Weeks after news broke that Robert Pattinson and Twilight’s Bella Swan were married, the actress opened up about her controversial new stepfather-to-be. “I’m really happy for him. It’s great when your dreams come true,” she said. “It’s weird, because I never really liked him that much. I was mad at him for a really long time. I would hide from him or tell him off. But now I just want to be nice to him.” Despite the actress’ new-found positivity, there is one area of her life that she doesn’t seem keen to talk about – her past relationships. It’s not that she wants to hide them or regrets them, just that she doesn’t want to dwell on the negative. It’s a theme she’s touched on before, most recently in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ve been through a lot, especially in the last couple of years,” she said. “I’m just working hard at trying to forget about that past and focus on my future.” However, with her career now on the up, it doesn’t seem like she’ll have much opportunity to forget her past. Especially since, as she’s discovered, it’s not just her past that people want to remember. It’s the relationships she’s built along the way too, as this week’s issue of The Hollywood Reporter delves into.

The Dark Side Of The Superstar

Although she was previously married to Jay Z and had a daughter with him, it’s Twilight that the world now knows her from. Since the success of the first three films, her popularity has soared as millions of women have taken a liking to her feisty, sometimes sassy personality. As her career has continued to rise, so too has her life, becoming more hectic and busy than ever before. While it’s easy to assume her hectic schedule is down to her newfound success, it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, the pressure to live up to an image many perceive to be perfect has been a big reason for her increased stress levels. “I think a lot of the pressure comes from not believing in yourself enough to know that what you’re doing is good enough. You have to believe that this is the right choice for your career and that you’re making the right decision for yourself,” she told the reporter. While she may not always feel like she’s made the right decision, at least she has the support of family and friends to help her through the hard times. So it’s not all bad, right?

Why Does Robert Pattinson Hate Edward Cullen?

It’s pretty well known that Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen don’t get along. For those that don’t know, Edward Cullen is Bella’s biological father, while Robert is her stepfather. In the first film, Twilight, Bella meets Edward during a school trip to Italy and they immediately connect. What starts as a love affair quickly turns into something more, as Edward pushes for a relationship while Robert resists. The tension between the two comes to a head when Edward decides to court Bella secretly. However, it’s not just a case of Robert hating Edward. According to Bella, it’s much deeper than that. “I think there’s a lot more to it than just that,” she told the reporter. “I think he just doesn’t like getting attached to people. He likes having freedom and I think that gets confused with me being independent and not needing anyone.” Despite their differences, Bella and Robert remain friends. In the past, Robert has even gone as far as to defend Edward when other men have taunted him for being with a “fake” girl. He may not agree with Edward’s methods, but he’s still willing to stand by them. “I don’t agree with a lot of what he believes in, but I still think he’s a good person,” he said. “I guess that’s what makes it harder – because I don’t like seeing him hurting.” There’s also the fact that Bella doesn’t seem to be able to shake off Edward’s hold over her. In the latest film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, when Bella gets home from yet another photo shoot in Paris, she discovers that Edward has been there too. This time, he’s brought along a private security guard and tells Bella she’s no longer allowed to see or speak to anyone from the press. While they agree to set aside their differences for the sake of their daughter, this won’t be the last we see of Edward and Robert. In the next film, due for release in May 2021, it appears that Edward is determined to win back his stepdaughter. He also appears to have taken a liking to her friends, Charlie and Jessica, which may further strain Bella’s already tenuous relationship with her. What will become of their romance?

Is Edward Cullen The Real-Life Son Of Patrick And Maria Cullen?

It’s been reported that the actor who plays Edward Cullen in the films is actually the son of Maria and Patrick Cullen. According to Irish tabloid sites, the famous Irish actor and celebrity gardener has a new daughter named Helena who’s married to businessman Tim Smit. Although Maria doesn’t get mentioned in the reports, it’s been rumored that she’s Helena’s biological mother. It’s not clear if Tim is the father of her child, as no DNA tests have been conducted, but considering Maria’s previous relationship with Jay Z, it’s not hard to imagine how this could be the case. If the reports are true, it would explain a lot about the Cullens. Not only do they have the stunning blue eyes that attract many women, they also have impeccable good looks and charm. While this may be true, there’s no denying that this is a family that should be held in high regard, particularly since Maria and Patrick are credited with giving Helena an almost flawless complexion. Perhaps that’s why Edward is so determined to keep Bella away from all forms of social media and the spotlight. In the end, the only thing that matters to him is that his daughter stays safe.

What Is The Real Relationship Between Alice And Jasper?

It’s widely believed that the character of Alice in the Twilight films is based on Emily Dickinson, the 20th-century American poet. However, it’s not clear if that’s actually the case. While it’s not impossible, it’s unlike Emily Dickinson to be inspired by another writer. Moreover, it’s not clear if the character of Jasper is based on anyone in particular. However, it’s not his looks that make him an intimidating presence; it’s his intelligence and wit. Since the first film came out, Jasper has become one of the most recognizable faces of the franchise, largely due to his magnetic personality. While he cares deeply for the well-being of his wolves, it’s not clear if this is just a means to an end or if he genuinely enjoys tormenting humans. Is he, as some have claimed, the ultimate male chauvinist? Or does he just see humans as a lower life form and uses their appearances to his advantage? While it’s not clear what his deal is, for those that know him, it’s obvious that he’s still trying to be the Alpha of his pack.

Why Does Carlisle Hate Jacob?

Another unlikely pair, Carlisle and Jacob. It’s fair to say that the two are polar opposites. Where Carlisle is reserved and cautious, Jacob is spontaneous and impulsive. It’s not just their personalities that clash but their goals in life too. While Carlisle wants to stay at the school and continue his work with the other teachers and students, Jacob yearns to leave and try his luck in the real world. “He wants to be his own boss and make his own decisions. He wants to do what he wants when he wants and live his life the way he believes it should be lived,” Carlisle said of his stepson. “I see where he gets his rebellious side. He doesn’t want to be limited by society’s standards or anyone else’s for that matter. It’s always been a struggle for me to give him the respect he deserves as the head of this family.” While it’s not entirely clear why Carlisle holds this particular animosity towards his stepson, it’s clear that he does. Whether he’s jealous or thinks that Jacob doesn’t deserve to be the father of Renesmee, it’s not hard to see that he doesn’t want to let go of her and see her become pregnant. This may also explain why Carlisle has taken such a keen interest in protecting her from harm. However, all of this is probably best forgotten as Jacob and Carlisle work together to protect their daughter from those who would harm her. After all, it’s their job as parents to protect their children, no matter the cost.