It’s no secret that pop culture has influenced the style choices of today’s famous musicians, and one such example are the colorful sweaters worn by music video director Robert Pattinson. The English actor has been spotted in a variety of styles and colors for the past few years, but it’s the recent wave of nostalgia-inducing memes that have made him a style sensation. Most recently, Pattinson has been seen sporting a retro meme-themed sweater with a leopard print interior and white polka dots on the outside, as well as an oversized dog T-shirt with a cat motif on the front.

Retro Pastel Colors

Although his style has evolved over the years, Pattinson has often been spotted in retro pastel colors, which have been embraced by fans and style commentators alike. Pastel colors are making a big comeback this year, and it’s not only limited to fashion and style; it’s also reflected in the music world. For example, Canadian musician Drake has sported a pale yellow sweater with black cat prints in both his music videos and on social media. The look is a clear homage to the 80s pastel styles that were so popular back then.

Memes And Self-expression

It’s not only about paying homage to the 80s; modern memes are also inspiring fashion and style choices. For example, Twitter user @missandwich has embraced the style and created a t-shirt for fans of Pattinson’s to wear in honor of the star. On her website, she notes that Robert Pattinson fans are often called “Mees” and that the name “Mees” is an abbreviation for “Mysticism, Empathy, Self-reflection, and Self-expression” – an apt description for a style of clothing that can be worn to express the personality of the person wearing it.

Role Models For Gen Z

Pattinson isn’t the only celebrity inspiring fashion choices among Gen Z; many of today’s most popular stars have been role models for the generation. In an interview with Teen Vogue, actor and Gen Z icon John Leguizamo discussed the influence that celebrities like Robert Pattinson have had on his style choices. “I grew up watching his films and being inspired by his work ethic and dressing style,” he said. “I often think about what he would say about my style choices. He’d probably tell me to dress less aggressively, but he also wouldn’t want me to be afraid to stand out. He’d want me to be bold.”

It seems that celebrity is having a moment, and not just in fashion. According to a study by the market research firm Kantar TNS, 75% of Gen Z (those aged 12–34) would rather follow a celebrity’s style directions than those of a famous fashion brand. Moreover, 74% would rather buy a brand they appreciate than one endorsed by a celebrity.

Style Icon

It wasn’t long ago that we didn’t hear much about fashion and style choices among Gen Z, but that has changed. Thanks to celebrities and influencers like John Leguizamo and Robert Pattinson, as well as fashion blogs like Teen Vogue and Refinery 29, we are now seeing style choices reflect the preferences of this generation. In fact, the study by Kantar TNS found that Gen Z is leading the way in influencer fashion – with 76% saying that influencers influence their style choices. Moreover, 47% of Gen Z would like to see more fashion influencers. (Forbes)

The Influencers’ Eye

There’s no question that celebrities like Leguizamo and Pattinson have had an influence on today’s fashion and style choices. Their celebrity allows them to have an outsized impact on the style conversation, and fans often cite them as inspiration for their fashion and style choices. Moreover, the way that celebrities present themselves on social media is often seen as an indicator of current trends. (Vogue)

Retro Appeal

Thanks to the internet, information about retro styles and fashion comes easily. It’s not difficult to find blogs and forums discussing retro fashion and style choices. It seems that fans want to embrace their 80s pastel colors and vintage styles, and it’s easier for those who follow celebrities to do so. Even big fashion houses are getting on board; last year, Burberry had a whole retrospective of its famous trench coats, for example.

It’s clear that, for now, retro styles and fashion choices are here to stay. More and more people are wanting to re-live their school days or their youth through fashion and style, and celebrities like Robert Pattinson are leading the way.