If there’s one place we’re finding out all about the New Year, it’s Twitter. From the trending topics to the most engaging content, the micro-blogging site is playing a bigger and bigger role in our social lives.

Perhaps the most interesting story to come out of Twitter in 2019 is that of the famous ‘Kris and Rob’ wedding planner, @RSVPLondon. Having worked with the couple since their engagement in 2015, the account has proven quite the celebrity geologist, with over a million followers, and counting.

The account regularly shares information about the weddings of A-listers and other high-profile couples. Notable events the account has covered include Hailey and Liam’s epic ceremony in Ireland in 2018, Kourtney and Scott’s big day in Los Angeles in 2019, and the most recent wedding of Amy and Daniel Cleaver. This year, RSVPLondon is promising to share plenty more big news stories about the weddings of the year.

Whether you’re planning to marry in 2020 or have already done so, make sure you bookmark RSVPLondon and follow the planner’s account for all the latest gossip.

The Big Day

When it comes to wedding planning, few events have as much significance as the big day. From the engagement ring to the reception banquet, the wedding day is filled with memorable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

In 2020, it’s not only a landmark anniversary for many couples, but also the end of an era for some. Amidst the pandemic, as well as the ups and downs of daily life, many are looking to leave a lasting impression on their guests with unforgettable events.

According to etiquette expert Emily Post, guests should be dressed comfortably but also stylishly for the big day. Wedding dress trends in the past few years have shifted to a more relaxed aesthetic, with many brides choosing to give their guests an extra special gift – a peek at their luxurious new look for the special day.

What’s more is that many couples are wanting to make their wedding as green and sustainable as possible. For those planning to wed abroad, making the event as personal and memorable as possible, while minimising your environmental impact, is a top priority.

Wedding Menu

If your dream wedding menu includes everything from lobster to caviar, we have good news for you. Thanks to restaurants like @ELLERYOU, which offers modern British cuisine with Italian influences, weddings have become incredibly trendy. As an added bonus, many of these restaurants are willing to cater for vegan and vegetarian weddings too.

Veganism is on the rise, with many individuals and brands opting to avoid animal products in their diet; likewise, veggie weddings have become mainstream too. Whether you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, you can bet your wedding will have a range of delicious offerings, from traditional meat-based dishes to modern alternatives, all delivered with the kind of ambience that will make you feel like a celebrity.

The Guest List

Once you’ve decided on a date for the wedding, it’s time to start thinking about the guest list. In the past, weddings were limited to family and friends, and perhaps some distant cousins from England. In recent years, however, the list of invitees has ballooned, with many celebrity weddings now including A-list guests.

As a result, wedding days can feel a little chaotic, with attendees, photographers, and celebrities, all trying to get a seat at the table. To prevent any late arrivals, it’s best to send out the invitations well in advance.

In the past, celebrities would often hide away from the limelight, but in the age of social media, many are more than happy to share their big day with the world. And what’s more is that, with so much information available online, guests can easily find out what they’re missing via their smartphones.

The Ceremony And Reception Venue

It may not be the most traditional choice, but many couples are choosing to get hitched in a church or a synagogue. What’s more is that, in recent years, non-religious ceremonies have become incredibly popular too, with many couples opting not to give much thought to their outfits or the services when planning their wedding day.

The choice of venue is certainly up to you, and it’s a decision that will be as unique to you as your marriage proposal. When choosing a reception venue, keep in mind that you’ll need somewhere to hold the ceremony as well. With the venue itself taking up a large portion of the overall wedding budget, choosing a stunning location for the reception, perhaps at a luxury hotel or banquet hall, is a cost-effective way to go. If you can afford it, consider holding the ceremony at a vineyard or an estate, which often has the added bonus of providing you with an unforgettable wedding day.

Wedding Rings

Your engagement ring is one of the most significant events of your wedding day, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to have something that’s uniquely special in the shape of a wedding ring.

According to celebrity wedding planner RSVPLondon, people are opting for bespoke jewellery as a way of adding that extra touch of luxury to their big day. Designing and making bespoke jewellery for each individual couple is a pricey option, but it ensures each piece is absolutely unique and bespoke.

In the past, diamond ring trends have dipped and dipped again, with many opting for cheaper synthetic alternatives. While these rings may be suitable for regular wear, they don’t hold as much significance as a diamond. As a result, many couples are saving their big day, and having a bespoke piece of jewellery, fashioned to resemble a diamond, is a luxury that many are willing to pay for.

Is Black Always Best When Choosing Your Wedding Outfit?

While many may say that black is the standard choice for weddings, which colour should you avoid? According to trend forecaster WGSN, weddings in 2020 will be packed with colour, starting with the bride’s gown, which can range from ivory white to a soft blush. As a result, it’s important to keep a check on the colours you’re using, as they may not match the rest of your outfit.

Similarly, the venue itself will dictate the feel of your big day. If you choose a rustic vineyard for your wedding, for example, you may want to avoid wearing white, opting instead for a cream coloured dress. As for the rest of your ensemble, make sure that your colours match, as this will have a bearing on the overall feel of your wedding day.