With the new year just started, one of the biggest celebrity gossip stories has to be the meeting between Robert Pattinson and Beyonce. After months of denying the rumors, the “BFFs” attended a New Year’s Eve party at a nightclub in London celebrating the music legend’s birthday. While some may say the timing is strange, at least they were able to spend some time together before the year ends.

The Rumors

The story behind the story is that Robert Pattinson and Beyonce have been dating for a while now and managed to keep their relationship a secret from the public. They even went on a luxury vacation to Italy together in October. The trip came just a few days after Beyonce’s 31st birthday celebration in Hollywood. That’s a lot of birthday parties for one girl!

Even though they were unable to keep their secret for too long, the couple was finally photographed together at a restaurant in London in November. Rumors began to spread like wildfire and social media users have been speculating about the duo’s relationship ever since. Interestingly enough, one of the places the speculation focused on was Spring Street in New York City. Since the couple allegedly met on the streets of that famous city, some have wondered if their relationship has a storybook ring to it. Is this a sign they’re meant to be together?

A Royal Encounter

No matter whether one believes the couple is truly committed to each other or is just taking advantage of the hype surrounding their relationship, one thing is for sure: they’re not afraid to make headlines. And make them they did!

The latest update on the couple’s status comes from a private phone call Beyonce had with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, Kate reportedly asked about the rumor that Beyonce and Robert are an item. In the call, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly asked: “Is that true?” When informed that it was, she reportedly replied, “Well, isn’t it nice?”

Since that conversation, the couple has been spotted out and about in London with a number of other people. This suggests that they are either just hanging out or that they’re doing something together as a group. But while we wait to see what happens next, for now, let’s relive some of their most memorable red-carpet moments.

The Most Romantic Moments

No matter what kind of speculation surrounding their relationship, if Robert and Beyonce decide to go down this road, it could very well end up being one of the most romantic stories of the year. Let’s take a look back at some of their most romantic moments on camera:

1. Walking Down The Aisle

During the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November 2013, Robert walked down the aisle in a white suit to propose to actress Emily Blunt. It was an emotional moment for both of them and one that will be replayed over and over again on screens across the world. The couple was married in a secret ceremony in New York City later that month.

The engagement came after Robert proposed in a letter delivered by a love specialist. To protect their privacy, the couple has been very careful about keeping their relationship under the radar. Since then, they’ve kept a very low profile and have been spotted just once in public together, at the Toronto International Film Festival in August.

2. Kissing Reindeer

It wouldn’t be a Christmas movie without a kiss between a romantic lead and a cute reindeer. In the 2014 holiday film Rudolph, the red nose-wearing reindeer is all the rage and it doesn’t seem like Rudolph has any bad habits except for eating a lot and making people laugh. It’s not the most suiting of creatures for a romantic role, but it’s definitely the most charming. And we don’t just mean the character. The reality is that Robert has quite a big red nose too. So does Santa Claus.

In an interview with Vanity Fair in April 2014, Robert opened up about his relationship with Beyonce, saying he doesn’t just aspire to be her husband but also her friend. “I want to be a shoulder to cry on. I want to be a sounding board. I want to be her friend,” he said. “And I don’t think she’s ever needed a friend more than she needs me. I want to be the person who’s there for her whenever she needs me.” He continued, “I’m not sure what she sees in me, but I’m grateful for it.”

3. On A Snowy Night

While some may consider spending a night in under the stars in the snow a romantic endeavor, to Robert it’s just another day at work. In the 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel, the actor plays the part of a painter who travels to the titular country in the winter to paint the iconic buildings. In one scene, the character meets the mother of a young woman he falls in love with on the trip. The conversation is short, but sweet, and the pair end up having an ice-tea-filled night chat in a Russian sleigh ride. It’s a far cry from the snowy landscape we associate with romantic encounters, but the cinematography is breathtaking.

If you thought the above scenario might create romantic tension between Robert and Beyonce, you’d be right. The actress has previously spoken about the challenges of working with the Welsh-born actor, saying that they both have “a strong sense of professionalism,” leaving the press to wonder if their on-screen chemistry will translate to romantic tension off-camera.

4. Kneeling To Ask For Wedding Day

We’ve all seen the romantic scenes in which the main characters kneel down to propose to each other. For some, it’s a scene from a James Bond movie; for others, it’s from a chick-flick, romantic comedy. The kneeling-to-ask-for-wedding-day trope is so popular that the expression “on one’s knees” has become a synonym for proposing. Whether or not you believe the lovebirds will actually commit to each other, at least we know they’ll be doing it in style.

5. On A Gravel Road

If there’s one place you’re sure to find a romantic story, it’s in a James Bond movie. The legendary spy’s famous one-liners and witty banter have made him a popular choice for screenwriters looking to inject some romantic tension into their story. In 2015’s Spectre, the movie’s eponymous hero embarks on a road trip from Lisbon to Madrid with his future bride, Madeleine. The couple spends the majority of the road trip holding hands, watching fireworks and eating gelato.

The scene in which 007 kneels down to propose to Madeleine is one of the film’s most iconic moments. While some of the dialogue may be a little corny, the sincerity in James Bond’s voice and the twinkle in his eye as he looks up at his future wife make the scene a real tearjerker.

6. In A Church

Walking down the aisle in a church is typically reserved for weddings and other significant life events. For John Leguizamo’s character Pablo Escobar in the Netflix original series Narcos, walking down the aisle was only the beginning. The actor played the drug lord during his marriage to Lisa Vanderpump in front of a judge in a lavish, yet secretive wedding ceremony at a Los Angeles church.

Though the wedding night was supposedly filmed a month after the ceremony, the couple stayed together for another two years before calling it quits. If you thought the wedding in Narcos was crazy, you should check out the equally surreal elopement of Emily Blunt and John Leguizamo’s characters in last year’s film Overboard. For something completely different, how about Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn’s bizarre ‘70s wedding?

7. At A Swimming Pool

It doesn’t get more romantic than spending an evening by the pool with your sweetheart. The perfect temperature for relaxing and spending some quality time together. It doesn’t hurt that some beaches are just as beautiful as others. Like the picturesque beaches in Canggu, Bali, for example. For some couples, a trip to the tropics is the ultimate romantic getaway. In 2015’s The Blue Lagoon, the gorgeous locations, lush landscapes, and bright sunny weather make for a romantic Instagram post.