If you have been anywhere near social media in the last few months, you may have come across Robert Pattinson’s new haircut. The actor’s hair has been the subject of a lot of memes since it was first seen with a razor cut in August. The memes were created after he sported a very short haircut in the 2014 movie The Rover. Since then, his hair has been an internet meme.

Pattinson’s hair may soon be seen in another of his upcoming movies, Cosmo Fish, due out next year. The film will be released in the UK on June 25, 2018. A day before the movie’s premiere, we decided to have a look back at the actor’s hair journey.

From The Razor To The Meme

It all started with a razor cut in August 2014. A photo of the actor with a razor cut was tweeted by Kanye West, who is a big fan of Pattinson. West’s tweet went viral and was re-tweeted over 100,000 times. Within a week, the photo of Pattinson with the razor cut had been appropriated for memes and jokes about the actor’s hair. Here are some of the funniest ones.

The first tweet to make the rounds was from the Rapper Lil Nas X, who wrote:

“This is how you play the game. You gotta keep it 100”, and also tweeted a photo of himself with a closely cropped haircut.

Other big proponents of the razor cut include Rapper Fabolous and MC Yogi. Here are some of their tweets about the trend:

Why Did The Razor Cut Trend Take Off?

Kanye West’s initial tweet about the razor cut trend was in response to a question about what was the next big hair trend. The rapper said he likes to keep his hair short and funky, and that’s what initially motivated him to sport the haircut. While it mostly caught on in North America, where Kanye is from, the trend has since spread everywhere. Here are some of the most prominent stories of celebrities sporting short haircuts.

The M.O.M.E. Movement

It’s not just celebrities that have jumped on the razor cut bandwagon. Anyone can be inspired by a trendsetter and follow suit. The most prominent example of this is the acronym M.O.M.E. (mother of mullets). The haircut was named after M.O.M.E. (Mother of Multi-colored Ethnicities), the nickname of the late Donna Mae Bright, who sported a vivid orange-red mullet and inspired the nickname. The mullet is now a popular haircut for men and women alike. Here are some of the biggest proponents of M.O.M.E.

More Than Meets The Eye

For those unfamiliar, a mullet is a hairstyle where the hair is meant to be worn over the ears and face like a mustache. It is usually associated with the 1950s and 1960s.

Donna Mae Bright’s daughter, Linda Bright, inherited her mother’s taste for colorful hairstyles and went on to further popularize the mullet. Linda’s son, Scott Bright, has continued the tradition and continues to sport the unique hairstyle. In 2016, Scott wrote a book about his life, A Life Less Perfect: My Journey To Perfection. The former child actor and rapper has found his calling in life, and is determined to keep the mullet alive and well.

Take A Look Back At The Roots Of The Razor Cut

Some have attributed the viral explosion of the razor cut trend to Madame Noire magazine, which tweeted out a photo of Pattinson with the haircut on its Instagram account in August 2014. It’s a classic example of how a tweet can go viral. Some have also attributed the trend to the fact that August is the hottest month of the year in the US, making it the best time of the year to be short. The combination of long days and cold nights make it the perfect season to keep your hair short.

What Will Be The Next Big Hair Trend?

As with any trend, the next big haircut is sure to be copied. While all the major trends have started small and humble, and then gradually gained popularity, this one has taken off like a rocket.

That’s because, ultimately, everyone roots for the underdog. We all want to be shown a good side of ourselves. When someone copies your haircut, it’s a sign that you’ve succeeded in making a dent in the world.

For those interested in copying the Razor Cut, here’s a short tutorial on how to do it right.

How To Cut Your Hair Like Robert Pattinson

There are numerous ways to cut your hair like Robert Pattinson. The most basic way is to go for a similar haircut to the actor. You can also take inspiration from his hairstyle and experiment with different haircuts yourself. If you want to copy the Razor Cut, here are some of the best ways to do it.

1. Get Inspired

Whether you want to chop off a bit of what you already have or need some new inspiration, the best way to go about getting the same haircut as Robert Pattinson is to look at photos of him. You can find tons of inspiration on the web, and there are certainly tons of amazing haircuts out there, but you need to find what works best for you. When it comes to styling your hair, it’s always best to use what’s already in your closet. There is rarely a need to go out and buy expensive salon products. It’s also important not to bite off more than you can chew. Take your time and be patient. It’s also advisable to seek the advice of a professional hairstylist, who can help you find the perfect look for you.

2. Create A Game Plan

If you want to give the shaved look a go for yourself, it’s important to have a game plan. One of the best things about the Razor Cut is that it’s easy to sport, and those who have tried it say it takes very little time to grow out. If you are looking to quickly sport the haircut, make sure you are keeping up with the appropriate facial hair. A great way to experiment with different looks is to play around with the shape of your eyebrows. You can also ask your barber to create various fades for you, which can be fun to experiment with. However, if you are looking for a long-term change, it might be a better option to take some time off work and invest in some good hair grooming products.

3. Use The Right Hair Products

To make the most out of your new short haircut, you will need to use the right hair products. Even though barbers have been shaving people’s heads since the 1700s, people only started wearing their hair short in the 1920s. The main reason behind this trend was to keep up with the times. The 1920s were a time of great technological advancements, and men and women swapped their long hair for tiny hats and flocked to the barber for a haircut. While it was a quick fad, it set the stage for future hairdressing trends. We can now see how the razor cut was simply the beginning, and much more is yet to come. It’s time to grow your hair and embrace the good things that come with it. You can never tell what hairstyle is going to be popular next, but knowing how to style your hair properly is sure to land you on the right foot.

4. Mix Up Your Hues

For those who are looking for a quick hairdressing fix, the easiest way to go about having the same haircut as Robert Pattinson is to simply copy him. The best way to do this is to mix up the colors of your hair. You can try out different colors, and even styles, to see which one suits you best. If you have light hair and blue eyes, for example, you could try out a bluish-gray hair color. If you have dark hair and brown eyes, you could go for a completely different look and try out a bright orange hair color. There are endless possibilities, so mix up the colors and styles that suit you best. Ultimately, no one is going to know what you look like unless you tell them.