There’s no question that Robert Pattinson is one of the most talented and handsome men in the business today. The British actor has worked hard to establish himself as one of the greatest leading men of our time, and it seems that he might just have succeeded. With his ravishing good looks and elegant bearing, it’s no wonder that women love to flock to him.

Pattinson’s incredible charm and talent were on full display in the 2013 film, Belle. The film detailed the extraordinary and transformative journey of a young woman who falls in love with the handsome and brooding prince. Much like the fair isle that inspired it, Belle is a beautiful and heart-wrenching story of love and loss. The film also marks Pattinson’s directing debut, and it was a major success, earning him a coveted Oscar nomination.

In light of his cinematic accomplishments, it’s no surprise that fans are keen to learn more about the handsome actor’s intimate life. In fact, over the years, various stories about Pattinson’s personal life have surfaced online. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we now have access to these tales of star-crossed lovers and tortured artists, and it seems that we might not know quite as much about the actor as we thought we did.

In an effort to set the record straight and to shed light on an often-misunderstood facet of Pattinson’s personal life, today we’ll be taking a closer look at the actor’s masturbation scenes. For those wondering, yes, the legendary Ron Howard directed the majority of the Batman film series, and much of Apollo 13, among other classics. So, let’s dive in.

The Making Of ‘The Batman’

Most of us are quite familiar with the iconic image of the young Bruce Wayne, played by Michael Keaton in the Batman film series. The image of a grim yet charming billionaire has become so closely associated with his character that it’s sometimes difficult to remember that the character had no real-life counterpart. Even when Tom Hardy, who played Bane in the most recent film, The Dark Knight Rises, was arrested for attempted robbery a few years ago, the public still showed up in droves to see him in court.

However, the similarities between Hardy’s character and Keaton’s Batman don’t end there. Both men had to overcome incredible hardships to achieve their celebrity, and they used their positions of wealth and power to help other people. When asked if he thought about the character of Batman when he was playing Bane, Hardy replied, “Yeah, I think about it a lot actually.”

The Dark Knight was released in 2009, and it’s been described as an ‘anti-hero’ film, in which the protagonist is not necessarily a bad guy. This is quite a departure from the traditional formula, in which the main character is presented as a sympathetic anti-hero who struggles with a corrupt and callous establishment. In keeping with this theme, it’s important to remember that Keaton’s Batman is not necessarily a hero. He might be the greatest vigilante in Gotham City, but he’s also been known to wear a mask and to use lethal force when necessary. He is, however, very determined and resolute, traits which make him an incredibly sympathetic character.

Sexual Taboos Of The Golden Age

When it comes to films from the golden era of Hollywood, much of the dialogue tends to be laced with innuendo and double entendres. Many of the so-called ‘sex scenes’ from this era were quite tame by today’s standards, and this is probably because the censors were still around to ensure that Hollywood followed the Hays Code. The Hays Code was actually named after William Hays, who served as president of the Motion Picture Association of America from 1920 to 1924. The purpose of the censorship guidelines was to protect women and children from questionable material. The guidelines also forbid the depiction of drug or alcohol use or violence.

One of the most influential and respected arbiters of taste at the time was Dorothy Dow, who helped to establish the Hays Code. It is often said that she persuaded producers to tone down the sexual content of their films to ensure families could attend together. While this might be an exaggeration, it’s not hard to believe that this was a significant factor behind the era’s relatively ‘prude’ cinema. It’s interesting to note that while Hollywood was largely controlled by men, the majority of the directors, writers, and producers who worked at the time were actually quite conservative, with many of them advocating for marriage, family, and moral values. Perhaps this was in an effort to appeal to these more traditional audiences, who were more likely to frequent theaters than they were to watch films at home. Whatever the case, the era was a time of transition, and as the world moved into the technological age, the codes slowly began to be abandoned.

Robert Pattinson And The Art Of Repression

When it comes to his personal life, Robert Pattinson is not one to shy away from publicity. The actor has often collaborated with renowned British fashion house Burberry to promote their goods, and he has also been known to wear various designer labels on occasion. This is the man who defined the ‘modern gentleman’ and made it cool to be self-sufficient and independent.

While many Hollywood heavyweights were rebranding themselves as ‘modern gentlemen,’ Pattinson was busy putting his own spin on the term, and he worked hard to establish himself as a leading man to rival the great legends of yore. He also defined the leading man in the most recent film series, the Prada Marbella, by appearing in a popular campaign shot by photographer Mario Testino. The campaign was mostly focused on luxury goods and the celebrity designers which embody them, and it showcased some of Testino’s most iconic images, including the actor in varying poses, reclining, and in some classic ‘Vogue’ style editorials. The pictures themselves are gorgeous, and it was evident that Pattinson had put in a lot of effort.

Although there’s no questioning that Pattinson is one of the most gorgeous men in the entertainment industry, many people are still surprised to learn that he is actually very humble and does not consider himself a ‘celebrity.’ While many stars will go the extra mile to attract publicity, Pattinson often goes the extra mile to avoid it. He will sometimes refuse to sign autographs or pose for pictures with fans, and he has even been known to flee from photographers who try to sneak an incriminating shot.

When it comes to his personal life, it is well known that Pattinson can be quite private. Much like his portrayal of Batman, he often plays the role of the dashing Englishman: affable, charming, and a bit of a playboy. While many would assume that this playboy image comes from paparazzi and obsessive fans, it is actually the complete opposite. It comes from Pattinson himself. He has never really wanted to be in the public eye, and he has worked hard to ensure that his personal life does not intrude upon his professional one. He has been protective of his privacy, and he has even gone so far as to file lawsuits to try and secure certain rights.

A Study In Contrasts

While many were quick to defend Pattinson against the ‘vulgar’ and ‘obscene’ accusations leveled against him by a former lover, it is important to remember that this was only one woman’s opinion. It is also curious that some people are more concerned with what is ‘beneath’ the camera than they are with what is actually there. These are the exact same people who would accuse him of being too vulgar and too obscene for public consumption. They don’t seem to understand that being vulgar and obscene is part of his allure.

Perhaps this speaks to the paradoxical nature of celebrity. One minute you’re a nobody, and the next minute you’re a somebody. It’s almost as if celebrity is a ‘fairytale’ in which the more you fight it, the more it won’t go away. There is also something to be said about cultivating a healthy self-image; it is not a bad idea to embrace the role which society has cast you in, even if it means resisting the temptation to behave in a way which does not reflect your true nature. As Lady Gaga would say, “I’m not here to fit in, I’m here to make a statement.”