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With the premiere of his new film, The Way of the Wicked, just days away, it’s high time for Robert Pattinson to bring another look from his abundant wardrobe. And what better way to do so than with a meme? With multiple seasons of the hugely popular series, Meme, upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity for the Twilight actor to jump on the trend and try out a new look. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular memes from Robert Pattinson and try to work out which ones will be suitable for our favorite actor. 

Robert Pattinson in Meme

The meme magic is back with another hilarious collection of funny pictures featuring our favorite English actor, Robert Pattinson. The first season of Meme started circulating online in October 2017 and was quickly followed by a second and third season. The hilarious series combines stills from TV shows, such as Mad Men, with photos of Hollywood stars and other famous people cut out of cardboard and pasted onto a white background. From the very first glance, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson is a regular among the meme stars, which isn’t a total surprise, given his comedy genius and great sense of humor. 

The first season of Meme opened with a series of funny pictures featuring Kate Winslet, and it didn’t take long for other famous faces to start popping up in the funnies. Here’s a look at the most popular memes featuring Robert Pattinson:


The first meme to make the rounds is a call for help featuring an image of Robert Pattinson stuck in a ceiling corner with a sign that reads, “I’m stuck in the ceiling, help!” The English actor, who previously starred in Twilight, seems to be having a really hard time figuring out how to navigate this strange new world. While it’s not known if the hashtag ever caught on and became part of social media platforms’ everyday vocabulary, it quickly went viral and gave birth to a whole hashtag campaign to save the day of our favorite twilighter. 


There is no mistaking that Robert Pattinson is absolutely brilliant at comedy, so it’s no wonder that his breakthrough role was in a comedy. In fact, it was in 2008’s Hitchcock, where he played the famous film director, that he first gained a large audience and critical acclaim. Since then, he hasn’t stopped working in comedy, but has also expanded his repertoire to include drama and thriller films. But when it comes to starring in comedy films, the English actor Robert Pattinson is arguably the master.

What’s interesting about Robert Pattinson’s comedy debut is that it was one of the first to emerge from the #TwitchyBear community on TikTok. While Robert Pattinson’s brand of humor may not be for everyone, it’s a far cry from the typical stand-up routine, which is something that attracted the community in the first place. Through the magic of memes, #TwitchyBear discovered a character that perfectly matched their own brand of humor and fandom, and since then, they’ve followed Robert Pattinson’s career, constantly referencing his work and even imitating it.


Another hilarious meme to make the rounds is one that mocks Robert Pattinson’s penchant for wearing old-fashioned clothing and his love of polka dots. In the meme, the actor is seen wearing a green jumper with a yellow shirt and yellow pants with black-and-white stripes. He’s carrying a violin case and has a gap in his teeth. The meme makes fun of the actor’s Edward Cullen-esque good looks and his love of Victorian style. It’s a classic Robert Pattinson, making fun of his own good looks and playing the fool in funny situations. 


It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson is a huge fan of Mad Men, and the fashion house has clearly seen and appreciated this. As the master of memes, Robert Pattinson is frequently featured in outfits inspired by characters from the award-winning and critically-acclaimed series. More than a few fans of Mad Men have gone as far as to paint their faces in the same colorful attire worn by their favorite characters. And it’s not just Mad Men, either, as Robert Pattinson frequently dresses up as other famous characters from other TV shows, such as Elvis Presley and Anthony Hopkins.


What’s one of the most recognizable faces in the world today? If you guessed Antonio Banderas, you’d be correct. The Spanish actor is known for playing Miguel de la Vega, the malevolent twin brother of Zooey Deschanel’s character in The Holiday. What’s great about Banderas’ portrayal is that it almost seems like he’s stepped out of Shakespearean drama and into Mad Men’s world. Just take a look at this picture and you’ll immediately understand what I mean.


In case you were wondering, the phrase No Man’s Land is a common one among the #TwitchyBear community. It’s basically an area in between two planes where fancy dress is acceptable (i.e. you won’t get slapped), but still quirky and fun. So Robert Pattinson may wear a purple velour tracksuit and orange sunglasses, but he’ll still be mocked for his Victorian style. It’s a great balance of fashion and humor.

Which brings us to our next point. Since fashion and comedy frequently collide, it’s not too far a reach to suggest that some of the funniest memes feature our favorite fashion-forward actor. Here’s a look at some of the most hilarious memes featuring Robert Pattinson:


Another meme that’s frequently featured Robert Pattinson is one that began as a reaction to last year’s Oscars, where he was seen wearing an incredibly ugly dress. The meme creator Photoshopped Robert Pattinson’s face onto the head of a pug dog and paired it with an ugly dress and flower crown. It’s not exactly fair to say that Robert Pattinson’s fashion choices are limited only to Mad Men or Victorian style, as he has frequently been spotted in some incredibly unique and eccentric outfits as of late.

Even Leonardo DiCaprio, who collaborated with Robert Pattinson on the film Jackie, had to admit that the English actor’s fashion choices are something else. When discussing the film’s costumes with Vogue, DiCaprio praised Robert Pattinson’s unique sense of style, calling him a “fuelled creativity [sic]”. While we’re sure that DiCaprio didn’t mean to sound as though he was criticizing Robert Pattinson’s taste, it’s hard not to view the comment as a bit of a backhanded compliment. After all, everyone knows that Leonardo DiCaprio is the king of fashion and style.


The king of fashion and style himself had to admit that Robert Pattinson’s fashion choices are something else. Which isn’t exactly a surprise, considering the fashion house that he’s chosen as his own – his father’s – had offices in both New York and London, as well as a shop in Paris. It’s clear that Robert Pattinson’s taste is anything but ordinary.

The French Connection star has had a flair for fashion since he first stepped onto the red carpet in the nineties. Since then, he’s managed to maintain a diverse wardrobe, complete with items from all of the above without ever looking completely ridiculous or overdressed. The great thing is that Robert Pattinson doesn’t seem to feel the need to prove himself with every outfit. He simply enjoys dressing in unique and eccentric ways that sometimes make sense, other times, don’t really. And that’s what makes him so great.


It’s rare to find a Hollywood star who embraces their fans on social media, but Robert Pattinson is one of the few who genuinely takes the time to engage with his followers. And what’s great about Robert Pattinson is that he doesn’t just use social media to disseminate information about his films. He actually takes the time to respond to individual tweets, thanking fans for their support and love, which in turn, encourages more people to follow and engage with him. It’s a great example of a celebrity using social media intentionally, instead of it just being a platform for self-promotion.