The new video for “Cosmopolis” was just released and it features actor Robert Pattinson masturbating while driving through a city. The 26-year-old Scottish hunk flashes his cock while cruising through the streets of Amsterdam and even manages to squeeze in a bit of self-suck between his rides. A bit of a dangerous obsession, perhaps, but definitely an interesting one. Check out the new video here:

While we wait for the debut of Pattinson’s directorial debut, the young actor has kept busy this year by starring in numerous movies. “Cosmopolis” is the first in a series of films he will appear in next year and he plays a major role in both “The Lighthouse” and “Water for Elephants.”

The Lighthouse

“The Lighthouse” is a dark romantic comedy about a lonely lighthouse keeper (Pattinson) who takes a romantic interest in the deaf daughter (Gemma Arterton) of a wealthy tycoon (Brendan Gleeson). The drama also stars Harvey Keitel and Diane Lane. Directed by Robert Eggleton, the movie will be released in theaters on December 21st. We couldn’t be more excited!

Gleeson plays a real-life figure: billionaire and founder of World Wide Technology, Patrick Walsh. Walsh was the subject of a 2011 biography, “Ironstein: The Billionaire Behind the Business of Technology,” by Robert Jamison. The book chronicled his life from childhood to his eventual success as a businessman with an estimated personal wealth of $14 billion. The title of the book is a parody of Elie Wiesel’s famous memoir, “Night.”

Water for Elephants

In “Water for Elephants,” Pattinson plays a young farmer who comes to the aid of a family of elephants that have been transported to the modern-day USA from India. While the movie mocks the epic scale of some historical dramas, it is in fact a historical film, set against the backdrop of the California Gold Rush. The movie also stars David Strathairn, who plays William Shakespeare’s fictional brother, ‘William Shakespeare’.’

The story is based on the true experiences of one Richard Burton, aka “Buffalo Billy,” an American buffalo hunter who traveled to India and back on horseback to bring home the bounty. Upon his return, Burton settled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and built a cabin he called “Woodland Farms.” It wasn’t long before he was making friends with a local elephant, who he named “Shakespeare.” Burton and the elephant became inseparable friends and the millionaire, who had never kept an animal as a pet, began to see the majestic creature as a real-life member of the family. Despite opposition from locals and the government, who wanted to capture and ship off the huge animals to zoos and circuses, Burton refused to let his friends down and fought to protect their right to roam free. He died in 1886 at the age of 66.

Pattinson’s Other Movies

In addition to the aforementioned movies, Pattinson has appeared in several others this year. These include “Kinda,” “Aquarius,” “Belle,” and the music video for “Million Reasons,” by Thomas Rhett. You can also check out a clip from the movie “Belle” below.

Pattinson will next be seen in Denis Lavant’s “Alpha,” a biopic about the designer Yves Saint Laurent. The movie also stars Eva Haart and Ariane Labed. The film is set for release on May 12th, 2017.

Pattinson will next star with Jessica Chastain in the thriller “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” which is expected to be released in theaters on November 1st. Finally, the Scottish actor will play the title character in “Mortdecai,” a cinematic adaptation of the Teddy Roosevelt classic, “A Stalking Horse.” The movie, co-starring Harvey Keitel, is scheduled for release in theaters on October 12th, 2017.