Picture it: you’re relaxing at home, scrolling through your Instagram feed, and there he is. Oh my God, it’s Robert Pattinson. You’re not expecting to see a movie star in your feed. Then, all of a sudden, there’s a photo of him half-naked with a beautiful woman. You didn’t expect to see that either. Well, here it comes. More photos like that, and you’ll start to realize that something extraordinary is going on. You start seeing his name everywhere, in headlines and magazine articles. It’s an onslaught of “Robert Pattinson” and all things Twilight, and it’s suddenly your life. Or, at least, your Instagram feed.

That’s how social media and the #RoPattz hashtag started. It was August 2012, and Robert Pattinson’s Twitter account was blowing up. His first tweet was about his latest movie, Water for Elephants, in which he plays a part that requires him to act like a complete moron. He was funny, sassy, and very popular on social media at the time, which is ironic, considering how little he actively uses social media these days (his Twitter bio even says, “@robertpattinson, I’m sorry I don’t have a bio yet”). That was four years ago, and since then his fame has only increased. He’s now one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture, and he’s constantly in the news. People are still talking about him and his social media acumen even now, when he hasn’t really done much to promote any of his subsequent movies. While he doesn’t always get the best reviews, it’s clear that his fan base agrees he’s one of the most exciting, interesting, and influential celebrities of our time.

Why Did Robert Pattinson Become So Popular On Social Media?”Four years ago, no one knew who he was. Literally, no one. He was relatively unknown in Hollywood, and he had only done a few minor films before Twilight. So, when he started getting booked for comic-related films and appearing on sitcoms, he almost certainly didn’t exist in the social media world. At least, not yet.”

How Did He Develop Such A Following On Social Media?

As I mentioned above, it was 2012, and Robert Pattinson had just finished shooting Twilight in Australia. He was still relatively unknown in Hollywood, but online, he was already a superstar. His Twitter and Instagram accounts were blowing up, and thousands were following him on various social media platforms. In fact, it was on Instagram where he first gained a large social media following. At the time, the app was pretty much the only game in town, and it was easier for celebrities to use than Twitter, which is why so many high-profile figures used it. It also helped that he was constantly posting about his favorite movies and TV shows, which kept his audience interested and engaged.

Did He Have A Girlfriend Back In 2012?

It’s well-established that Robert Pattinson likes to keep us guessing about his love life. So, although he hasn’t publicly declared himself to be happily married, there’s no denying that he’s been linked to numerous famous women. Here’s a short list of some of his previous relationships, as listed on Wikipedia (which I’m sure you’re aware of by now).

  • Amanda Taylor, model and daughter of Earl Taylor
  • Alice Alice, singer
  • Rosie James, American fashion designer
  • Katie Rich, American journalist and author
  • Grace Kelly, American princess and wife of Prince Charles
  • Lauren Schmidt, American lawyer
  • India Knight, journalist
  • Heather Lenz, American businesswoman

So, although he may not have found the “perfect girl” yet, it seems like he’s been close a few times. Not many people could say that they’ve been close calls with the love of their life, but here’s to hoping that one day, he will find the person who will make him happy forever. In the meantime, we’ll just have to indulge in his gorgeous good looks and Hollywood charm.