Rob is always looking for ways to improve himself and the studio. This time he decided to try some new things and take some old measurements. He knew there were some discrepancies between what he was seeing on screen and how he really looked like. He was curious if there was anything he could do to fix it. So he set out to measure himself and compare the data to what Entertainment Weekly and other publications had to say about him. Here are his results!


In the film, Rob is seen wearing a hat that makes him appear a few inches taller. In reality, he is exactly five feet tall. He was surprised by how small he looked in the movies, but he has since learned to appreciate it. He jokes that when he goes on a date with a woman he will have to ask her to sit down first because he will be dwarfed by her. (No offense to the beautiful women out there!) He has also noticed how much shorter he appears when he is in heels. This makes him believe there is probably some kind of trick or hidden camera going on, which reminds him of the old Harry Potter movies where the teachers would disappear and reveal themselves to be characters in disguise.


In the movies he is usually seen wearing a tight T-shirt that pushes his bust up. In reality he is wearing a much looser fitting top and it only accentuates his bust. It seems that Rob has a bit of an obsession with his bust size, which he has admitted to in the past. When asked if he was comfortable with his body, Rob replied, “No, I’m not. I want to be able to show more of my stomach, I want to be able to wear something that shows a bit of my neck.” He continues, “I’m always trying to change things about myself, to feel better, to look better. I think that if you’re happy with who you are, you can be the best version of yourself. I just want to help people understand that it’s possible to feel beautiful and powerful and comfortable in your own skin.”


The waist of Rob’s character in the Twilight films is usually seen as being fairly narrow. In reality, Rob’s waist is extremely wide. He has an entire drawer at home filled with band-aids because of all the cuts and scratches he gets while working out. He was in the process of trying to lose weight when he agreed to do the filming because he was too exhausted to keep working out and the director wanted to shoot some action scenes. He eventually stopped going to the gym completely because he was so discouraged that he didn’t see any results. When Rob started writing songs for his album, he realized how much he needed to focus on what he could do rather than what he couldn’t.


One of the highlights of Rob’s performance in the Twilight films is when he dances wearing only a pair of tight shorts. In reality, he doesn’t wear any shorts while dancing, which makes his butt look a lot bigger than it actually is. While filming, he would often times have to stop dancing because he would start feeling pain in his hips. Sometimes if he overdozed, the pain would wake him up in the morning. He finds it difficult to dance because of this, but he also really enjoys it when he is able to. He has also had hip surgery, so he knows what it’s like to have a less than perfect looking hip. Even though he has had surgery, it hasn’t fixed the issue, so he still has to be careful when he’s dancing. He told Rolling Stone, “I can’t do anything about my hips. I tried and tried, but nothing’s ever going to look the same. It’s like having a limp. You can’t change it, you just have to live with it.”


In the movies, Rob’s character is often seen wearing short-sleeved shirts and the sleeves are always rolled up. In reality, he rarely wears any shirts, but when he does it’s oversized and the sleeves aren’t rolled up. Rob has very strong arms and is often the first one in the gym to start lifting weights. While shooting the Twilight films, he would get so tired of lying in bed that he would get up and start working out. When he wasn’t tired of lying in bed, he would write songs or work on his tan. He has also had a lot of tattoos, but they’re all small and hidden, so it doesn’t affect his arms much.


In the movies, Rob’s character is always seen with a long and lean leg. In reality, Rob has very strong legs and can put a strain on any exercise equipment due to his intense workouts. The only thing that keeps him from working out more is his lazy schedule and he doesn’t like working out on Sunday because he feels it’s hypocritical to work hard all week and then spend an entire day sleeping. He told Rolling Stone, “I love working out. When I’m not working out, I’m thinking about working out, so it’s just constantly in the back of my head. It helps me sleep at night because I’m exhausted from working out during the day. I love going to the gym and working out and I don’t like taking shortcuts when it comes to eating healthy, because I want to keep the energy in my body.”

As you can see, Rob doesn’t appear to be entirely what he appears to be on screen. This has given him a new perspective on himself and has even changed how he feels about his body. Instead of seeing it as imperfect, he has started seeing it as perfect and only needs to work on changing what he can and letting go of what he can’t. He wants to make sure that people who watch his films understand that he is in good health and doesn’t need to worry about any illnesses that he gets portrayed as having. He also wants to help people with body issues find their own identities and not rely on what they see in the media. He wants to inspire people to love themselves and feel comfortable in their own skins. It’s an issue that he feels very passionate about and is hoping to educate people about so that they can see past the rumors and lies that surround them.