering his privates. The brothers Coen have portrayed this moment in a very funny and ironic fashion, as if to say, “Of course you’re still ashamed of your penis, Dude – we all are”. The scene is not only funny, but it’s also highly memorable and, dare I say, kind of sexy. The scene is from a movie called The Big Lebowski, but it could just as easily be a scene from any of the Coen brothers’ other films.