It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to the Twilight meme. Thanks to the social media world and particularly TikTok, we can see memes based on the Stephenie Meyer novel pop up all over the place, from big hair to makeup tutorials, dance challenges, and more.

One of the most popular memes that’s cropped up thanks to the Twilight series is the one featuring Robert Pattinson. Since filming commenced on the third installment in the franchise back in 2018, the actor has been spotted on and off set in his role as vampire Edward Cullen. As a result, memes based on his character have gone viral, including one where he dances with skeletons.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, exploring the depths of Edward’s cryptic life might be right up your street. Here we’ve handpicked some of the best memes based on the iconic Twilight series, starring Robert Pattinson.

The Evolution Of Edward

In the first movie of the Twilight franchise, Stephenie Meyer’s debut novel Eclipse, titled after the third book in the series, we follow the life of Edward Cullen who, as the story opens, is a newborn vampire. The young prince-turned-vampire struggles with his newfound powers as he watches over his little sister, Bella Swan, who is under his protection. They grow up together in the tiny town of Forks, where they live among humans. And while Edward initially hides his true nature, especially from the people of Forks, he comes to accept his new lifestyle and develops a taste for blood.

In the years that follow, as the series progresses, we see Edward grow in power and start to exhibit more and more signs of a full-fledged vampire, leading some fans to dub him “the evolution of Edward” over the course of the stories. While appearing in interviews and on social media, the English actor has spoken about how much he enjoys playing the part of the dashing vampire and how much he’s enjoyed seeing his portrayal of Edward go viral.

TikTok: The Home Of Memes

If you’re looking for a place to find memes based on the Twilight series, you’ve probably already guessed that TikTok is the go-to platform. The app is home to thousands of memes featuring the cast of the Twilight series, and users often have fun with the opportunity to interact with famous faces from the movie world. In fact, as this article will demonstrate, it’s possible to find almost any type of meme you could want on TikTok. From funny captions and face filters to live chats and music playlists, it’s the perfect place for fans of the Twilight series to congregate and create content.

Memes Reveal The True Feelings Of Twi-Haters

One of the things that makes the Twilight series so special is that it explores some of the darker sides of human nature with humor. Even though the books are geared toward a young adult audience, there is an undercurrent of dark humor that runs throughout, starting with the very first chapter of the series, titled “Dummy.” It’s the first line of the novel, and it perfectly sets the tone for a story about vampires. Here, the reader is treated to a comical yet chilling examination of how the ancient creatures might act should they ever emerge from the grave.

It’s this quality that has made the Twilight series so attractive to meme creators, who have the opportunity to explore all kinds of topics through the lens of comedy. From the opening scene in New Moon, where audiences meet the lusty yet goofy werewolves of the series, to the brutal struggle for survival that is displayed in the original Twilight—which makes it the perfect subject matter for dance-offs and other kinds of competitions—the books are filled with more than enough material for meme makers to work with.

Beauty Or The Beast?

One of the interesting things about the Twilight series is that it examines the duality that we all appear to possess. On the one hand, we have the ability to turn into monsters, but on the other, we sometimes possess supernatural beauty. In the very first book, Stephenie Meyer touches on this when the question of whether or not vampires age is raised. The author posits that they don’t age due to lack of ‘fresh blood’, but it is also implied that this might be the source of their beauty.

She then asks: “What if there was a way to combine the best of what we are with the beauty of what we are becoming? What if we could take the best of both worlds—the strength and the beauty?” What an interesting question. It’s something to think about as you read through the series.

Sobering Moments

While the Twilight series at times tackles some pretty hilarious topics, it also examines some pretty heavy issues as well. For instance, the books deal with substance abuse, depression, and suicide. All of which are issues that the series raises and all of which are issues that the books try to tackle in a thoughtful yet humorous way. Take, for example, the issue of Bella’s depression. In the series, she struggles with this issue, and it’s something that she and her friends and family have to deal with. In the end, however, we learn that depression is something that all of them, not just Bella, have in common. This is something that the books try to get across in a very real way. It’s not an easy topic to tackle, and it’s something that the series does extremely well.

The Dancing Skeleton

It’s been a while since we’ve had an outbreak of dancing skeletons around the home, but thanks to TikTok, we’re due for some good old-fashioned creepy-crawlies again. Since it was revealed that Robert Pattinson was indeed going to be dancing with skeletons in the upcoming movie, the dance therapy practice has been all the rage on TikTok. If you want to join in the fun, you can use the hashtag #dancingskeleton on TikTok to get the party started.

More Than Meets The Eye

If you’re looking for more than just an excuse to laugh or smile, the Twilight series is filled with enough material for you to keep exploring for years. Between all the talking heads, strange creatures, and freaky vampires, there is truly something in the books for everyone. And as much as we would like to think that life as a vampire is all sunshine and flowers, it’s undeniable that the creature itself is at the very least, a little bit creepy. It would be a shame to not find the humor in this very unique brand of fiction anymore.