One of the most talked-about celebrity couples of the year is Rob and Kristen Stewart. Since their breakup, the couple has been inseparable, traveling the world and attending major events together. Most recently, they were spotted at Disneyland celebrating Christmas with their children. The former Twilight stars have been very open about their desire to settle down and start a family. While many fans want to see this year’s Christmas present, Rob Pattinson and Fiancee Kristen Stewart Are Reportedly Trying to Keep the Passion Alive.

According to Page Six, the 41-year-old actor is currently dating 24-year-old fashion designer and singer Stella McCaa, while his 48-year-old actress wife, Sunny, is said to be focused on her career. The tabloid claims that Sunny is determined to keep her marriage to Rob alive, and that Rob and Kristen have been meeting with marriage counselors in an attempt to rekindle the passion they shared during their time together. If true, this would not be the first time that the couple has tried to make their relationship work. They previously spent one year together as a couple before announcing their split in May 2014. The two reconciled a few months later, but then broke up again in October of that year. This summer, they attended the premiere of Rob’s latest movie, Good News, alongside actor Chris Evans and comedian Michael Cera. As they have done since their breakup, the couple has also been photographed together in public. Rob was recently seen holding hands with a mystery woman at an airport. The next day, he was spotted by fans walking with Stella McCaa. In October, Stella was pictured leaving a Los Angeles restaurant with Rob and another woman. The following month, a source told Page Six that Rob and Stella are dating seriously and plan to marry.

Is Stella a Good Choice For Rob?

While Rob is clearly smitten with Stella, their relationship comes with several questions. First, is 26-year-old Stella really the best choice for the former Twilight hunk? Rob has dated numerous women in the past, and we’re sure he’ll date again. Even so, this time he might want to consider someone more his mature match. Additionally, will he now want a more mature lifestyle? With the help of a good therapist, Bob might be able to work through these issues and create a stable environment for himself and Stella. Finally, what will this do for the Rob&Kris relationship? It never really recovered after their first breakup, and we want to see if a serious relationship with someone else will help heal their broken hearts. Perhaps it’s time for these two to move on and find their place in the world as mature and independent adults. Perhaps then they will rediscover the love they had for each other as children. Only time will tell.

What About Sunny?

On the other hand, Sunny is reportedly doing her best to keep her marriage to Robert Pattinson alive. The actress, who has been married to the actor for 18 years, has publicly stated that she wants to be with her husband and raise their children together. She has also spoken about how important family is to her. Despite her best efforts, however, it seems that their passion for each other has cooled. While they both attended the London Film Festival to support their favorite movies, they have also been photographed apart from each other several times. In July of this year, they were photographed at the Beverly Hills Hotel watching an awards show on television. Their public appearances have been carefully curated to showcase family-friendly events, where they can be seen holding hands with each other’s children. In early October, they made headlines when they were photographed snuggling on a couch together at an exhibition in Venice. Two weeks later, they were again photographed holding hands as they arrived at an airport. Most recently, in December, they were seen celebrating Christmas at Disneyland. Despite their efforts, it seems that this year’s holiday will remain a family affair. In the end, it’s always the couple’s children who suffer most. They are the ones who miss out on having a parents’ or siblings’ presence in their lives. This is especially hard for the teens, who have to grow up too soon and don’t always have the best example in front of them. With this in mind, it might be a good idea for Rob and Kris to take a break from the spotlight for a while and spend more time with their children.

This Could Be Trouble For Bob’s New Relationship

While many fans want to see the couple get back together, this might not be the best news for Bob’s new relationship. According to Page Six, Stella McCaa is currently in the middle of a divorce court battle with her ex-husband, Thomas. She is seeking primary custody of their three children, and is alleging that Thomas was physically and verbally abusive. In August, Stella’s ex-husband took the kids to Spain, where he established residency. Stella was granted temporary sole custody by the court. If awarded custody, this could put a serious strain on the parent-child relationship. While it’s still unclear what will happen in the coming months, it seems that these two relationships will be competing for Bob’s attention. This could create serious drama for the already intensely private celebrities. Finally, what will this mean for Peter Griffin? Will they move in together and start a family of their own? Will they continue to be best friends? All these questions remain unanswered, but one thing is for sure. It will never be boring around here.