When Robert Pattinson was 14 years old, he managed to get his hands on a camcorder and began documenting his life. Before long, he had enough content for a documentary. Now, at 22, this year’s “It” boy is back with a vengeance. He has married his high school sweetheart, engaged to another woman, and is now working on a solo album. In the past few months, he has released a series of intimate videos of himself performing various sex acts. Collectively, these videos are referred to as “The Inner Circle,” and they showcase the multifaceted talent of this enigmatic performer.

First Video

In the first installment of “The Inner Circle,” released in July, Pattinson takes on the role of teacher. In this BDSM-esque video, he instructs a young, all-natural woman named Chloe (née Brown) on how to properly give a blowjob. Pattinson spars with Chloe throughout the video, frequently stopping to demonstrate various sex techniques and pro tips. This instructional video is just one of the many kinky videos in this exciting new series from Pattinson. In the near future, we’ll see him roleplaying as a Dominant, a submissive, and a voyeur. These videos will be available exclusively on his website, as well as in private collections sold on the secondary market.

Second Video

In the second video in “The Inner Circle,” Pattinson continues to educate Chloe on the art of oral sex, this time focusing on how to give a man a good, long, face-fucking. Once again, he spends a good deal of the video demonstrating how to position your mouth properly around his cock. At one point, he even has Chloe hold his cock in her mouth as she titillates him with her dexterous tongue. This video also has an instructional side, as Chloe teaches Pattinson how to articulate his tastes before diving in for a proper session of fellatio. The second video also features another one of Pattinson’s famous scissor lifts, a move that has earned him the nickname “Kittens Pattinson.” This time, he lifts his legs high in the air, simultaneously spreading his ass cheeks to reveal his hole. The clip ends with him spanking Chloe with his cock, which, as you might imagine, leaves a very nice, red print on his pale asscheeks.

Solo Album

In an effort to promote his upcoming solo album, Pattinson surprised fans by releasing a track exclusively to streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music. Titled “Too Good at Loving You, ” the song is an ode to his wife, Emily, and is dripping with romanticism. Several critics have noted the influence of ABBA on the song, particularly the group’s mega-hit “Dancing Queen.” This month, fans of Pattinson and his wife will get to enjoy a collaboration album, titled “Good at Loving You, Vol. 1.” The first single from the record is a cover of the Sam Cooke classic “A Change is Gonna Come.”


Tallulah is yet another addition to the growing roster of artists who have recorded covers of ABBA songs for Pattinson. A 24-year-old singer-songwriter from London, England, she released her debut album, “No Shame,” in 2016, and has since begun working with Pattinson on his upcoming solo album. Together, they did something entirely unique: they transformed the iconic “Dancing Queen” into a brand new song. Titled “Shame Faster,” the song is a blistering rebuke to those who prey on the lonely, something Tallulah herself experienced during her formative years as a performer. In the song, she implores her listeners, “Don’t look at me, look at her / Dancing beside me now.” The video for “Shame Faster” was filmed in black and white, and features Pattinson and Tallulah performing a passionate, kinky duet. The song also appears on “Good at Loving You,” the couple’s collaborative album, which is due for release later this year.


Another singer whose work has been featured in “The Inner Circle” is 21-year-old Canadian songwriter and singer Lolita. Hailing from London, Ontak, she released her debut single, “Rise Like a Phoenix,” earlier this year. The song is a biting critique of the way society views child beauty. Set to an ominous backdrop of tinkling piano keys and menacing basses, “Rise Like a Phoenix” is a vivid illustration of Lolita’s gift for vivid storytelling. The video for “Rise Like a Phoenix” shows several teenaged fans who desperately want a glance at her boobs as she walks by. Lolita’s other contribution to “The Inner Circle” is the song “Take a Bow,” which appears in a video that also features her former elementary school principal. This year, she’ll release her debut album, “Underage,” which has a total driving beat and a chorus that will stick in your head for days. She makes her living as a songwriter and recording artist, and is frequently a guest vocalist on other artists’ songs. It is safe to assume that her celebrity will continue to grow.

Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl Summer is yet another pop star-to-be who has recorded a song for Pattinson, and quite an intriguing one. A 21-year-old New Yorker, Hot Girl Summer is best known for her role as a fashion commentator on the E! television network. However, it was her single, “Back To School,” that drew the attention of Pattinson and his team. The song is a blistering rebuke of summer camp, complete with references to R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s infamous pink  house.

Throughout the video, we see the glistening, bronzed bodies of young women participating in various water sports. Though it was initially believed to be a celebration of summer, “Back To School” instead takes aim at the very idea of a traditional school year. The video for “Back To School” is both humorous and breathtaking in its depiction of young women’s bodies. This song will, no doubt, be on the couple’s collaborative album. Hot Girl Summer will also appear in the upcoming third video in the “Inner Circle” series, tackling the topic of kinky sex from a woman’s point of view. She has also recorded a Christmas duet with Pattinson, and it’s safe to assume that we’ll hear more from Hot Girl Summer in the coming months.

There’s a lot more where this came from. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting new collaboration between some of today’s most exciting emerging artists and musicians. For now, check out the videos below. They are available for your enjoyment wherever digital content is sold.