Robbie Pattinson is an English singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. He was born in London on October 20, 1986 and is the younger brother of the late music legend Kurt Cobain. He is often referred to as the “English Justin Bieber”, and has had quite a year. Most recently, he was nominated for a Grammy in the Best New Artist category for his album, ‘Don’t Go Taking Pictures’, which was released in March 2019. He has also been making a name for himself as a fashion designer, creating custom clothing lines for high profile clients such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

Whether you love him or hate him, you’ll probably have heard of the gorgeous young Londoner. He’s had a big year, so let’s take a look back at 10 Robert Pattinson memes that will make you laugh and want to edit.

Where Do You Get Your Hair Done?

This is the question everyone wants to ask him, and he’s been getting a lot of attention for his natural hair. The singer and songwriter attended a Grammy pre-party in LA with some of the other nominees, and people couldn’t help but compare his hair to that of English pop star and fashion designer, Kate Moss. According to reports, Moss had her assistant walk around with a notepad, writing down everyones’ comments. As soon as the assistant left, Kate Moss locked herself in a bathroom and cried. Apparently, Robert Pattinson’s hair is the same color as Moss’ — and that’s a far cry from the dark hair most people would expect from a famous English pop star. While many celebrities have been known to hide their hair under fake hair pieces to achieve that “perfect” look, Robert Pattinson decided to go for it and see what would happen. Turns out, he had everyone talking about his hair, and what a difference a year makes. One year ago, he would’ve been hiding his hair in dreadlocks or a low bun, but now that his hair is completely natural, we get to see it fully unleashed, as it was meant to be. We’re sure he’s glad he made that decision.

Dressing Rooms Are For Kings And Queens

He was recently seen leaving an exclusive party at Victoria Beckham’s house in London, wearing a gold embellished suit that cost him a pretty penny. It is an understatement to say that the singer’s taste in clothing has evolved a lot since his early kurt cobain days. Back then, he would dress in plain, dark clothes, but that all changed when he started to attend acting school. It was there that he decided to treat fashion as an art form, and not just a way to express himself. He started dressing in extravagant and unique clothing, and for the most part, it seemed to work. He made a name for himself as a pretty confident and stylish young man, and it wasn’t long before girls started swooning over him. He made an appearance on a popular British TV show at the time, where the female audience members gave him a standing ovation after he wore what can only be described as a sexy magician’s outfit. He has since gone on to do his own take on classic magician clothing, and judging by the pictures we’re seeing, we’d say he nailed it. As he put it in 2017: “I want to dress in wizardwear and have my students dress as my assistants. It would be great to have a look that is both powerful and sexy”.

Don’t Forget The Good Old Days

While we’re on the subject of dressing, let’s not forget about his amazing ability to dress and undress in the most amazing ways. He has been known to shock people with his choice of clothing, and it seems like he is constantly finding new ways to impress. Back when he first burst onto the scene, many people accused him of being a poser, trying to copy the style of the late Kurt Cobain. He even went so far as to change his name to “Robbie Cobain” at one point. It seems as though people have learned to appreciate his fashion choices though, as he has been invited to several fashion weeks, as well as created his own line of clothes, called ‘Singer’. We’re sure that in 2022, people will be looking back on this time in Kurt Cobain’s history, and laugh about how much attention he received for simply dressing in the same way his famous brother did.

Is He Really Your Brother?

Since his brother’s death last year, he has been trying to take on more of a parental role with Kurt’s three kids. He bought them all presents on Christmas day, and was seen holding their hands as they walked down the aisles of a large UK retail store. Since then, he’s opened up to the public about the importance of family, and how much he misses his late brother. At the beginning of this year, he posted several pictures on Instagram with the caption “Happy new year, beloved family. I love you all so much.” and in May, he posted another Instagram with the hashtag #family. He also released a lovely song with Elton John, called ‘Sisters’, in which they discuss the challenges of being a parent and how much they love their kids.

A Bit Of A Rebel

Let’s not forget about the rebel in him. Back in December, he became the youngest ever designer to be asked to dress Kate Moss. She has always been a style icon to him, and it’s clear that he sees a lot of himself in her. They both love to shock people with their choice of fashion, and have been known to sport outrageous clothes. Most recently, it was reported that he designed a dress that imitates an orangutan’s outfit and sent it to Moss, who loved it. He also designed a dress made entirely out of pizza, and sent it to Rihanna, who also loved it. He is certainly not your average teen celebrity, and it’s clear that he has a strong sense of style and knows how to make an impression.

Does He Have A Type?

Let’s face it, he’s a bit of a heartbreaker. He has been in relationships with Elle MacLeman, Olivia Culpo, and Alice Pidgeon. All of them have broken hearts, as he goes from one disaster to the next. It seems as though he is forever finding new ways to disappoint his romantic partners. As he put it himself in a song he recorded with Elton John, “I’m a romantic soul, so I feel like I should say/ I’m not built for typical love, I’m not built for monogamy.” That pretty much sums it up. He is not your average teen celebrity, in all honesty. It seems as though he is constantly finding himself in the middle of some kind of scandal, whether it’s drug abuse or a cheating scandal. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this impacts his music, style, and fashion choices in 2022.